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Toppat Clan Airship

Located in Various Locations:
People Toppat Clan Airship Division
Affiliations Toppat Clan Logo.png Toppat Clan
Interiors Cockpit


Records Library

Engine Room



Developing Room

Cargo Bay

Surveillance Room



Exteriors Hatch



Appears in Infiltrating the Airship Logo.png

Fleeing The Complex Logo.png

CtM logo.png

Pathways All ItA Paths, TB, TCW, R
Status Determinant
  • Partially Destroyed, Later repaired (All RBH/RPE Routes)
  • Destroyed (All PBT Routes, R)
  • Operational (TCW)
  • Abandoned (FM, TK, T4L)
  • Unknown (CG, LNE)
  • Impounded (All GSPI Routes, MBH)

The Toppat Clan Airship, also known as TC Airship or just Airship, is a huge flying airship owned by the Toppat Clan. It's their primary base, where they keep any and all evidence, top secret documents, and their infamous top hats.

Role in the Games

The Airship is the primary setting for the game Infiltrating The Airship, in which Henry is tasked with the mission to infiltrate it and bring down the Toppats. The Airship also plays a role in Fleeing the Complex, when Henry chooses to call the Toppats for help.

The Airship also appears in some paths of Completing the Mission, most prominently Toppat Civil Warfare and Revenged. There is a parking space for the airship at the Toppat Launch Site, where the airship is seen parked at the beginning of Master Bounty Hunter and Toppat King.

Like many aspects of the games, it was given more detail in the remastered release.


The airship is a huge, bright red airplane-like vehicle with four propellers, and a vertical propeller at the tail-fin Of The Airship, likely used for yaw. The ship has a lot of windows, vents, doors, and rooms. In the middle-area of its fuselage, there is a symbol of the Toppat Clan. It is mentioned in one of the fails that the Airship has landing gear.

Inside Areas


The Cockpit is located in the front of the airship, and it has two stages. The whole room is enclosed with transparent glass. In the higher stage, there is a cockpit with a pilot chair, and the airship is controlled by the Toppat Leader, Reginald Copperbottom. The Lower stage includes some command stations and radars. The glass in the cockpit was broken by Henry's Cannon Ball in the cannon ball round.

In the remastered game, the room has a blue and wood floor.


This is a small room connected to the Boardroom. It is a place for Toppats to take a break. It has a cabinet, a trash chute, and a elevator to descend to a lower floor in the Airship.

The lounge also had two additional rooms such as a room with dart boards and two pool tables, and a bathroom with 4 toilet stalls. However, these rooms of the Airship were not present in the Henry Stickmin series, It is only seen in the map for Among Us.


The Boardroom is a place located on the top floor in the center of the airship. It's a room where Toppat members meet to talk, discuss the clan, and weapons. There's a water dispenser in the room, and an escape pod. A lot of Toppat members can be seen there, including Winston Davis.

In the remastered game, the water cooler seems to be absent and there is a power module in the center of the table. The floor also seems to be a blue color.

Records Library

It's a room right to the vault and cells where Toppats keep their top-secret documents, records, and evidence.

In the original version, it's a big room full of gray lockers where the documents are kept. In the remastered version, it has red walls, a blue and wooden floor, and smaller cabinets labeled "fraud", "members", "profiles", and "research".

It is inhabited by Handsome Harold, who was checking the documents when Henry broke in order to gather some evidence to bring down the Toppat Clan.

Engine Room

The engine room is in the center of the Airship, and separates the Records from the Vault and the Brig. There is a huge gap in this room that Henry has to cross in both Government Supported Private Investigator and Pure Blooded Thief.

However, in the Among Us map, the engine room is what appears to be the Warehouse from The Henry Stickmin Collection, and the original engine room is called the Gap Room.


The Vault is likely the largest and most-guarded area of the airship.

It's placed near the brig and only certain Toppat members can open the door using their hand. In the vault, Toppats keep their money and other valuables they probably stole. One of them is the Romanian Ruby. The other door is protected by a camera that can spot someone and activate the vault alarm. That happened to Henry when he tried to get away with the red ruby.

There also seems to be a secret passage to the vault from above, proven by Dave Panpa who somehow, mysteriously, and seemingly for no reason at all, falls in there from the ceiling while Henry comes to steal the ruby. The player is then able to grab a flash drive from the ceiling piece that fell under Dave (It's also a part of discovering the Biggoron's Sword/Biggol Sword).

In the remastered game, the interior of the vault is more organized, with the Romanian Ruby in the center of the vault. Each section either has stands showcasing unique weapons, mannequins wearing special clothing, or simply a pile of gold coins. The walls also has paintings placed around the vault.


The Brig is located in the hall that leads to the vault. There are a lot of cell rooms where Toppats hold the prisoners that are mostly policemen and security guards.

When Henry attempted to break into the vault, Dave Panpa can be spotted in one of the cells, as seen when he falls to the hall to stop the Reginald Copperbottom from getting away. However, in the grapple gun round, Henry can get the key near the TC computer which he can use to open Dave's cell and let him go (It's also a part of discovering the Biggoron's Sword).

In the original version of the game, the cells of the brig had doors with bars. In the remastered version, they are replaced by metal doors with small windows.

Developing Room

The developing room is a small room with one red-tinted light bulb, located in the Main Hall. Al Kohaul develops photos here. When Charles Calvin reroutes the power, the light bulb becomes too bright and the photos are ruined. The room is overall significantly lighter in the legacy version.

Cargo Bay

The cargo bay is located in the rear of the ship, and has a huge bay door that leads to the outside. Several items are stored here, like a Tank in a Box, party supplies, miscellaneous firearms, Top Hats (class 1-3), a parachute, and a safe.

Henry ends up in this part of the ship during multiple scenarios. When using the Sticky Hand, Henry immediately ends up in the cargo bay, notices the safe, and steals it, but the safe only contains an old teddy bear.

When using the Ear Piece, Henry ends up in this part of the ship after retrieving some incriminating records about the Toppat Clan. He takes out two Toppat members, Benjamin Bourseious and Matthew Norbert, that try to stop him, before he blasts himself out of the ship as the Right Hand Man catches him in the area. Fortunately for Henry, Charles is there to pick him up.

When using the Cannon Ball, Henry chases Reginald throughout the entire ship, until he finally captures him in the cargo bay and is offered the leadership of the clan. If Henry refuses and continues his original mission, he uses either the parachute or the Tank in a Box to get out of the ship.


This is an area in the lower part of the ship, that Henry only visits during the Grapple Gun scenario. It has a door that leads to an outside balcony. Inside the room are a huge computer, and an escape pod. The computer is likely the digital database of the Toppat clan. Besides many files, there is also Civilization V strategy game on the computer.

In the remastered game, the room seems more polished, with the metal walls having a red tint, a few pipes on the walls, and a few control monitors in the background.


The balcony is a platform outside the Airship. It is connected to the surveillance room and it's located on the bottom left side of the Airship. This is a good place for Toppat members to hang out or take a rest. This place is only seen in the Pure Blooded Thief pathway.

In the original version, it appears to be just a steel platform without safety rails. In the remastered version, it is extended longer with wooden flooring and safety rails.


This room is located right behind the cockpit. It contains a crane for loading heavy supplies on and off the ship, and a large supply of coal. The room is only seen in the Cannonball scenario when Henry chases the Toppat Leader. The crane operator, Herb Stokes, spots Henry and tries to stop him by dropping a huge piece of coal onto the ball Henry is in.

In the remastered game, the warehouse is more narrow and has two engines in the room.

Main Hall

This area is in between the Warehouse and the Brig. It has a carpeted floor, just like the Cockpit. This hallway has large metal doors that close on Henry in the Rapidly Promoted Executive and Relentless Bounty Hunter paths. There are other doors that lead into the bedrooms for the clan.

In the original game, the room was gray, but now the floor is brown with blue carpet, and the walls are beige.


This part of Airship isn't seen in The Henry Stickmin Collection but is a place in Airship featured in Among Us. It has a white wall and white-blue floor. There are also kitchen appliances, two lit stoves with a pot of soup, a sink near the center of the room, and ingredients on the counter. In Infiltrating the Airship, it can be partially seen in Pure Blooded Thief where Geoffrey Plumb caught Henry stealing the ruby.


This room of the Airship was not present in the Henry Stickmin series, but it is seen in the map for Among Us. The shape of the room is very geometric. It has wooden and carpeted floors. It contains two displays with assault rifles and pistols. The boards on the walls contains several weapons such as: Golden pistols and a giant golden chain gun, Mr. Macbeth's modified assault rifle, Shrink Rays with different colors from Stealing the Diamond, ninja weapons, and a giant hammer.


This room is not seen in the Henry Stickmin Collection, but was leaked in the new Among Us map. It is seen with gray floors and multiple showers, as well as lockers, benches, and the occasional towel lying around.

Besides all the rooms mentioned above, the Airship also contains:

  • Vents: There are several vents in the Airship, for both ventilation and dumping trash. Henry uses them to get deeper in the ship in several pathways.
  • Escape pods: The airship has multiple escape pods for quick evacuation. At least two of these are seen during "Infiltrating the Airship". One is located in the surveillance room, and is mistaken by Henry for an elevator in one of the failure scenarios. The other is located in the boardroom and is offered to Henry when he tries to disguise himself as a Toppat, and the others think he is a guy named Smith.
  • Cannon: as seen in "Fleeing the Complex", the Airship has a small, retractable cannon underneath its hull. It can be used to fire neurotoxin grenades.
  • Drill pod: Drill Pods are small cabins for holding up to three people, equipped with a huge drill in front. They can be used for gaining quick access to enemy buildings, like The Wall.



  • The airship is shown to have poor to no air defense because it was unable to defend itself against the government helicopters.
  • It has four engines that propel it through the sky.
  • The only ways to enter or exit the Airship is by going through the hatch at the top, the balcony at the bottom left side, or the cargo bay at the rear.


  • The airship appears as map in Among Us, another video game developed by Innersloth. This appearance features areas of the aircraft not seen previously in the Stickmin series, such as the Kitchen and a Medical room.
  • It may be based off of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was mentioned in this video uploaded by Markiplier, which can be found here. Skip to 20:12 in the video.


Airship Features, Original

Airship Features, Remastered

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