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Antonidas Sparta is a member of the Toppat Clan and a minor antagonist. He appears in Completing the Mission during the "Master Bounty Hunter" pathway.

He appears as one of the secondary antagonists, alongside The Leprechaun and Ali Gene. As revealed in his bio, Antonidas is a powerful member of the clan, able to kick through steel beams with ease.


He is shown to wear a blue top hat with matching blue shoes.

Master Bounty Hunter

He is seen with The Leprechaun and Ali Gene on the entrance ramp of the Toppat Orbital Station when Henry defeats the Right Hand Man. To manage to get away from them, Henry can:

  • Finish Him - Henry throws the Right Hand Man out of the ramp, killing him. Antonidas, enraged by Henry's actions, kicks Henry off the ramp as well, killing him.
  • Rewire - Henry rewires the Right Hand Man, turning him into an ally for him. The Right Hand Man takes Henry to stop the rocket, while Antonidas and the others think he's gonna kill him. The Right Hand Man gets against Henry again after Sven Svensson tells him he locked up the chief, throwing Henry off the launching rocket.
  • Dance-Off - Henry starts to dance, although a Government Tank suddently crashes into Henry and the Right Hand Man, tossing Antonidas and the other scared Toppats back.
  • Ocarina - Henry uses an ocarina to call Charles Calvin to help him, who comes and picks him and the unconscious Right Hand Man up. As an alert tells the Toppats to surrender, Antonidas hears Ali Gene that they need a new leader.


He can kick through a solid steel beam with ease.


  • His name is a reference to Leonidas I as he was portrayed in the movie 300 by Gerard Butler.
    • The fail screen message for the "Finish Him" option also references the movie: This! Is! Toppats! (This! Is! Sparta!). This is also referenced as he kicks Henry of the ramp, killing Henry as he hit the ground.
    • Leonidas was previously referenced in Stealing the Diamond, via a painting character named Leonidas IV.