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The Armored truck is a bank truck that appears in Breaking the Bank and in Escaping the Prison.


It is a dark blue truck with a money bag logo on it's side. This vehicle is based on the International DuraStar Armored Truck. It has black tinted windows and 2 doors. It has a pair of mirrors on the bonnet and on the side of the doors. Below the doors has a gas tank. It has a grey bumper at the front and a blue one at the back. It has 4 wheels with thick tires. On top of the truck has a sunroof.

Breaking the Bank

On the way to the bank, the truck was driven by Winston Davis and Ted McAdams, who were probably going to transfer money into the bank. They come across a money sack laying at the side of the road and, not knowning that Henry is hiding in the bag, they put it in the back of the truck and take it to the bank.

Escaping the Prison

During the "Sneaky Escapist" pathway, When Henry slides down the prison building by the Rope, he falls and lands on the road. He survives his fall, but then gets hit by an armored truck, possibly the exact same one he used to get into the bank.

In the "Lawyered Up Ending", when he comes out of city hall after his trial, the truck drives past him on the road and Henry starts chasing it, celebrating his freedom and indicating that he's not done with crimes and robbery yet.