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The Bank

Located in Sonoran Desert, Arizona
People Known Employees:
Interiors Vault
Appears in Breaking the bank white logo.png

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Status Determinant:
  • Operational (All Other Paths)
  • Unknown (All RPE routes)

The Bank is a building that appears in Breaking the Bank and also has a minor appearance in Infiltrating the Airship. The interior of the bank also appears in Escaping the Prison.

In the first game of the series, Breaking the Bank, Henry tries to break into its vault to steal money, but fails after getting caught inside.


The bank is located somewhere in the desert (the same desert in which West Mesa Penitentiary is located).

In the original release of the game, the bank looks like a simple, grey block of concrete near a few cacti in the middle of the desert. As such, it looks more like prison than a bank. The walls are grey and exterior is featureless. In the remastered version, the building has more features, like a dome on the roof and four pillars in each corner.

There is a road that leads directly inside the bank through the gate with the jail door. In the original version, the road is narrow and difficult to see, while in the remastered it is a little more visible also has a few cars on it. There are two security guards named Chad Hansen and Philly Colin who wield shotguns and submachine guns in the original version. However, they are unarmed in the remastered.

In the original version, there is a subway train tunnel underneath the bank (as seen when Henry uses the Shovel), proving it's probably located not too far from a city.


The only interior shown is the vault, which is filled with yellow bags of money. The vault is protected with an alarm which can be motion-activated by lasers. There is also a camera in the vault that recorded Henry (later shown in Escaping the Prison as evidence that can be presented on trial).

The vault of the bank is also briefly seen during the end credits of the Rapidly Promoted Executive ending of Infiltrating the Airship, in which Henry, as the new leader of the Toppat Clan, finally successfully breaks into the bank.

Breaking the Bank

Henry begins his crime career by attempting to break into the bank. He has six options, but none of them are successful. If he uses a Shovel to make his way inside by underground, a train hits him and it is never revealed if it is actually possible to enter the vault that way. If he uses a Teleporter, he will be teleported into the bank's wall. He can also use a wrecking ball to break the wall, but that backfires by missing and squishing him, and he can try to blow the wall up with an explosive, but that backfires as well because it doesn't blow up immediately and he checks on it only for the explosion to kill him. The canon ending happens if he uses a Disguising Bag. He enters it, throws himself onto the road which leads inside the bank, and Winston Davis and Ted McAdams who are driving the Armored Truck pick him up and take him to the vault. However, when he escapes the bag, the alarm goes off and he is arrested.

Escaping the Prison

The Lawyered Up route is based on this event. During this route security footage of the vault can be seen, confirming in the remastered version that the events of Breaking the Bank occur on August 27, 2008 (also the date that the Flash version was released).

Infiltrating the Airship

The interior of the bank is seen in the intro of Infiltrating the Airship. Henry finally accomplishes his original plan in the Rapidly Promoted Executive ending if he decides to become the leader of the Toppat Clan. Because he rules the infamous crime organization, he can break into the bank with their help.

Completing the Mission

During the teleporter scene in the Jewel Baron route, Henry is briefly teleported next to the Bank's left wall.



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