Belt of Grenades

The Belt of Grenades appear in the game Escaping the Prison, during the path that leads to the Sneaky Ending.


After Henry has succesfully used the file to escape his cell, he is forced to hide in a supply closet from two guards. There he finds the belt of 8 grenades and a chair. When the grenades are chosen, Henry takes one of the grenades from the belt and throws it at the guards, but it bounces back into the closet and blows up Henry instead, leading to a fail.


Guard: Yo, check this out!

(Henry throws the grenade out of the door, and it bounces back into the room when Henry closes the door)

Henry: WHAT THE- *explosion*

Fail Screen Transcript

Uhh... I don't even know what to say about that one...



  • There are 8 grenades. Henry throws only one. However, when the explosion happens, only one explosion is heard. But realistically, other 7 grenades should explode as well.
  • In reality, the wooden door would probably get blown off too, although this is probably to avoid showing Henry's (likely) gory demise.