Cannonball with Chair

Henry inside the Cannon Ball

The Cannon Ball appears in the game Infiltrating the Airship as one of the tools the military provides Henry Stickmin with to enter the Airship of the Toppat Clan. The Cannon Ball is one of four options that can be chosen in the first choice menu of the game. Choosing it starts the path that can lead to either the Relentless Bounty Hunter ending or the Rapidly Promoted Executive Ending.


The Cannon Ball is a large, plastic, bubble-looking ball, that simultaneously functions as a form of protection, a mode of transport, and a weapon. It is bullet proof, though it can be crushed under sufficient enough weight. The ball can split open to let people in and out, and is equipped with multiple tools like:

  • A motorized chair to move the ball forward. The chair also comes with an 'eject' option.
  • Two thrusters for flying.
  • A booster for additional speed.
  • A laser gun.
  • The ability to turn into a spiked ball for additional defense.

Use in the game

Henry can use the cannon ball to launch himself into the cockpit of the Airship in order to arrest the Toppat Leader. When the leader sees Henry, he runs away, so Henry activates the motorized chair and chases the Toppat Leader. Both of them end up in the crane room, where the Crane Operator sees Henry and tries to stop him by dropping a huge piece of coal onto the ball. By using the chair's ejection seat, Henry can save himself but the ball is crushed.


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