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Capital Gains is one of sixteen endings in Completing the Mission.

It involves Henry and Ellie setting out on a heist to rob the Toppat Clan of their money and succeeding.

It is set after the "Relentless Bounty Hunter" and the "Convict Allies" endings in the Endings Hub.


After Henry and Ellie have escaped from The Wall, Henry tells Ellie he has a tank which he stole from the Toppat Clan when capturing Reginald Copperbottom. Surprised and impressed, Ellie suggests that they could use it to rob the Toppat Clan as she states that she's "running pretty low on cash." Through her contacts, she learns that a train is transporting all of their valuables to the Toppat Launch Site.

Ellie and Henry intercept the convoy and streamroll one of their vehicles, killing Quincy Tattlemuffin and the Toppat Van Driver. From the other vehicles, Toppat Members open fire on them. One of them, Fred Worst, fires up the sword cannon. The duo can:

  • [X] Timeout: If no option is chosen, Ellie and Henry are killed by the technical's HMG. Message: Don't stop now!
  • [X] Swords: Ellie grabs a sword from the tank and attacks Fred, while Henry grabs another sword and deflects the bullets fired by Wallace. However, he is unable to steer the tank and it rams into Fred's vehicle, causing Ellie to fall off before the Tank kills her. Message: Lost the lead.
  • [X] Hunker: Ellie and Henry seek cover inside the tank, but can now no longer see where they're going and crash into the mountain while the train enters a tunnel. Message: Nice tank. Only way to see is to be looking out the top.
  • Fire: Henry fires the Tank gun and the shell explodes in the distance, causing a lump of rocks to detach and block the tunnel.

Fred initially taunts Henry for his apparent poor aim, but calls Mr.Macbeth in panic after noticing the debris. Macbeth is unable to stop the train in time and only leaves a distress call to the Right Hand Man, who rushes to their aid from the launch site. The train and the tank are destroyed in the ensuing collision, leaving the duo as the only survivors. Spotting the money cart mostly intact, Ellie inquires Henry on their method of transport.

  • [X] Purse of Holding: Henry and Ellie load the treasures into the purse, but it takes them too long and the Right Hand Man kills them with his Eye Laser. Message: You two look like you could use some patented purse of holding carrying purses.
  • [X] Force Lift: Ellie uses The Force to move the money cargo into the sky and it becomes lost in the distance, leaving Henry confused. Message: We get it. You lift.
  • Fulton: Henry and Ellie inflate the Fulton balloon that lifts the cargo with them.

Before Henry can decide how to continue (either by Obscure Reference, Really Dumb Option, or Your Suggestions), the Right Hand Man lands on the car and confronts the two. They can use:

  • [X] Shell Bounce: Henry and Ellie use a turtle shell to attack the Right-Hand Man, kicking it into him over and over. The Right Hand Man quickly grows irritated and kicks the shell into Henry's face. Message:

O u c h i e






  • [X] Needle: Henry punctures the balloon with a needle. The money cargo falls and crushes Henry and Ellie, while the Right Hand Man saves himself using his rocket thrusters and comments on the idiotic choice. Message: What was the POINT of that? ...Not the SHARPEST idea. Gonna PIN the blame on you for that one. Did you really NEEDLE that money? [Alright that one was a stretch]
  • Wombo Combo: Henry and Ellie engage the Right Hand Man in physical combat, locking him into an inescapable combo before finishing with a "Stickmin Punch" from both Henry and Ellie, killing him and destroying his upper torso.

Now safe from the Toppats, Ellie transmutes the legs into a rocket thruster and it pushes the cart away, leaving the Toppats' fortune for them to enjoy. Whatever happened to the Toppats and the subsequent government raid remains ambiguous.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • The ending screen is possibly a reference to the STONKS meme.
  • The truck with the machine gun on the back is driven by Stoneface, with Wallace Dagwood on the back. However, in Little Nest Egg, this truck is instead being driven by Clement Warrantine, with Icepick on the back with the machine gun.
  • The Swords fail message is referencing the betrayal kill from Halo series, where you could kill your allies with friendly fire.
    • The fail message references the Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer mode when the enemy team has more points than the other team, with the commander/squad leader saying "Lost the lead".
  • The Force Lift fail message is referencing when Ellie used The Force to lift Henry in Fleeing the Complex.
  • The Purse of Holding references the candy bar carrying bags from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Chocolate with Nuts", with the purse itself having a similar design to the carrying bags. The fail message, by extension, even references the "candy bar bag carrying bags" in the same episode.
    • Also, the name of the item references the Bag of Holding from Dungeons and Dragons.
  • After Henry and Ellie use the Fulton, but before the Right Hand Man arrives, a fake choice screen briefly pops up with the options "Obscure Reference", "Your Suggestions", and "Really Dumb Option"; none of which can be clicked on.
    • Interestingly enough, the options afterward actually fit each respective criteria. The Shell Bounce is a rather obscure reference to a Bros. Move from the Mario & Luigi games, the Wombo Combo is was likely suggested by the fans to appear in the game after the other Smash Bros. references from previous games, and using the Needle to pop the Fulton was definitely a really dumb idea, as both the Right Hand Man and the Fail Screen Narrator comment on afterward.
  • The Shell Bounce is a reference to the Shell Attack in Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time.
  • The "Wombo Combo" option is a reference to a particular moment during a match with SS and Tang against Zhu and Lucky in the SCSA West Coast Circuit Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. Ellie even says, "Happy feet!" during the sequence, and the two perform a "Stickmin Punch" on the Right Man Hand Reborn, a reference to Captain Falcon's "Falcon Punch" from the Super Smash Bros. series. Additionally, Henry can be heard yelling "Stickmin... PUNCH!" as he and Ellie prepare the attack.
  • During the credits, clicking on the sun will cause the Shoop Da Woop to appear (cue giant laser), granting the player an achievement.
  • The Fulton is a reference to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it's a device used to extract enemy soldiers, animals, and vehicles.
  • The fail message for Needle is a reference to Infiltrating the Airship's Hack fail message because they both share an abundance of puns. However, unlike the Hack fail message, nothing will happen when the mouse hovers over the Needle fail message, and there will not be an achievement to unlock if done so.
  • The ending music (Red Headed Outlaw) is also used for the Convict Allies ending in FtC remastered.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
"You have a tank?!"
Ockeroid Opening theme.
🎧 "A Feeling of Tread"
Zanzlanz Played when Henry and Ellie ambush the train's convoy with the tank.
"Red Headed Outlaw"
Ockeroid Ending theme. Shares ending theme with "Convict Allies" in Fleeing the Complex.


Part 1

The correct one for this is Fire.

Part 2

The correct one for this is Fulton.

Part 3

The correct one for this is Wombo Combo then it ends.


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