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Shut up, janitor! You don't count. Now, the next item on the agenda...
― Captain Geoffrey Custard[src]

Captain Geoffrey Custard is one of the police captains at West Mesa Penitentiary, and is seen in Escaping the Prison during the Sneaky Escapist route.

He has orange facial hair and a unique police captain cap unlike other officers. He also hates janitors because one threw out his lunch on accident over 30 years ago.


Thirty years ago a janitor threw out his lunch. He's held a grudge against janitors ever since.

Escaping the Prison

Captain Geoffrey Custard is seen when Henry Stickmin is escaping from two officers and uses a Chair to crawl up in the vents to escape. If Henry chooses to go left he will crawl over a room where Geoffrey is having a meeting with Harold Ronson and a few other Police Officers, Johm Barley, Jen Bruhn, Jon Sascachawean, John Farn, and John Grits, Custard is going over a few topics with the officers and is currently discussing about getting more donuts. He uses a voting method to do this. Everyone at the meeting agrees, except Harold which Geoffrey tells to shut up, he then continues with the meeting until Henry falls through the vents and gets caught by Captain Geoffrey and his cadets in then which he pulls out a Shotgun.


  • "Now, all in favor of more donuts in the break room, say "aye".
  • "Shut up, janitor! You don't count. Now, the next item on the agenda..."



  • In the Legacy Version of EtP, Captain Geoffrey is portrayed as being much older as he has very bushy eyebrows with a long beard.
  • It is also very important to note that his bio states that he has been working as a police officer for about 30 years, meaning that he is most likely 50 years old.
  • He is the only one out of the three Police captains to have a light-colored cap.
  • His name is based off of Colonel George Armstrong Custer, a former United States Army officer and cavalry commander.
  • He is missing his eyebrows in his bio.
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