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I've got the perfect plan... This is the greatest PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!
― Charles Calvin crashing his helicopter into The Wall

Charles "Charlie" Calvin is the deuteragonist of the Henry Stickmin series. A bold action man, he is a veteran helicopter pilot who works for the Government, and one of the youngest and most experienced pilots. Although he is an experienced pilot, Charles has a history of hilariously failing to assist Henry Stickmin, most famously when he crashes his helicopter in two fails.

Charles meets Henry for the first time after General Hubert Galeforce asks for his assistance in bringing down the notorious Toppat Clan. After completing his mission for the Government or helping Henry escape The Wall, Charles is tasked to defeat the Toppat Clan and prevent them from launching their orbital station space.


Charles is the deuteragonist of Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission, and the tritagonist of Fleeing the Complex. Depending on Henry's choices, Charles can become one of Henry's best friends (if allied with the Government), a neutral ally (if Henry goes rogue), or an antagonist (if Henry becomes the leader of the Toppats or joins them).

In Infiltrating the Airship, Charles appears as the deuteragonist of Government Supported Private Investigator, the tritagonist of Relentless Bounty Hunter, a neutral character in Pure Blooded Thief, and the secondary antagonist of Rapidly Promoted Executive.

In Fleeing the Complex, Charles appears as the deuteragonist of International Rescue Operative.

In Completing the Mission, Charles appears as the deuteragonist of Valiant Hero and Special BROvert Ops, the tritagonist of Triple Threat and Pardoned Pals, the tetartagonist of Master Bounty Hunter, and the secondary antagonist of Toppat Recruits and Toppat 4 Life.



Throughout all his appearances, Charles wears a red headset and has red shoes. His headset suffered damage in "Valiant Hero" due to Charles crashing into the Toppat Orbital Station.

He has never been seen without his red headset. The headset has been shown to be a versatile communications device; able to call in reinforcements and communicate directly with phones.


Nice to meet you. Any friend of Henry's is a friend of mine!
― Charles meeting Ellie Rose[src]

Charles crashing his helicopter into the Toppat Airship's window, to the surprise of Henry.

Charles is a young and experienced competent pilot for the Government. In the Triple Threat route, he is able to stop his chopper mid-flight so the rotor blades don't chop up Henry and Ellie as they leave the sabotaged rocket. This is an incredibly difficult maneuver to pull off and he does it easily.

Because of his abilities as a pilot, General Galeforce seems to always trust him with missions despite his history of hilariously failing to assist Henry, most famously when he crashes his helicopter in two fails. Despite his silliness and accident-prone tendencies, Charles is easily one of the more noble characters in the series, and is even willing to sacrifice himself for his allies as shown in the Valiant Hero route.

Charles has a tendency to try and make small talk and stumble his words which shows that he's more sociable than Henry and much more nonchalant about missions despite the known severity of them. He also has plenty of background knowledge on Government weapons and other such tools.

If Henry sides with the Government, Charles shows complete confidence and trust in Henry in any missions they team up in, showing how loyal he is to a close friend. He is also shown to take things literally at times, demonstrated when he shut the power off the Airship when asked, without realizing the airship needs power to fly.

Charles is also able to remain calm in stressful or dangerous situations, keeping his composure and not sounding worried. A good example of this is in the Special BROvert Ops route, where he loses control of his helicopter while trying to snipe someone, and doesn't sound panicked in the slightest while trying to regain control; Henry actually looks more worried than Charles sounds. Charles is also very optimistic as seen in the Valiant Hero ending, where he assures Henry that he will find a way out of the Toppat Orbital Station, which is about to explode.

Charles is amiable, sociable, half-witted yet intelligent, and an above average pilot who firmly sticks with his side, but does have a more open mind considering he put his faith in Henry in the Pardoned Pals route despite Henry going rogue and stealing the Romanian Ruby, and gave Henry a chance to side with him over joining the Toppats or surrendering to the Wall.


At some point, Charles joined the Air Force and became a helicopter pilot, going on many special ops missions for the Government, becoming one of the most experienced pilots in the process. He also gained the respect and admiration of General Hubert Galeforce, who always refers to Charles by his nickname Charlie.

Infiltrating the Airship

Hey good job there! Oh, uh, so we should probably look for something incriminating, something we can use to prove that they're criminals, you know? I mean... that's the whole point of this operation.
― Charles Calvin[src]

Charles' bio in Infiltrating the Airship.

Charles controls the military helicopter and leads Henry Stickmin through his mission to bring down the notorious Toppat Clan. Whether or not Charles is allied with Henry or not depends on the route taken by the player, he is allied with Henry in the routes Government Supported Private Investigator and Relentless Bounty Hunter, but is against him in the routes Rapidly Promoted Executive and Pure Blooded Thief.

Government Supported Private Investigator

When Captain Galeforce sends Henry on his mission, Charles gives him an earpiece and serves as Henry's handler. After Henry breaks into the airship, Charles helps him cross a large gap by ramming his helicopter into The Airship. The next room has a guard who is having trouble using his key card in the door. Charles assists Henry by using one of his gadgets to melt the guard's bones. After Henry gathers the evidence he needs, Charles reveals the next room has too many armed guards and suggests Henry use the ventilation duct. There is a lot of electricity blocking the path, but Henry orders Charles to reroute the power to a darkroom, ruining Al Kohaul's photos. Henry can now safely reach the cargo bay, where two more men are blocking his path. Charles thus tells Henry to click a button on his earpiece, which turns it into a force gun. Henry takes out the two men and Charles brings the chopper near the bay doors. The Right Hand Man comes into the cargo bay and attempts to stop Henry, but Henry is able to use the force gun to blast himself to the chopper. He turns the evidence over to Charles, and the Toppat Clan is arrested.

Pure Blooded Thief

When Geoffrey Plumb spots Henry stealing the Romanian Ruby, Charles sees that the alarm is activated and Henry has been found out. Galeforce moves to Plan B and Charles calls reinforcements. Military soldiers then break into the airship and cause it to crash in the desert, where the fight continues on the ground. When the Centre for Chaos Containment launches a prototype army to solve the chaos, Henry steals one of their armour and escapes with the ruby. Charles intercepts him, but Galeforce tells him to let him go over Charles' protests, declaring him to be "not worth the trouble" after succeeding in their mission of taking down the Toppat airship.

Relentless Bounty Hunter

After turning over Reginald Copperbottom to Galeforce, Charles hands Henry a document from United States President Jefferson Smithsonian, pardoning him of his crimes. He and Galeforce take Reginald and leave.

Rapidly Promoted Executive

Charles isn't seen until the end, when Henry and Reginald throw dummies of themselves overboard. Thinking that the two men jumped from the airship, Charles and Galeforce pilot the helicopter to the ground and inspect the scene. Charles is concerned about the fact that the two had jumped from a high altitude without anything to break their fall, but Galeforce assures him that Henry likely had a method to evade the fall damage. However, they discover that Henry and Reginald had thrown dummies to lure them away from the airship. Realizing that they had been double-crossed, Galeforce screams at Henry in rage.

Fleeing the Complex

Yeah? Oh, Henry!! Oh, how's it going? Uh. Yeah. Oh. Uh. Oh, I see, huh. Yeah uh, I'm flying right now actually, where uh where are you. Hmm, the Wall. Yeah, I think I've heard of that place. Yeah, uh I'm on a mission but uh I should have some time to swing by.
― Charles Calvin[src]

Charles' bio in Fleeing the Complex.

Charles only appears in the International Rescue Operative pathway, and is on another mission with the Government before being contacted by Henry.

If Henry escapes his cell, he has the option to contact the Government or the Toppat Clan to help him escape from The Wall. If Henry chooses the Government, Charles remarks that he is on another mission, but has heard of The Wall and can swing by to get Henry out. He then instructs Henry to head outside and find a place for him to land. A guard blocks Henry's way, but Charles clears the path by controlling a miniature helicopter to latch a grappling hook to the guard, pulling him off the ledge. When Henry continues to the helipad, two guards (one with an assault rifle and one with a bazooka) spot his helicopter and prepare to gun him down. Henry tackles the one with a rocket launcher to save Charles. When the other guard notices Henry, he prepares to shoot but is he is crushed by Charles' helicopter. The two of them then fly off.

A reference to the previous game, there is again an option for Henry to choose Charles as help (when deciding how to take out Sten Villo). Again, Charles takes this as a sign to crash his helicopter, leading to another fail.

Completing the Mission

You know what? Naw. This calls for some bold action. I'm the bold action MAAAAN!
― Charles Calvin

Charles' bio in Completing the Mission.

Charles can appear in a variety of different scenarios. In either of the "Government Supported Private Investigator" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter" endings from Infiltrating the Airship, and/or "International Rescue Operative" from Fleeing the Complex, he will be working with Henry as an ally. In "Pure-Blooded Thief" he is more neutral towards Henry but could be allied with him, while in "Rapidly Promoted Executive", he is an enemy due to Henry being the leader of the Toppats.

Special BROvert Ops

With the "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "International Rescue Operative" endings, he and Henry team up once again using the earpiece, both helping each other. Having just escaped from The Wall, Henry and Charles land in a government base in the Dogobogo Jungle. General Galeforce welcomes them and brings them up to speed with their problem. The remaining Toppats built a rocket at the Toppat Launch Site and are planning to go to space to set up a space station. This would make governments unable to reach them if they are able to get their space station into orbit. Since Henry and Charles worked well together bringing down the airship, the General figures they would be the best candidates for the mission. Even though Henry doesn't owe the government anything, the General promises to return the favor somehow.

Henry and Charles arrive at the Toppat Launch Site via helicopter, and Charles is already being targeted by a SAM Turret on top of a building. Henry draws something as the SAM Turret is targeting Charles. At the last moment, Henry puts a drawing of a cloud in front of the SAM Turret's camera, blocking its view of Charles. Charles thanks Henry for whatever he did. An announcement is made by the Toppats that the rocket would be launching soon and for everyone to get onboard. Charles drops a trapeze swing attached to the helicopter, allowing Henry to grab on and swing into the entrance of the rocket. The rocket entrance closes as Henry rolls into the Storage Bay. Two Toppats mention how they think of their new leader. Charles noticed that it seemed every member of the Toppat Clan is there, and he needs Henry to go to the Engine Room without being seen. Charles hacks into a nearby robot named Topbot, which he reprograms to breakdance, causing everybody but Henry to be distracted by it, allowing him to get to the Engine Room unnoticed.

Once there, Henry throws a red herring into the vents of the engine, causing it to be jammed and requires fixing. This buys Henry and Charles some time. Henry exits the Engine Room and enters the Hall of Leaders, which leads to the Cockpit. Charles says that if he can find a way to lock everybody inside via the cockpit, the government can make their arrests with ease. Henry has to cross without being noticed. Henry uses the Swapper, a device capable of switching places of anybody targeted. Henry swaps places with a Toppat who was close to the cockpit entrance and was able to get into the cockpit with ease.

Henry enters the cockpit, only to find the leader, Sven Svensson. Sven quickly holds Henry at gunpoint before he recognizes him as the one responsible for the arrests of the Airship division. Charles has a hard time telling if Henry was in trouble, but could eventually see that he was. As Sven rants about what he's been through to take up leadership and make the rocket plan, Charles uses a loud horn to startle Sven, dropping his gun. Sven attempts to engage in a fistfight, only for Henry to easily knock him out. Henry takes control of the rocket and locks the doors. Charles sends the other members of the government to take care of the rest.

During the credits, multiple helicopters arrive at the front of the rocket. As Henry is dragging Sven, a Toppat member tries to get Sven via microphone to open the doors so they can run away or at least get their weapons. Soldiers arrive and easily arrest the entire clan. Charles comes to greet and congratulate Henry in person, so does General Galeforce. He offers Henry to be enlisted with a promotion along with Charles into Special Covert Ops Agents, allowing Henry to go along with Charles on more missions. He accepts with the final scene containing Charles riding a helicopter with Henry riding along.

Valiant Hero

With the "Goverment Supported Private Investigator" and "Presumed Dead" endings, Charles and Henry reunite and agree to go into space to take down the station since Charles now considers his fight against the Toppats something personal.

They ride in a prototype spaceship made by the Government, and reach the Toppat Orbital Station. Charles asks Henry how he wants to be brought into the station. Henry dons a spacesuit and hides in a ball of trash that floats towards the station undetected. Henry hangs onto a vent exhaust, while Charles stays behind to stay undetected. Disregarding detection, Charles drives the spaceship head-on into the station. He penetrates through the exterior and crashes the ship into the station's core. With the core receiving critical damage from the crash, Henry and Charles find a way to exit the station before it explodes. They go into another room with a jammed door. As it is the only way through, Henry and Charles get past it by crawling through a nearby vent. As they are crawling through the vent, a distant explosion is heard, and Charles states that they are running out of time. They get to the end, where they see three escape pods, two of which are already used. Henry opens the door of the one remaining escape pod with some degree of difficulty.

Henry and Charles prepare for their ride back to Earth when they are suddenly ambushed by Jacked Hughman. Henry is forced out of the escape pod, prompting Charles to tackle Hughman and throw Henry back inside. Before Charles can make it back to the pod himself, Hughman tackles him down. The pod closes with only Henry inside and launches into space for Earth, leaving Charles on the doomed space station. Before the pod takes off, Charles tells Henry not to worry about him and that he'll find another way to escape.

A worrisome Henry is contacted by Charles, who informs him that he was able to overpower and defeat Hughman and that a spare escape pod should be nearby. Stating that their mission was complete, Charles remarks that it was a good plan, probably even the greatest plan; and those were his last words before the space station explodes, and the communication is abruptly cut. Shattered at this sight, Henry screams in grief, and pounds on the pod's window, attempting to reach out to Charles, without success.

Back at the military base on Earth, the general receives word from a soldier that the space station has been destroyed. The general is delighted with the news, but when he notices the defeated and sorrowful look on Henry, he asks what happened, unaware of Charles' tragic fate. A tombstone erected in Charles' honor now resides on a cliff overlooking a sunset, his headset was laid on the grave. Henry pays a visit to his fallen friend and gives him a salute.

Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals

Charles is seen in the climax as Henry and Ellie are stuck between the Toppat Clan, The Government, and the Wall's staff, offering them a way out. If Henry chooses to side with Charles, he and Ellie will jump into his helicopter, and then follow his instructions to shoot miniguns at the rocket's support struts, causing it to fall and destroy the base. Charles then brings Henry and Ellie to see General Hubert Galeforce, who offers them both a pardon. However, if they side with the Toppats, the Right Hand Man will shoot at Charles' chopper, causing damage the chopper and forcing Charles to land his chopper.

Master Bounty Hunter

Charles flies Henry in his helicopter into an area the Toppat Launch Site mentioning that he hopes the latter doesn't mind helping the government again and then lets him drop into the site next to three other soldiers where General Galeforce gives them the brief. At the end when Henry uses the ocarina to play Charles' theme, said Charles comes to pick him up after he has knocked out the Right Hand Man. During their flight most likely to the camp, Charles mentions that bounty hunting really suits Henry and asks if he's thought about going pro, which the latter does.

Toppat 4 Life

Charles only appears for a few seconds, seen on the ground when the scrambled rocket and the G.A.B.E.G.G launched by the Center for Chaos Containment are battling. Confused by the chaos, he asks General Galeforce what's going on, and Galeforce tells him he doesn't know but that "there's no way we can do the mission now". Eventually, the chaos becomes so great that the Government is unable to continue with their assault on the Toppat Launch Site, forcing them to fully retreat from their base and call off the mission.

This is the only "Rapidly Promoted Executive" pathway to feature Charles, and the only ending where he and Henry are enemies.

Triple Threat

Having fled from The Wall and still in the snowy landscape, Henry and Ellie wait for Charles who later arrives and picks them up by his helicopter. Upon meeting, Charles and Ellie quickly become allies to each other due to their mutual friendship with Henry. While he was able to provide them extraction from the site, he informs the duo that General Galeforce had sanctioned this pickup in exchange for the group's help in taking down the Toppat Clan once again at their launch site. Because Charles is helping them get away from The Wall, Henry and Ellie agree to help him and the Government.

Charles fills the two in on the mission: the remnants of the Toppat Clan have planned to launch a space station into orbit around Earth which would allow them to raid anywhere on Earth with ease, jeopardizing global security; if they succeed with the launch, the Toppats would become unstoppable. He is optimistic about their mission due to him and Henry working well together in the past, as well as Henry and Ellie's partnership formed during their escape from the complex.

Arriving at the Toppat Launch Site, Henry and Ellie prepare to disembark from the helicopter. Henry and Ellie fly down in a rocket pod and crash into a SAM turret, destroying it in the process. Once they land, Charles urges Henry and Ellie to get moving right away, as rocket pilot Sven Svensson makes an announcement that the rocket will launch very soon. Henry places a barrel with an explosion mark on it, jumps in with Ellie, and they fire into the sky, collecting bananas and hitting other barrels that launch them upwards. After getting shot out of the last barrel, Charles swoops in to help Ellie and Henry with his helicopter. Henry and Ellie are caught into a cannon mounted underneath Charles' chopper and are fired through the window of the rocket.

Henry and Ellie get in the rocket’s cafeteria but soon find themselves facing a massive contingent of Toppat Clan members. Blasting trap music, Henry and Ellie begin to dance. The music and their moves create a contagious atmosphere of dance and soon after, the entire Toppat contingent joins in. Many Toppats perform dances taken from or inspired by popular culture. Under the cover of the entire cafeteria dancing, Henry and Ellie make their exit.

After getting through the cafeteria, Henry and Ellie find a ladder to take them through the rocket. However, the rocket begins to lift off. Henry and Ellie have to stop it before it gets into orbit. The group goes along with Henry's plan: he and Ellie breach the cockpit, subdue Sven, and reprogram the rocket to an alternate course. With the rocket redirected from the course to outer space, Henry and Ellie bail from the rocket. With Charles helping to break their descent with his helicopter, the mission is complete. The rocket is revealed to have landed at The Wall, guaranteeing the apprehension of every Toppat member on board. Ellie reveals that she enjoyed the adventurous aspect of the mission and informs Charles that she and Henry are open to embarking on more missions together—all he needs to do is call them.


Henry Stickmin

Charles and Henry's high five.

In every path where Henry is allied with the government (Government Supported Private Investigator), Henry and Charles see each other like best friends, even in paths where they don’t interact much. This especially happens in Cleaned 'em Out where the duo don't interact at all but are shown to still be friends that keep in touch. Special BROvert Ops portrays a brotherly bond between the two in how they work together and are happy to connect as they work on more missions with each other. Valiant Hero shows the very close bond that Henry and Charles share by having them really excited to work with each other again.

Even if Henry goes against the Government in the Pure Blooded Thief route, Henry is still seen as somewhat of an ally to Charles as he asks Henry to help him take down the Toppats in the TR/PP routes. This is even more emphasized at the end of Pardoned Pals when Charles refers to Henry as a "friend".

In paths where Henry is allied with the Toppat Clan, Henry and Charles don’t interact at all but they would be enemies since Henry is in the Toppat Clan.

Ellie Rose

Charles meets Ellie Rose for the first time.

Charles, Henry and Ellie each share a mutual friendship in Triple Threat and are all friends in Pardoned Pals. This is because, "if [Henry] trusts him, then so do I."

In Pardoned Pals, Henry and Ellie team up with Charles to take down the Toppat Clan before their rocket launches. However, in Toppat Recruits, they go against him. Reginald and the Right Hand Man shoot him down, causing him to fall back.

General Hubert Galeforce

Despite both being in the military, and Hubert Galeforce being a general who takes his job seriously, the two are very friendly towards each other.

Toppat Clan

As a member of the government, Charles hates the Toppat Clan. At the start of Valiant Hero, he tells Henry that they've caused a bunch of problems for him. He then asked for Henry's help in taking them out, stating "it's starting to get personal".

Jacked Hughman

Charles helping Henry escape after he is attacked by Jacked Hughman, shortly before he is attacked by Hughman himself.

As a member of the Toppat Clan, Jacked and Charles were enemies before they even met. Charles met Hughman shortly after Henry and Charles prepare for their ride back to Earth, when they are suddenly ambushed by Hughman. Henry is forced out of the escape pod, prompting Charles to tackle Hughman and throw Henry back inside. Before Charles can make it back to the pod himself, Hughman tackles him down. The pod closes with only Henry inside and launches into space for Earth, leaving Charles on the doomed space station. Before the pod takes off, Charles tells Henry not to worry about him and that he'll find another way to escape.

A worrisome Henry is contacted by Charles, who informs him that he was able to overpower and defeat Hughman and that a spare escape pod should be nearby. Stating that their mission was complete, Charles remarks that it was a good plan, probably even the greatest plan; and those were his last words before the space station explodes, and the communication is abruptly cut. Shattered at this sight, Henry screams in grief, and pounds on the pod's window, attempting to reach out to Charles, without success.

Death (Determinant)

Valiant Hero

Killed By

Henry and Charles prepare for their ride back to Earth when they are suddenly ambushed by Jacked Hughman. Henry is forced out of the escape pod, prompting Charles to tackle Hughman and throw Henry back inside. Before Charles can make it back to the pod himself, Hughman tackles him down. The pod closes with only Henry inside and launches into space for Earth, leaving Charles on the doomed space station. Before the pod takes off, Charles tells Henry not to worry about him and that he'll find another way to escape.

A few moments later, Charles informs Henry that he managed to defeat Hughman and he should be able to escape anyway, citing that he can still find an empty escape pod. He remarks on their success but is abruptly cut off when the station's power core is overwhelmed and explodes, killing him. Shattered at this sight, Henry screams in grief, and pounds on the pod's window, refusing to believe in Charles' death before slumping over on the glass.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Charles has killed, either directly or in first hand:


Infiltrating the Airship

  • "Hey, uh, how do you want me to bring you in?"

Government Supported Private Investigator

  • "Check check, this is Charles."
  • "Just thought I'd give you a heads up."
  • "Uhh, there's a guy down there. A bad guy. So, uh, yeah."
  • "Good luck."
  • "Hey good job there!"
  • "Oh, oh, so you should probably look for something incriminating."
  • "Something that we can use to prove that they're criminals, you know?"
  • "I mean, that's the whole point of this operation."
  • "Oh hey! Uh, you see that records sign?"
  • "Where it says 'Records'?"
  • "That'd probably be a good place to look, right?"
  • "Let me just, uh, help you get across that gap."
  • "Ok, uh, let me just teleport this thing in here for ya."
  • "Alriiight, here I come~"
  • "Da-dadara-dadara-dadadadaaa!"
  • "Hey, I have this thing here that can manipulate gravity."
  • "Should be able to get you float across."
  • "Lemme just... Wait."
  • "Up."
  • "Down."
  • "Hm."
  • "Did it work?"
  • "Alright, here it comes."
  • "I don't think that guy knows how to open the door."
  • "Yeah, why don't you let me take care of this?"
  • "Wow, this guy really is a moron."
  • "Can't believe he doesn't know how to open a door."
  • "Woops."
  • "Alright, uh, I've hacked into their security system. Should be able to open the door from here."
  • "Alriiiight! Get to bring out the big guns!"
  • "You should be good to go now."
  • "Oh man! That duck just flew right into the propeller!"
  • "Oh, what a mess!"
  • "Alright you got some evidence! Whoa wait, wait."
  • "There's no way you're getting through there."
  • "Lots of guys and there's lots of guns, that's all I'm gonna say."
  • "Iiiiit looks like you could get around if you go through that air duct."
  • "Alright I've hacked into their power grid. What do you want me to do?"
  • "Okaayy..."
  • "I-I don't understand what that means."
  • "Mk! Shutting down the power now."
  • "I'm sorry, I just thought you needed some help is all."
  • "Ok I'll reroute the power to a random room. That's fine."
  • "Alright Henry, you're almost there."
  • "I'm right outside so just open the bay doors and I'll, uh, get you on the chopper."
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "Pssst, hey! There's a button on your earpiece. You should press it."

Rapidly Promoted Executive

  • "You think they're alright? Pretty big fall."

Pure Blooded Thief

  • "It looks like he set off some sort of alarm in the vault?"
  • "Orders captain?"
  • "What?!"

Fleeing the Complex

  • "Yeah? Oh, Henry!"
  • "How's it goin'?"
  • "Uh huh."
  • "Yeah."
  • "Oh..."
  • "Uh huh."
  • "Oh, I see."
  • "Huh..."
  • "Yeah, I'm-uh... I'm flying right now, actually."
  • "Where-uh... Where are you?"
  • "Hmm, The Wall..."
  • "Yeah, I... think I've heard of that place."
  • "Yeah, I'm-uhh-I'm on a mission, but-uhh-I should have some time to swing by."
  • "Hey! So-uhh, I'm getting pretty close..."
  • "Yeah, just-uhh-try to get outside and I'll-I'll-uhh... y'know."
  • "Hey, so-uhh-I see The Wall."
  • "Oh, you're outside? Nice!"
  • "Oh, I think I see you."
  • "Yeah... There's a guard in the way..."
  • "I got this."
  • "Yeah! It'll be like the old times."
  • "Gottem!"
  • "Wait..."
  • "Ooo..."
  • "I got the perfect plan..."
  • "This is the greatest PLANNNN!"
  • "Annnd there ya go."
  • "I seein a helipad up here."
  • "Could be a pretty good place."
  • "To get picked up."
  • "Uhh-once I get close, though, they'll-uhh-they'll probably raise the alarm."
  • "Oh yeah, they see me."
  • "Alright, I'm comin' in. Get ready."
  • "Did you just jump off the edge?!"
  • "Wait, was that the plan?"
  • "Man, we really should have coordinated that better."
  • "I mean, I was not prepared at a-"
  • "Hey!"

Completing the Mission

Special BROvert Ops

  • "Hey, General!"
  • "What do you say, Henry?"
  • "You can count on us, General."
  • "Hey I know-uhh we just started and all, but-uhh I think I'm getting targeted by SAM Turret?"
  • "Yeah, oh? Yeah..."
  • "If you just go ahead and-uhh..."
  • "Deal with that?"
  • "Sooo... It kinda looks like the SAM turret's shooting all of its missiles?"
  • "But that can't be right. I just wanted to make sur-"
  • "I don't really know what you did, but-uhh it seemed to have done the trick! Nice!"
  • "Oh, we really gotta getchu in there."
  • "I should be able to get you in there with this:"
  • "Okeedokee, sendin' down that jetpod."
  • "Alrighty, I've-uhh teleported that platform in there for ya."
  • "Yeah, go ahead and just-uhh make your way across, then."
  • "Alright, Henry-uhh, go ahead and grab on to the... the thing..."
  • "And then I'll... helicopter you across."
  • "Oh man... Looks like every member of the Toppat Clan is on here!"
  • "Umm, if you get to the engine room, you can shut down the engine..."
  • "And them uh... the rocket won't be able to take off..."
  • "And them... they'll all be stuck in here."
  • "So I'll cause a distraction while you make a run for it to the engine room, got it?"
  • "Alright, I'm-uhh about to fire a subsonic wave?"
  • "Should stun everyone who hears it, so you might wanna cover your ears."
  • "Alright I know they have one of this aboard, I think I can remote hack into it."
  • "Yeah just-uhh keep heading up those stairs and you'll hit that engine room in no time."
  • "I guess this rocket has an internal engine room?"
  • "It probably like manages the... electronics? or something?"
  • "I dunno. I'm hot a rocket doctor."
  • "Anyways. Do your thing, buddy!"
  • "This doesn't seem... right."
  • "Nice. Disabling that engine is definitely gonna buy you some extra time."
  • "Now, here's what I'm thinking: If you can get up to the cockpit..."
  • "You can gain control of the rocket, disable it, and lock everyone inside."
  • "Then I'll call in the reinforcements and w-hen... we'll make these arrests easily."
  • "Pretty good plan, right?"
  • "Cockpit is comin' up. You should be able to gain complete control of the rocket from there."
  • "Henry? Are you in trouble?"
  • "If you're in trouble, say flanksteak."
  • "No wait, if you're in trouble say nothing."
  • "Agh, I can't tell."
  • "Oh, actually I can see you from here..."
  • "Yeah, it looks pretty bad."
  • "I gotcha back, buddy!"
  • "One sleepyboi, coming right up."
  • "I got this sniper that spots out bad guys."
  • "So I'll just take him here from here. Don't worry. There's-"
  • "There's zero chance that I'll hit you with this."
  • "Uh oh, I'm losing control..."
  • "Ohhh boy, this is bad. This is really..."
  • "Ohhh... Ohh boy..."
  • "Ohhh man... And I dropped my sniper rifle..."
  • "Come on!"
  • "Alright, I almost got control! Almost got it!"
  • "Ohhh, there we go."
  • "No, nope, I'm-"
  • "You did it! Now you just gotta lock it up!"
  • "Awrite, time to call in the reinforcements!"
  • "Henry!"
  • "Nice work, man!"
  • "Yeah, this is-uhh this is every last remaining member getting hauled off."
  • "Whaaat? Henry's not even enlisted."

Triple Threat

  • "Hey Henry! Nice to see you again. Who's your friend?"
  • "Well nice to meet you. Any friend of Henry's is a friend of mine! So uh I was able to swing by to pick you guys up but uh...well you remember the captain...? Yeah he had to sanction this pickup in return we're gonna need your assistance again. With the Toppats...again...uh I hope that's alright.
  • "Good. Let me fill you in on the details when we get into the air."
  • "Alright so what's left of the Toppat Clan has uh..set out some sort of secret base in the jungle...seems like they're planning to launch some sort of space shuttle into orbit. They'll be sitting pretty if they pull this off so we gotta uh make sure they don't do that. I talked to the General and he said he's pulling out all our main forces. He said that Henry and I made a good team last time so he trusts that we can pull it off."
  • "Then we're gonna make a great squad! With the three of us, we'll have no problems... Completing the Mission."
  • "Alright we're there. I don't think I can get any closer without...getting shot down."
  • "Uh oh. Sounds like they're about to takeoff. You guys should get over there right away. I'll be down to help as soon as I can."
  • "Hey that looks like fun but umm...we're kind of...on the clock here."
  • "You guys are still running? You know I can pick you up. Ah you're staying committed to you choice. I can respect that."
  • "Alright, I'm here. Combo time!"
  • "I gotcha!"
  • "Eh funny story. This cannon was actually made to fire humans it's kind of weird."
  • "Hold onto your butts!"
  • "Direct hit! Now quick guys you've got to stop that rocket from taking off."
  • "Uh guys? The rocket's launching!"
  • "We've gotta do something before they get into orbit!"
  • "Ok guys I have the most awesome plan. I'm gonna crash head first into the cafeteria window."
  • "No no with my helicopter! What do you guys think I'm ready to-"
  • "What's not to understand? It's simple: I fly the helicopter into the window."
  • "Sigh. I don't really think you get it. Henry you get it right?"
  • "Uhh I think it's a little bit out of range now..."
  • "Alright I'll be ready. Now hurry!"
  • "Alright I'm in position. I don't see you guys though..."
  • "Uhuh...yeah...yeah...oh yeah...ah yeah! That's a great idea! Alright you guys do your thing I'll be ready!"
  • "Ah! What a move! Can't believe we did it. Where did you end up sending the rocket anyway?"

Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits

  • "Yeah this is Charles, following up on that disturbance we saw at the bridge. Yeah it turns out the Toppat leaders are here! Wait is that Henry? Henry? Come on help me take down the Toppats!"
  • "Alright I'm coming get in!"
  • "Alright I've got a plan: we've gotta shoot out these support beams. All units fall back we're going in for the big play!"
  • "Yeah! Nice work both of you! This is Charles, reporting to base. I've got a couple of pals with me you're never gonna guess who they are."
  • "Uh oh. I've gotta fall back..."

Master Bounty Hunter

  • "We're entering Toppat airspace now. Altitude 20 000 ft, wind speed nominal. Visibility clear, stand by for drop off."
  • "I hope you don't mind helping us out again. I called ahead and got the 'all clear' from the general. I'm sure you've got a lot of questions. Don't worry: he'll fill you in when you arrive. You'll be dropping in on the outskirts of the Toppat Launch site. We've also got a squad waiting for you when you arrive. Alright, time to drop."
  • "We've got him! Put out the signal."
  • "You know, bounty hunting really suits you. You ever thought about going pro?"

Toppat 4 Life

  • "General! What's going on?!"

Valiant Hero

  • "Henry? Henry! I heard you died!"
  • "Uh, man. The Toppat Clan has been causing a bunch of problems for me lately. Yeah ever since they got that orbital station set up, they've been super strong. Now that I think about it, you and I made a pretty good team in the past, I bet we could take them out...it's starting to GET PERSONAL. Well what do you say? You want to help me...take them out for good?"
  • "Awesome! Alright follow me I have a way we can get into space."
  • "Secret government prototype what do you think? There it is. Alright, how do you want me to bring you in? This is so exciting it's just like last time!"
  • "Alright I'll just swing by I guess and...drop you off?"
  • "Yeah I'll just beam you right aboard. Should be a piece of cake."
  • "Alright, it sounds weird but this air bubble's gonna keep you breathing until you get to the side wings alright? It's also really sturdy so you don't have to worry about it popping on you. Unfortunately, it doesn't move very fast...Don't worry I'll keep you company 'til you get there shouldn't be a problem. What kinda movies do you like?"
  • "Put on this spacesuit and hide in this ball of trash. What? It's a good idea trust me!"
  • "See? I told you it was a good idea! The Toppats have no clue you're there now. I'm gonna stick back here though so they don't detect me. Should still be able to help you get inside from here though."
  • "This might make you a little nervous but I'm about to fire a super-accurate laser shot right next to you. It'll make a hole you can climb into and get inside, y'know?"
  • "Hey you feel that button on you helmet? Go ahead and press it. It's a knife that's so hot it can cut through any material. You dropped it didn't you?"
  • "You know what? Nah. This calls for some bold action. I'm the bold action MAAAAN!"
  • "*coughs* I've always wanted to do that. Anyway, we should probably find a way off this station before it explodes."
  • "Ah looks like the door's jammed. This is the only way through!"
  • "I think I can hack this panel to get this door to open............yeah I have no idea what I'm doing."
  • "One. Two. ThreeEE-Gahhh!"
  • "I bet this vent leads somewhere...on the other side."
  • " ♪ Crawling through the vents ♪ "
  • "Oh boy, we're running out of time."
  • "Got room for two more?"
  • "Ahh, well that was intense. Can't wait to go ho- Huh?"
  • "Don't worry about me-ow-I'll find another way."
  • "Henry? You there? Man...that roughed me up. Got him though. Gotta be another escape pod around here somewhere. We did it though. We got 'em. Pretty good plan. You could say it was the greatest-"


See Charles Calvin/Gallery.


Charles' death in Valiant Hero upset a lot of players of the game, such as Markiplier. This route is often considered to be one of the saddest endings in the series.

  • Charles is the most popular character in the series, due to his comical plans to crash his helicopter and his likeable personality. As such, the majority of YouTubers who played Completing the Mission (e.g. Markiplier) thought his death in the "Valiant Hero" route was emotional, despite Charles surviving in all the other endings.
  • Compared to both Henry and Ellie whose morality are dependent on the players' choice, Charles is the only one in the main trio who's outright noble and heroic from the get-go. As such, Charles will only help out Henry in routes where he aligns with the Government.
  • Charles' role is to support Henry from a safe distance in his helicopter while the latter risks his life infiltrating enemy territory, providing intel on the layout, hacking, transportation, "cover fire" and gadgets that Henry can use.
  • Alongside Henry, Charles is just as susceptible to all manner of misfortune and comical deaths whenever he's trying to assist him.
  • Despite being an Ace Pilot, the fails that involve him are pretty much the result of him screwing up the task assigned to him.
  • Whenever Charles tries to gun someone down, he winds up killing Henry by accident, as shown if he chooses to use a Gatling gun on Wilhelm Krieghaus in Infiltrating the Airship or tries to snipe Sten Villo in Fleeing the Complex. This also occurs in one of his paths in Completing the Mission. Charles has the option to use an IR sniper, and even claims that there's a zero chance of him hitting Henry. He was actually aiming straight at Sven, but loses control of the helicopter without getting a shot off.
  • Charles is the man who gave Henry an official pardon signed by president Jefferson Smithsonian in the "Relentless Bounty Hunter" ending.
  • Special BROvert Ops and Valiant Hero are the only pathways where Charles has his shoes present.
  • In Infiltrating the Airship (the flash version), Charles piloted a UH-1 Iroquois, but starting with the flash version of Fleeing the Complex, Charles pilots a UH-60 Black Hawk.
  • Charles only befriends Henry in Government Supported Private Investigator and Relentless Bounty Hunter though he only helps Henry in: Special BROvert Ops, Triple Threat and Valiant Hero. And plays a minor role in Master Bounty Hunter and Cleaned 'em Out.
    • In the remaster, ItA also features the UH-60 Black Hawk as opposed to the Bell UH-1 Iroquois.
  • Charles dies in one ending; Valiant Hero in Completing the Mission.
  • In Completing the Mission, the Toppat King storyline pays homage to Charles with an option for Henry to crash a government-owned helicopter Charles-wise in an attempt to save Reginald Copperbottom, leading to a fail. The Toppat Clan member Burt Curtis, who appears in several paths in Completing The Mission, wears a Dark Orange headset which resembles Charles' headset, another homage to Charles.
  • Charles is referenced on the steam page for the Henry Stickmin Collection in the text that reads "Each step of the journey has you choose from options such as a Teleporter or calling in your buddy Charles to help you out.".
  • Charles' last name came from some fan-fiction made by someone on Discord.[1]
  • In the same stream, Puffballs had also mentioned that Charles as well as Sven Svensson and many other characters in the Henry Stickmin Series were all 6 feet (the same height as Henry).


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