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Cleaned 'em Out is one of sixteen endings in Completing the Mission. This pathway is selected when choosing "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "Ghost Inmate" as the endings of the previous two games.


After his escape from The Wall, Henry has entered his house, and while playing video games, listens to the messages on his Government Comms Device (which he received from Charles). One message is from Captain H. J. Canterbury, who informs government personnel that the last remnants of the Toppat Clan are gathering all their resources in the Dogobogo Jungle, from where they plan to launch a Space Station.

Henry's interest is piqued after receiving intel that a vast amount of stolen valuables are in possession of the Toppat Clan. Henry then makes his way to the Toppat Train, which is ready to depart for the Launch Site. Henry can:

  • Toppat Box (fail): Recycling his tactic from "Breaking the Bank", Henry hides in a box and hopes the Toppats will load it onto the train. Unfortunately, Thomas Chipz and Filbert Philbert who notice him are too lazy to do so and the train departs. Message: Never underestimate laziness.
  • Prop (fail): Henry disguises himself as a bush and walks to the train, but Chipz and Philbert get suspicious and set the bush on fire to see if it's real. Henry makes a muffled scream as he and the bush get burned into ashes. Message: Well, fire IS the best way to test for fake props.
  • Magic Hat: Henry climbs into a Magician's hat, and emerges from another hat on the train.

When Henry hears someone approach, he runs into the next car, which is filled with Toppat members. Henry can:

  • Mannequin (fail): Henry freezes and pretends to be a mannequin. Thomas Chipz picks him up and plays around with him, and while doing so sticks Henry's head out the window, where it gets smashed off his body. Message: Press F to Pay Respects [1]
  • Sit (fail): Henry sits between Stanley Grass and Jim Pulp without being suspected, although Jim warns him the seat is taken. When the actual owner of the seat returns, Henry begins to sweat profusely. Message: Stowaways? On MY train? It's more likely than you think.
  • Window: Henry hops out the window, onto the train's roof.

The train approaches a tunnel. Henry can:

  • Timeout (fail): If no option is chosen, Henry smashes against the top of the tunnel. Message: Last stop, brick wall.
  • Pinchers (fail): A pincher from Rollercoaster Tycoon picks Henry off the train, and drops him in the river, where he drowns. Message: That's really gonna affect your rating...
  • Window (fail): Henry tries to get back into the train, but the window has now been shut and he smashes against it. Message: The window of opportunity has passed.
  • Free Transform: Henry uses Adobe Photoshop Tools to shrink himself in size. Once the train reaches the other end of the tunnel, Henry restores his normal size.

Once the train stops, Henry hides in a cooler and is taken onto the rocket. There, he can rob the place blind with:

  • Infini3 (fail): Henry attempts to load the loot into the Infini3, but loading one item causes it to be full (despite the instruction manual touting virtually infinite storage). The cube begins to vacate room for more objects, but an entire ship that was inside was released in the process as it pierced through the rocket. Message: This is why you don't buy things used.
  • Leafmöde (fail): Henry is about to use the Leafmöde on a painting, but he accidentally drops it onto the rocket's floor. The entire rocket, including Henry, is thus turned into a leaf. Message: Picking them all up at once? Good thinking!
  • SuccPak: Henry uses the SuccPak to vacuum up everything inside the rocket.

With the rocket cleaned out, Henry hops into a car and leaves. The following day, Sven Svensson leads the Toppats into the rocket, only to find out it is empty. Henry returns home with his loot leaving the fate of the Toppat Clan unknown.


Italics indicate they only appear in this ending. Underlined means they only appear in fails.


  • This ending happens 1-2 days after Fleeing the Complex, and concludes a day later.
  • This is the only GSPI-chosen pathway that does not feature Charles, despite him being an ally to Henry.
    • However, his name is mentioned on a note on Henry's Government Comms Device, which he gives for Henry.
    • Additionally, this is the only GSPI-chosen pathway which sees Henry committing a criminal act but against the clan instead of his usual criminal act.
  • This is the only GSPI-Chosen pathway that does not result in the Toppat Clan being made defunct. Instead, it leaves them with an uncertain fate.
  • The car Henry uses in the ending resembles a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.
  • Cleaned 'em Out is one of the only two ranks with lowercase letters in the achievement name, along with Intruder on a Scooter.
  • The Pinchers is a reference to Rollercoaster Tycoon, where you can pick up guests or park employees and drop them in water, causing them to drown. This is what happened to Henry during the fail.
  • Several reference items can be seen during the ending screen.
    • The Golden Frying Pan (Or Australium) from Team Fortress 2 is seen next to the fossil from Animal Crossing.
    • The Stone Mask from Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure Phantom Blood can be seen next to the third painting at the bottom. Above that is the Stone Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
    • A Diamond Helmet from Minecraft can be seen next to the third painting above. A diamond block can also be seen during the Leafmöde option.
    • The N64 cartridge of Conker's Bad Fur Day and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme can be seen above the Achievements button.
    • A Super Star from the Mario series.
    • A statue of a player from the cancelled InnerSloth game Deitied.
    • A Golden Turd from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.
    • A Fossil from Animal Crossing New Horizons.
  • This is one of the two endings with 2 Among Us stuffies. The other one is Valiant Hero, although, Tan, one of the stuffies, is not collectable and not required to get the Assemble the Crew achievement.
  • The Henry Stickmin amiibo and Funko Pop can be seen behind Henry in the ending screen.
  • This is the only path in CtM where Henry does not get detected.
  • The first message that Henry intercepts on the Goernment Comms Device is someone advertising a 10th prestige lobby, a type of hacked lobby where players could instantly get to maxed level, most popular in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
"Code12 Broadcast"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme.
Elation Ending theme.


  1. Pressing the "F" key on the keyboard or clicking the "F" in will net to "Respects" achievement.
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