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Convict Allies is one of the five endings to the game Fleeing the Complex.

It involves Henry Stickmin partnering with Ellie Rose and attempting to escape The Wall.


Locating a hatch on the ceiling of the transfer cell, Henry manages to catch Ellie's attention and gets her to boost him up. Bouncing from Ellie, Henry latches his cuffed hands to a pipe and uses his feet to open the hatch and move inside. He then uses a rock to free himself from the cuffs, before deciding where to go from the vent:

Moving their way into the storage room, they spot Isaac Binderson and Heath Stone chatting with each other. Since they block the only way out of the storage room, the escapee duo must find a way to remove them from the scene.

  • [X] Distract - Henry begins dancing to provide a distraction for Ellie. Isaac finds the dance and the accompanying music catchy and soon joins Henry in on the dance. Heath, excited with the commotion, begins dancing as well. Ellie also joins. The convicts and the guards are too engaged in the act, preventing Henry and Ellie from fleeing. (Message: I... Wh... I just.. Whaat.)
  • [X] Bounce Bros - Henry throws Ellie into the air, but he fails to jump in time, causing Ellie to land on him and knock them both out. (Message: Did you really need to be so extravagant?)
  • [X] Tall Guy - With Ellie as the base, Henry attempts to intimidate Heath and Isaac into letting them pass. However, both of the guards grow suspicious of the tall guy and draw their weapons at him. (Message: I don't see how being taller was supposed to help there.)
  • Synchronized Takedown - Henry and Ellie strangle and knock out Heath and Isaac at the same time.

Now safe to move out of storage, they find a room at the end of the cell block with another hatch on its ceiling. Ellie determines that if she can find a way to transport Henry to the roof of the room, he can breach in and open the door.

  • [X] Judo Throw - Ellie attempts to throw Henry onto the rooftop, but he ends up splatting against the wall of the room. (Message: That's about the teamwork I expected.)
  • [X] GraviToR v2.0 - Ellie uses the device to encapsulate Henry in a gravity-defying bubble. However, once reaching the level of the rooftop, Ellie forgets to reset the gravity back to normal, and Henry ends up flying sideways. (Message: Newton's 6th Law. Use the gravity knob to reset gravity to the default setting.)
  • The Force - Using Force Choke, Ellie moves Henry to the rooftop.

Henry is able to breach into the room from the hatch and opens the door to the room-- however, he also ends up opening every single cell door in The Wall, freeing every convict from confinement and causing an outbreak. Ellie redirects Henry to a neighboring hallway, where three Wall guards (Melvin Poolridge, Joe Joshin and Ace Apex) chasing loose convicts hold the two at gunpoint.

  • [X] Grenade + Taser - Ellie zaps the grenade thrown by Henry, which violently explodes, killing them and the guards. (Message: Electricity + Grenade = Crazy Explosion apparently.)
  • [X] Grenade + Crossbow - Ellie shoots her crossbow into Henry's grenade, and it sticks to Ace's face. Realizing that his time is limited, Ace throws himself on the escapee duo as a kamikaze attack. (Message: If he goes down he's taking you with him!)
  • [X] Sniper Rifle + Crossbow - Henry jumps, rotates 720 degrees in the air, and accidentally kills Ellie while attempting to snipe the guards. (Message: > Let's see that in an instant replay < (Sound Warning))[1]
  • Sniper Rifle + Taser - Ellie shoots Henry with the taser, jolting his movements which cause him to quickly snipe down the three Wall guards.

The two locate an elevator further down the hallway. Ellie manages to recover two caps from the guards, and suggests to Henry that they use them. Inside the elevator are two other Wall guards, Darek Gorulik and Colby Phelps, on the lookout for escaped convicts. The escapee duo must find a way to bypass them:

  • [X] Blend In - Wearing the caps, Henry and Ellie pose as Wall guards as they enter the elevator. Colby, unfamiliar to their presence, questions them on their place of origin. When Ellie responds with the 8th floor, Colby begins to doubt their legitimacy as Wall guards, eventually deducing the 8th floor to the cafeteria and determining the two to be Wall inmates, holding them at gunpoint. (Message: What is that guy a detective or something?)
  • [X] Pass By - Wearing the caps, Henry and Ellie move past the elevator to another elevator. This other elevator contains a group of loose convicts who do not recognize the two as fellow inmates, but as Wall guards. Spotting an opportunity, the convict group attacks Henry and Ellie. (Message: Looks like they bought your disguises.)
  • Toss - The two toss the caps past the elevator, catching the guard's attention. They investigate and thus discover the escaped convicts in the second elevator. With the guards and convicts busy fighting each other, Henry and Ellie bypassed them with ease.

At the surface, the riot is even worse, with multiple inmates and guards dying and fighting; and a Chaos Containment employee hiding. During the chaos, Grigori Olyat moves in to arrest Ellie. She calls out for Henry for help.

  • [X] Adrenaline - Henry injects himself with adrenaline, and dashes to grab Ellie. However, he grabs Grigori instead, who knocks him out. (Message: I guess they do look pretty similar. I see how you could get them mixed up...)
  • [X] The KNEE - Henry dash-dances, hops, then executes his forward-aerial attack to hit Grigori. However, the attack hits and kills both as they scream while Henry nervously smiles. (Message: Whoa whoa whoa! You can't go mixing fighting game references like that!)
  • Make a Face - Henry makes a weird face to confuse and distract Grigori, who remains in place briefly before a speeding Humvee rams him.

With Ellie free from Grigori's grasp, the two then attempt to locate an area or object which would allow them to escape from the complex:[2]

  • [X] Hole in the Fence - Persuaded by Sean S.E. Lemming, Henry runs into the opening, and off the cliff. Ellie, upon seeing Henry fall, stops in her tracks, but is pushed into the hole by another convict and falls off the cliff, with all of them presumably killed by the icy waters of Canada. (Message: Looks like you needed one of these [Traffic-directing Stickman])
  • [X] Truck - Henry and Ellie board a truck with fellow convicts. When Peter Waylands closes the door of the truck's rear, everyone realized that it has no driver. (Message: Didn't your mother tell you not to get into vans with strangers? I guess this is a truck.)
  • Motorcycle - Henry hitches on the mode of transportation, only to be tackled by The Warden, who is furious about the inmate outbreak happening on the day of Henry's arrival to the complex, breaking the warden's 50-year pristine record of iron security. Ellie grabs a stop sign and knocks out Dimitri before he can kill Henry.

With their obstacles clear, the allies flee from the complex on the motorcycle by jumping over the wall.


Convict Allies can be combined with Government Supported Private Investigator to get Triple Threat, Relentless Bounty Hunter to get Capital Gains, Rapidly Promoted Executive to get Toppat King, and Pure Blooded Thief to get Pardoned Pals and Toppat Recruits.


Italics indicate they only appear in this ending.

Underlined indicate they only appear in fails in this ending.


  • This ending has the most people that only appeared once.
  • Convict Allies has the most endings associated with any FtC route in Completing the Mission, with five.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Troika"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Fleeing the Complex.
🎧 "Dance Mr. Funnybones"
PuffballsUnited Played During the Distract fail.
🎧 "Onslaught"
GaloFrito Played during the "xXn00bslayerXx" easter egg in the Flash version.
🎧 🎧 "360 No Hope"
Zanzlanz Played during the "xXn00bslayerXx" easter egg in The Henry Stickmin Collection version.
🎧 "Forgotten Aura"
ZeRo-BaSs Ending theme for the route in the Flash version.
🎧 "Red Headed Outlaw"
Ockeroid Ending theme for the route in The Henry Stickmin Collection version. Shares ending theme with "Capital Gains" in Completing the Mission.


  1. Clicking on the fail message will lead to the "xXn00bslayerXx" achievement.
  2. Waldorf can be found on this choice screen. Clicking on him will lead to the "Waldorf" achievement.
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