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Flash 415482

Crossing the Pit

Unique fails 8
Endings 0
Release Date December 16, 2007
The Bridge

Crossing the Pit is a movie/game created by PuffballsUnited, serving as a prototype for the Henry Stickmin series. It was uploaded onto Newgrounds on December 16, 2007.

The game is not a part of the Henry Stickmin series, and thus is not part of The Henry Stickmin Collection. However, one route of Completing the Mission contains a full recreation of Crossing the Pit's eight options.


The game is about a stick figure (retroactively known as Henry Stickmin) trying to cross a pit. He can leap, teleport to progress further, be shot out of a cannon, take off with use of a rocket, place a bridge, launch himself off via pole vault, add a ramp to cross by use of a car or be tossed by the means of a catapult. All of these choices result in failure, the reason why this game has no endings.


The choices are as following. All of them lead to a fail:

  • [X] Leap: The figure tries to jump to the other side, but instead hit his head on the sharp edge and falls off.
  • [X] Pole Vault: The figure tries to use a pole vault to get to the other side, but instead tosses himself into the pit.
  • [X] Catapult: The figure uses a catapult, but it throws him into the pit instead of over it.
  • [X] Ramp: The figure drives a car onto a ramp and actually reaches the other side. It may look like a success, but it's not, because the car suddenly falls into the pit right after the figure wakes up and tries to run.
  • [X] Rocket: The figure lights the fuse of a rocket, riding it and simply crashing into a side of the pit.
  • [X] Bridge: The figure puts a thin bridge between the pit, but due to his weight the bridge breaks and falls into the pit.
  • [X] Cannon: The figure tries to use a cannon to launch him to the other side, but instead does not apply any true propulsion and burns him to an ash.
  • [X] Teleporter: The figure uses a Teleporter attempting to get themselves to the other side, but instead teleport into the pit to fall into it.

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  • PuffballsUnited confirmed that this game is not a part of the Henry Stickmin series, and thus is not part of The Henry Stickmin Collection.
    • However, Crossing the Pit gets referenced in the Jewel Baron route in Completing the Mission, when Henry Stickmin has to cross the Gravity Pit. Henry will have to choose one of the 8 original options to cross the pit, and unlike Crossing the Pit where the Teleporter results in a fail, in Completing the Mission, the Teleporter results in a success.
  • All of Henry's voice clips in the prototype games/movies are soundbytes taken directly from the game Worms, one of Puffballs's favourite games.
  • In the legacy version of Breaking the Bank, PuffballsUnited's author comments contains the line "This movie is done in a similar style to my first video: "Crossing the Pit". This time, the guy tries to break into a bank." Thus, the protagonist of Crossing the Pit is retroactively established to be Henry Stickmin.
  • The Teleporter from this game would go on to become a running gag in the Henry Stickmin series, always resulting in a failure with the notable exceptions of Stealing the Diamond (Unseen Burglar route) and Completing the Mission (Jewel Baron route).
  • The fails of the Gravity Pit of Completing the Mission are the same of Crossing the Pit, with three notable exceptions:
    • The bridge in this game breaks and falls due to Henry's weight, while in Completing the Mission, the bridge is too short for the pit and falls into it.
    • The pole vault: in this game, Henry flings himself right into the pit, while in Completing the Mission, Henry uses the pole vault and it flings him into the top just for Henry to come back down, hit his head and fall into the pit.
    • The teleporter is a fail in this game, while in Completing the Mission, Henry refuses to use the teleporter at all. Instead he breaks it, which inadvertently turns out to be the correct choice.
  • When Henry destroys the teleporter in Completing the Mission, he is teleported through several places, one of them being the pit of this game. Henry even looks like his original design in that moment.
  • Since all of these choices lead to a fail, this game has been declared unplayable.