Henry Stickmin Wiki

The Dance-Off is an option that can be chosen in the Master Bounty Hunter path. It is represented by the upper half of someone doing a dance where that person bobs his head forwards and pulls his arms back and then vice versa in two loops of the pattern.

As a running gag, the option is available in every choice screen throughout this path, but it always results in a fail where Henry Stickmin gets killed before he can commence the dance-off. It would probably fail anyway due to no progress being made in the level.

The fail screen also gets increasingly more annoyed as the player keeps trying to use the dance-off.


  • During the first set of options, Henry will try to start a dance-off against Kayn West, but instead he will get shot almost immediately.
  • During the second set of options, Henry will start a dance-off against the Right Hand Man, but will get shot down again by a grey pistol he is holding in his hand.
  • During the third set of options, Henry will start a dance-off against the Right Hand Man again, but will get punched and dies on impact. Henry then falls on his knees.
  • During the fourth set of options, Henry will start a dance-off against a group of Toppat Clan Members surrounding him, but as he begins, a tank gets thrown towards him, knocking Antonidas backward and crushing Henry (and the unconscious Right Hand Man inadvertently).

Fail Message

  • First time: "Do not."
  • Second time: "Cease."
  • Third time: "No."
  • Fourth time: "STOP IT!!!!!!"


  • The dance that Henry does before something kills him is the widely-memed dance, Donald Faison's dance from Scrubs, which is also the Default Dance from Fortnite.
    • In fact, the music played during it is based off of "Emote: Dance Moves".
  • It is the only option that appears in every choice screen in its respective path.
    • It is one of three options, alongside Teleporter and Charles (option), that appears more than one time. Notably, all three options usually lead to fails, though Dance-Off is the only one to always lead to fails.
  • The music that plays when you hover over the option is from the Dig2China OST, another game by Innersloth.