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What? Yeah yeah, of course I've checked it! I mean, if I didn't check it, I would lose my job, I don't wanna lose my job!
― Dave to Rupert[src]

Dave Panpa is a major character in the Henry Stickmin series. He is a former member of the Police, who later got fired and became a security guard at the National Museum of History and Culture.

He is also a catalyst of the series, as he was the one who brought the package sent by Ellias Bahtchin to Henry without thinking it through.

Dave is eager to do the best job he possibly can, but being rather negligent, his efforts often backfire. He was fired from his job as a police officer and had to move to be a security guard. Later on, he was imprisoned by the Toppat Clan.


  • Escaping the Prison: He's new to the force and eager to do a good job!
  • Stealing the Diamond: He was fired from his previous job for poor negligence. He bounced back quickly though and found a new job as a security guard.
  • Infiltrating the Airship: For one reason or another he's been captured by the Toppat Clan and now sits in their brig.
  • Completing the Mission: He's spent a long time in a Toppat cell. His life will probably never be the same.


He was a police officer and the final antagonist of Breaking the Bank, and one of the two central antagonists in Escaping the Prison, but later appeared as a security guard and a supporting antagonist in Stealing the Diamond due to getting fired as a result of Henry's escape. He's a prisoner of the Toppats and a recurring minor character in Infiltrating the Airship and a major character in Completing the Mission.

In the legacy version of Breaking the Bank, he appears as a major antagonist towards the end of the game during the credits, but is absent otherwise. In Escaping the Prison, he appears as a major antagonist in almost every pathway and the tertiary antagonist of the “Sneaky Escapist” pathway. In Stealing the Diamond, he appears as a major antagonist in “Just Plain Epic”, can be seen on the startup screen if the player chooses to start playing Stealing the Diamond. In Infiltrating the Airship, he appears as a major character in “Pure Blooded Thief” (if you have the key to The Brig), and a minor character in “Relentless Bounty Hunter”/“Rapidly Promoted Executive”. In Completing the Mission, he appears as the tritagonist of “Toppat Civil Warfare” and “Multiverse Correction”.

Breaking the Bank

At some point prior to Henry's arrest after his failure to rob the bank, Dave was newly hired as a police officer at the West Mesa Penitentiary. One of his most important jobs was to check packages that were delivered to the prisoners for anything important. He was eager to do his best job while on the force. He was partnered up with Rupert Price, another officer at the penitentiary.

Dave only appears in the credits of the legacy version of Breaking the Bank, where he is the police officer seen pushing Henry into his cell after his arrest. This scene, along with the entire credit sequence, was removed in the remastered version of the game.

Escaping the Prison

After Henry's arrest, a mysterious package interdimensionally appeared out of nowhere at the prison (due to Ellias Bahtchin fixing the multiverse anomaly a year later). Dave found the box and told Rupert it was for Henry. His job was to check the package for anything useful, though he neglected his duties. Dave went upstairs with Rupert to Henry's cell to give him the package. Rupert, standing next to Dave, told Henry he was "free to go". After Henry became excited, Rupert laughed and said, "Not really. But you got a package." Rupert kicked the package into Henry's cell, and he told Henry not to get his hopes up about what was inside it because Dave already checked it for anything he could use, to which Dave confirms rather nervously. The cake inside the package did in fact contain several useful items that Henry used to escape.

Henry's Options

These are the variations of the situation that Dave is in, depending on what the player makes Henry do.

  • If Henry pulls the NrG Drink out of the cake that is inside the package, his heartbeat starts increasing, and in a few seconds he finds that he has super speed and super strength, making him thousands of times stronger and faster than any man. Henry pushes on one of the metal bars keeping him in his cell and escapes. As he walks down the hallway, he runs into Dave and Rupert, who are walking around smiling. Since he is thousands of mph faster than them, they don't see him; in fact they appear to be standing still to him. To get even for the joke Rupert played on himself, he picks up Rupert by the torso and takes him away from Dave, proceeding to place his whole body in a nearby trash can. Henry walks away about fifty thousand fractions of a second before Dave has time to react to Rupert's mysterious misplacement.
  • If Henry pulls the file out of the cake, he uses it on one of the bars keeping him in and takes it out with him. Rupert hears him and comes for him, trying to attack him. if Henry reacts quick enough, he knocks out Rupert. Dave hears this, and comes after Henry with a taser.
    • If Henry doesn't hear and react quickly, Dave tases Henry, and he falls to the floor, knocked out in front of Dave.
    • If he DOES react quickly, Henry knocks out Dave with the metal bar. He proceeds to escape the penitentiary.

After Henry's escape from West Mesa, the officers at the prison realized there was a cake inside Henry's mysterious package, with something in it that allowed Henry to escape (either the file, the drill or the cellphone). As a result, Dave was fired for negligence.

Dave later worked as a Security Guard for the town museum, not realizing that, unluckily, that is where Henry went next.

Stealing the Diamond

When Dave was hired, he was partnered up with Kurt Dietrich. Kurt was rather unhappy as he already hated the job and had to endure all the nonsense from Dave. They guard the WWII section of the museum.

In the night that Henry infiltrated the museum, Dave decided to ramble again, with Kurt attempting to ignore his entire speech.

If Henry chooses to sneak in with a pick (Just Plain Epic route), he will overhear the conversation, where Dave said, "Yeah, so apparently, there was something in that cake, and he used it to escape, and then I got fired. Pretty lame huh?" An angry Kurt then demands Dave to stop.

Henry's Options

  • If Henry lays there on the rubble, doing absolutely nothing except for listening to the conversation, Dave scolds Kurt's rudeness and claims that he only wants to start a conversation and get along with him. Eventually, Dave starts to feel a little cold, and asks Kurt if he feels a draft in that room. Kurt turns around, sees Henry laying there, and yells, "Hey!", proceeding to aim his gun at Henry.
  • If Henry grabs a fake WWII Sten SMG from the display case next to him, he hops up and aims it at Kurt and Dave, getting ready to shoot both guards, effectively getting them out of his way. But after Henry pulls the trigger, he realized that it was a prop. Kurt pulls out his gun and aims at Henry.
  • If Henry picks up the model of a WWII bomb, he decides to throw it assuming it will knock out at least Kurt, but it hits Dave's foot, and he yells in pain. Kurt then kills Henry.
  • If Henry decides to throw the model of a WWII biplane, it directly hits Kurt in the head, knocking him out. Dave loses his composure and attempts to warn someone, but knocks himself out after crashing into a pillar and Henry passes both guards unopposed.

Infiltrating the Airship

Dave somehow got captured by the Toppat Clan, an organization of criminals. They then took him into their Airship and locked him into a cell next to the vault area. A key that opens his cell was left next to the Toppat computer.

During the "Pure Blooded Thief" pathway, Henry has the option to pick it up. If he does, he then frees him. Dave flees and manages to get inside the vault. He falls from the ceiling, but survives and runs away, dropping a flashdrive that is important to the Biggol Sword achievement.

If Henry never frees Dave, then uses the Power Glove, Dave will laugh at him before the fail screen shows up.

The airship later crashes because Henry stole the Romanian Ruby from the vault. This leads to huge chaos in which many Toppat members and (possibly) prisoners are killed.

Dave also appears briefly in Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive, in the brig as Henry chases Reginald Copperbottom and ducks when Henry uses Rocket Jump.

In any other ending, Dave remains locked in his cell, and his ultimate fate is unknown, but PuffballsUnited confirmed that Dave lived.

Completing the Mission

In the "TCW" route, Dave is a semi-major character. He is still locked in his cell (as it continues from "Rapidly Promoted Executive").

When Henry's leadership is denounced for abandoning Ellie Rose in The Wall, Geoffrey Plumb and Thomas Chestershire, the only Toppats that still support Henry, are locked up in the brig along with Dave. Once Henry makes his way to the brig, he asks Dave to help him overpower Floyd Winters. While Dave is easily defeated, he buys Henry enough time to knock out Floyd. Dave then reluctantly joins Henry's faction of the Toppat clan and they escape into the desert.

Dave also appears in the secret ending "Multiverse Correction," delivering a package to Henry.


Escaping the Prison

  • "What? Yeah yeah, of course I've checked it! I mean, if I didn't check it, I would lose my job, I don't wanna lose my job!"
  • "Ha!" - Dave when he tasered Henry.
  • "Hing!" - Dave's unused line when Henry hit him with the iron bar.

Stealing the Diamond

  • "Yeah so, apparently there was something in that cake, and he used it to escape, and then I got fired, pretty lame, huh."
  • "Oh. [Laughs]. I was just trying to have conversation. You know? Since, I mean, we're partners so... ...I just-just wanted to... ...Get-get to know each other a little bit. You know? I just kind of wanted have a conversation. Just, you know, just to lighten things up I mean... ...What's gonna happen in a museum? I mean really. Do you feel a draft at all?"
  • "Uhhh..... I gotta warn some--!"

Infiltrating the Airship

  • "You think you could... let me outta here?"
  • "Oh, thank you!"
  • "Woah..."
  • "Hahaha" Dave laughing after Henry used the Retroglove (Remastered only)

Completing the Mission

  • "Me?"
  • "Come on Dave, you've got this."
  • "Good... good team work."
  • "Kinda... tight in here..."
  • "Oh, a package, huh?"
  • "Yup."
  • "Hey, I got a package here for someone named Henry."


  • Out of all the supporting characters, Dave arguably has the most impact on the plot overall, due to his role in giving Henry his package without inspecting it, thus kickstarting the events of Escaping the Prison, and leading to the rest of the series.
  • Dave is portrayed as StD's main antagonist in its startup animation, despite appearing in only one pathway.
  • According to Puffballs United, Dave was originally going to make an appearance in Fleeing the Complex, however "there was no reason for him to be there."
    • He also said that his last name was made-up by a user from the Henry Stickmin Wiki.
  • For a while, many fans speculated that Dave was the unnamed police officer at the end of the legacy version of Breaking the Bank. It turns out that this was true. This was confirmed by PuffballsUnited on his Twitch streaming of The Henry Stickmin Collection Developer Commentary Part 1, as Puffballs responded to the question with "I don't know. Dave."
  • He and Rupert Price have appeared in more episodes than all the main characters other than Henry.
  • His damaged Security hat in Completing the Mission is available as a hat in another Innersloth game, Among Us.
  • It is unknown why he still wears his security hat after being captured by the Toppats.



Breaking the Bank

Escaping the Prison

Stealing the Diamond

Infiltrating the Airship

Completing the Mission

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