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Derbert Daniels is a member of the Toppat Clan and a minor antagonist, who appears in Infiltrating the Airship.

He appears as a minor antagonist in "Government Supported Private Investigator", an unseen minor antagonist in "Relentless Bounty Hunter" and a minor character in "Rapidly Promoted Executive".


He's been hooked on the hot new mobile game called Between Us 2.



Derbert Daniels wears a torn grey top hat which the top of the hat is opened (making it look like an opened metal can).

However in the remastered version, his hat is not torn and has a dark grey stripe going around his hat. The color of his shoes are not shown.

Infiltrating the Airship

Derbert can be seen during the "Government Supported Private Investigator" pathway, where he is in the boardroom of the Airship, discussing new weapons for the clan with other Toppats. Unlike the others, he is busy playing the mobile game Between Us 2 and doesn't really pay attention to the meeting.

Derbert also pops up during the credits of "Rapidly Promoted Executive" where he is in the same boardroom, this time with Henry Stickmin as the Leader of the Toppats with his right hand man Reginald Copperbottom at his side with the latter discussing plans. Here it is unknown if Derbert is playing Between Us 2 as he is mostly out of frame.


  • In the original flash version of ItA, the top of his hat is opened, similarly to Poppedtop. This was changed to be a regular closed top hat with a gray stripe in the remastered version.
  • The game "Between Us 2" is a parody of "Among Us 2" (Among Us 1 's sequel) (which is also created by Innersloth), which unfortunately got cancelled.
  • He is shown in the remaster to not have any shoes, this is most likely because the developer forgot to draw them in.
  • Though his bio claims that "He's been hooked on the hot new mobile game called Between Us 2". He is shown in one scene to be texting an unknown person (Most likely a different unknown Toppat clan member.)