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The Disguising Bag is a yellow sack with a black dollar symbol and a red tie. It is an option in both Breaking the Bank and Escaping the Prison, during the trial in the latter.

Breaking the Bank

Henry ties himself in the bag and sits by the road. An armored truck comes by and the guards, Winston Davis and Ted McAdams driving it pick him up and throw him in the back. When they get to the bank, Henry is thrown into the vault. He gets out, but stands up straight into a security laser. Henry is caught by a security guard and thrown into the West Mesa Penitentiary.


Original (2008)

Ted: Huh? How did we lose one?

Winston: I think we should throw it in the back, Just to be safe?

[Henry gets thrown in the truck]

[The truck enters the bank]

[The bag (With Henry inside) gets thrown in the vault]

[Henry comes out of the bag]

Henry (After getting into the bank): Yeah!

[Henry touches red laser with his arm, triggering the alarm.]

Henry: What?

Security Guard: Freeze!

Security Guard: Don't move! Put your hands in the air!

Henry: mmmh...!!

Remake (2018-2020)

Ted: Huh? How did we lose one?

Winston: I think we should throw it in the back... Just to be safe?

[Chad picks his nose]

Chad: You ever... wonder why there's a bank out there?

Philly: Well... I think it's supposed to be like more of a vault, you know?

Chad: Ohhh, that makes sense!

[The gate opens]

[The truck enters the bank]

[The gate closes]

[The bag gets thrown in the vault]

[Henry comes out of the bag]

[Henry accidentally triggers the alarm.]

Security Guard: Freeze!

Security Guard: Don't move!

Escaping the Prison

During Henry's trial, Felix White has the option to present the bag as evidence. When done so, Phoenix reveals that the bag is tied from the outside, so Winston had thrown him into the bag. Hubert Brown, the judge of the trial, is convinced that it's impossible to tie the knot from the inside (which Henry actually did) and he claims Henry not guilty, and sentences Winston to jail for kidnapping and framing.

Transcript (EtP)

Felix: Take that!

Judge: Is... Is that the bag the defendant hid in?

Felix: Yes, but there's one thing that's been bothering me. If the defendant was really hiding in the bag, then... How did he tie the knot from the outside of the bag!?

VonBraun: What?

Felix: If he was inside the bag it'd be impossible for him to tie the knot from the outside!

Judge: But then, how did he do it?

Felix: It's simple... He didn't.

VonBraun: Hwah?! What are you saying?

Felix: I'm saying my client wasn't hiding in that bag at all. He was stuffed in there! By this very witness!

Winston: Whaaa?

Felix: As you can see by this doctor's analysis the defendant had taken quite the beating. While he was in the bag, he was unconscious!

VonBraun: Th-this is absurd!

Felix: The witness was attempting to dispose of the body. He left the defendant in the bag, knowing he'd drive by it on the way back to the bank. When the witness and his partner passed the bag he convinced his partner to throw the bag in with the others.

Judge: But... But why would he do that?

Felix: Why, to dispose of the body of course. There are millions of bags of money in that bank and the witness knew it would take a long time before the victim was found. But unfortunately for the witness... The victim woke up and tried to escape from his tomb. He was arrested on the spot and the witness thought everything was over. But it's come back to haunt him now!

Winston: You guys can't- [Flustered stuttering] This can't be happening to meeeeeee!

Judge: Well, that certainly was an interesting trial, however, I am now ready to deliver my verdict. I find the defendant, Henry Stickmin...

Not Guilty.


  • The knot was tied on the outside of the bag, which would be later be used in Escaping the Prison.
  • PuffballsUnited was asked how Henry tied the knot, of which Puffballs answered in a voice similar to Right Hand Man's voice with "You'll never know."


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