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Outcome Failure

Distract is an option in Fleeing the Complex, in the Convict Allies route. Henry Stickmin, upon climbing the vent with Ellie Rose, reaches the storage room where they have to get past guards Isaac Binderson and Heath Stone.

If the option is selected, Henry begins dancing while the track "Dance Mr. Funnybones" plays, disrupting the guards' conversation. Initially hostile, Isaac quickly joins in on the act, followed by Heath. Ellie, who was hiding behind a box and watching, shrugs and decides to join the dance.

This option results in a fail, due to no progress being made in the level, and the fail screen displays a message of confusion at what just happened.

Fail Message

"I... Wh... I just... Whaat."


Since the release of The Henry Stickmin Collection, this option became an exploitable internet meme, as a "bait-and-switch", usually accompanied by the phrase "you have been distracted". It has been compared to the Rick Roll, Get Stick Bugged and other Lol bait-and-switch memes.

In the developer commentary for The Henry Stickmin Collection, one of the questions that PuffballsUnited got asked was what he thought of this option becoming a meme. He responded that he didn't like the fact it was such a basic bait-and-switch meme.



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