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Distract (colloquially known as the Distraction Dance) is an option in Fleeing the Complex, appearing in the Convict Allies route. It is available to the player when Henry Stickmin, upon climbing the vent with Ellie Rose, reaches the storage room where they have to get past guards Isaac Binderson and Heath Stone.

If the option is selected, Henry begins dancing while the track "Dance Mr. Funnybones" plays, disrupting the guards' conversation. Initially hostile, Isaac becomes amused and quickly joins in on the act, followed by Heath. Ellie then also joins. The convicts are too engaged to even escape, leading to a fail.

Fail Message

I... Wh... I just... Whaat.


  • Henry and some Toppat members can be seen doing this dance in the option Diversion in Completing the Mission during the pathway Triple Threat.
  • The dance itself is based on something PuffballsUnited did while playing ping-pong with his roommates to annoy them really hard as he thought it was funny.
  • This option has become a popular a trolling/bait and switch meme, much to the dismay of PuffballsUnited, who hoped it would have been used in more creative ways.
  • On October 5th, 2015, a .swf file of Henry doing the dance was posted by PuffballsUnited on Newgrounds, one month and seven days before the release of Fleeing the Complex.