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Don't Move! Those two belong to me!
― Dmirti telling Reginald and the Right Hand Man to stop letting Henry And Ellie being recruited.[src]

Dmitri Johannes Petrov is a major antagonist in the Henry Stickmin series, who appears as the main antagonist of Fleeing the Complex and a major antagonist in Completing the Mission; specifically, he appears in the routes Pardoned Pals and Toppat Recruits as the primary antagonist.

He is the warden of the prison complex called The Wall, which hosts some of the most cunning and notorious criminals in the world.

After noticing Henry Stickmin's past crimes, Dmitri and his right hand Grigori Olyat imprison him in The Wall.


In Fleeing the Complex, Dmitri appears as the main antagonist of Presumed Dead, Convict Allies, Ghost Inmate and International Rescue Operative, and the central secondary antagonist of The Betrayed.

In Completing the Mission, Dmitri appears as the main antagonist of Toppat Recruits and Pardoned Pals.



Dmitri Johannes Petrov is a stick figure who bears dark grey facial hair bearing a mustache and goatee. He wears light black shoes and is around the age of 69-70, as seen from his facial hair's dark grey color and has been Warden for 50 years. He presumably acquired the title around his 20's.

During Completing the Mission, he can be seen missing some teeth and speaks with a lisp as a result of Ellie Rose knocking him out with a stop sign.



You've taken everything from me. My reputation is ruined. Now I will ruin you!
― Dmitri confronting Henry before his death[src]

Dmitri rules the Wall with iron discipline and is prideful of the fact that under his leadership, no inmate escape or serious incident has occurred in the past 50 years. He is a skilled and strong fighter, as seen during his confrontations with Henry. Unlike the other antagonists in the series, he isn’t particularly cartoonish, or one with redeeming qualities. All of his scenes are tense and entirely serious, with almost no comedic moments compared to every other main character in the series, making him one of the most sadistic characters in the entire Henry Stickmin franchise.

Dmitri seems to only care about having a good reputation by locking away as many convicts as possible. At the end of the Convict Allies route, he is utterly livid after Henry and Ellie's escape efforts start the first prison riot at the Wall in fifty years, and later on, he states that the reason he came back for revenge against Henry and Ellie in PP/TR (TR specifically) was because Henry ruined his 50-year long record/reputation. Despite his pride in his efficiency and job, he often locks away prisoners for ridiculous reasons, many of which are mostly innocent (e.g. Jack S'tickeye being locked up for being loud and Mark Emu being locked up for laughing after saying he wouldn't).

Dmitri does not seem to care about his employees. In Presumed Dead, he says that he will cut out the paycheck of everyone, but never mentions the deaths of the two guards that were killed in action, neither the others that Henry killed. In Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits, he seems to prefer to take revenge on Henry and Ellie than fixing the complex left in a mess by the convicts and give proper treatment to the deceased guards, as he could just hire new ones.

Despite being evil, Dmitri never exactly leaves anyone to die in a trap. At the climax of the Presumed Dead ending, he slowly goes on and on about how Henry has two choices, instead of immediately pushing the truck over the cliff or telling his men to arrest Henry. This gives Henry time to grab onto the cliff face and, as soon as Dmitri assumes Henry is dead and heads back to the Wall, to pull himself up and escape. At the climax of the Toppat Recruits ending, he rants about his revenge on Henry (and his ruined reputation) instead of just throwing Henry off the rocket. As a result, Henry recovers enough to dodge Dmitri's punch and tosses him off the rocket to his death.

The International Rescue Operative ending throws his morality most into question. Presumably, it follows the endings where Henry allies with the government, and is pardoned for his crimes. Unless Henry got into some shenanigans off-screen, this could very well mean the Warden ignored Henry's pardon and locked him up anyway. Further, the route shows that the Wall's soldiers are willing to fire on government agents.

  • Taken even further in Mission, where his forces don't hesitate to attack both the Government and the Toppat Clan during the stand-off between the two factions in order to recapture Henry and Ellie.
  • Further emphasized by the fact that Gastro is seen as a prisoner at the Wall in Convict Allies, and in the Master Bounty Hunter path of Mission, Gastro is seen as one of Henry's bounty targets in the ending screen, implying that the Government is completely unaware that Gastro has already been apprehended by the Wall. It seems as though Dmitri has been going behind the back of foreign governments to apprehend potentially pardoned criminals long before he went after Henry.
    • However, this still remains unconfirmed. While it continues from RBH and IRO, Gastro may have somehow escaped from The Wall on his own.
    • It should be noted that the U.S. government officials also mistake his minions for Toppat reinforcements despite their differences, as The Wall is based in Canada and therefore only known by the Canadian government.



  • Fleeing the Complex: The Warden of The Wall. There hasn't been any sort of breakout in the 50 years he's been in charge.
  • Completing the Mission: He lost quite a few teeth in the escape incident so he now speaks with a lisp.


Henry Stickmin/Ellie Rose

They and Dimitri despise each other. Dmitri only wants to either imprison or kill them. In "Convict Allies," Dmitri is mad at Henry for the prison riot but before he can do anything, Ellie hits him with a stop sign and knocks him out. In "Presumed Dead," he's impressed with the fact that Henry is the first person to escape The Wall, and gives him two choices whether to surrender, or stay in the truck that's about to fall off a cliff. Should Henry surrender to Dmitri who remarks him that he's made the right choice. Henry is locked in Maximum Security. In the "Toppat Recruits"/"Pardoned Pals" route, he confronts Henry and Ellie.

If Henry and Ellie choose to surrender, Dmitri ensures that they will never see the light of day again. Back at The Wall, they are seen caged in ice to prevent any future incidents (Fail only).

If they choose to join the Toppats, Reginald Copperbottom, and the Right Hand Man give Henry and Ellie AK-47 rifles to shoot at Dmitri and Grigori, however (due to Henry not being good at aiming) Dmitri is able to survive to shot at the cost of an eye. As the rocket launches, he hits Ellie on the head and attacks Henry, but was thrown off the rocket and killed.

If they choose to help the Government, Dmitri is still in the rocket when it topples and dies in the explosion.

If they choose to side with None of the three factions, Dmitri and Grigori are in the rocket when it launches and were presumably killed by the Toppat Leaders afterwards.

Reginald Copperbottom/Right Hand Man

Dmitri does not interact directly with RHM or Reginald, although the two are indirectly responsible for his death in TR/PP. Dmitri also threaten Reginald to hand over Henry and Ellie to them after he and Grigori discovered that Reginald let them join the Toppat Clan.

Grigori Olyat

Dmitri and Grigori are in very good terms with each other since Grigori is basically his right hand man. Grigori gets brought onto the dangerous missions.


Fleeing the Complex Teaser Trailer

  • "What is this?"
  • "Henry Stickmin? Why does he belong here?"
  • "We already have very many thieves in here."
  • "Interesting..."
  • "I did hear about that."
  • "Of course!"
  • "What do you mean by incident?"
  • "I guess whatever makes the most sense depending on the decisions he makes."
  • "Yes."

Fleeing the Complex

  • "Ah. Hello, Henry."
  • "Welcome... To The Wall."
  • "Some of the most cunning and notorious criminals are kept here."
  • "and now we have the infamous Henry Stickmin."
  • "You’re going to be here for a long time."
  • "Grigori. Take him."
  • "Yeah?"
  • "What about him?"
  • "Just dropped dead?"
  • "Alright well in the past we've just thrown them in the trash."
  • "Roger."

Convict Allies

  • "Well, if it isn't Henry..."
  • "There has not been an incident here in 50 years."
  • "And the day you show up, this happens."
  • "You are going to regret every-huh?"

Presumed Dead

  • "Yes... Go ahead."
  • "Attention. We have an escaped convict."
  • "He was last seen heading towards the surface."
  • "Don't make me do this myself."
  • "I have to say Henry, I'm impressed. Really I am."
  • "You're the first person to escape The Wall."
  • "But this is the end for you."
  • "You've got two options here, Henry."
  • "You stay in there..."
  • "Or you return with us back to the complex."
  • "What's it going to be Henry?"
  • "You made the right choice."
  • "Hmm... Well that's just too bad."
  • "Alright, everyone back to work."
  • "I will not forget about this."
  • "This is coming out of your paycheck. All of you."

Completing the Mission

Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits

  • "I am on the way. Send in the entire squad!"
  • "Don't worry about them. Focus on Henry. And the girl."
  • "Don't move!"
  • "Those two belong to me!"
  • "You two will never see the light of day again!"

Toppat Recruits

  • "You've taken everything from me."
  • "My reputation is ruined."
  • "Now I will ruin you!"


  • Dmitri is the only main character in the entire series to have no comedic moments.
  • He is one of the oldest characters shown in the series, the first being Dusty and the second presumably him at the age of 70.
  • On the wall of his office, Dmitri has a certificate for achieving a diploma at school at the fictional University of Troika. Troika is a Russian folk dance that is referenced multiple times in the game with some songs.
    • The above mentioned diploma is also the only way his name is ever revealed before The Henry Stickmin Collection. None of the characters call him by name during the game.
  • He also apparently has a certificate for simply being a good warden. It is unknown why he has a certificate specifically for this though 2 things can be inferred.
    • Dmitri legitimately earned a certificate for being a good warden or the certificate was made by Dmitri or someone else and is meant to be more of a joke. Whatever it is, the certificate at the moment seems to be a simple visual gag that is hung in Dmitri's office for some reason.
  • In part 1 of The Henry Stickmin Collection Developer Commentary, it was confirmed by PuffballsUnited that he is the reason so many employees at The Wall are Russian despite it being in Canada as Dmitri likes to hire more Russians.[1]
  • He possibly has the biggest role "demotion" in the entire series. As he goes from the main antagonist of Fleeing the Complex, to only appearing in 1 split-route (basically 2 of 16 paths) of Completing the Mission.
  • It is unknown, and never explained why he apparently never came after Henry (and Ellie) in any other pathways of Completing the Mission than "Pardoned Pals"/"Toppat Recruits." Though, it can be inferred why.
    • In all pathways continuing from "Presumed Dead" or "The Betrayed", Dimitri believes that Henry is killed and has no reason to pursue him further.
    • In all pathways continuing from "Ghost Inmate," Henry escaped undetected, effectively denying Dimitri's search as it would be a waste of resources to recapture him.
    • Most pathways associated with "Government Supported Private Investigator"/"Relentless Bounty Hunter"/"Rapidly Promoted Executive" has Henry allying himself with a powerful faction, which makes Dimitri's revenge too risky.
  • He presumably has little to no clue of know who Ellie is as a result of referring her as "the girl."
  • Despite having a small role in Completing the Mission, he is the only leader of a faction that Henry cannot ally with. Unlike the other factions (Government, Toppat Clan, Ellie), his main purpose is exclusively to either keep Henry locked up or kill him. Attempting to negotiate with him, by surrendering in either Fleeing the Complex or Completing the Mission, will result in Henry being locked up in maximum security and even frozen.
  • Both Dmitri and Grigori have Russian accents. However, Grigori's accent is thicker than Dmitri's.


  1. The Henry Stickmin Collection Developer Commentary (Part 1) [1]
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