"Hello Henry, welcome to The Wall. Some of the most cunning and notorious criminals are kept here, and now we have the infamous Henry Stickmin."

         - Dmitri introduces Henry to The Wall

Dmitri Johannes Petrov (Russian: Дмитрий Иван [correct is Иванович] Петров) is the warden of the Russian prison complex the Wall. He is the main antagonist in Fleeing the Complex.


Dmitri rules the Wall with iron discipline and is very proud of the fact that under his leadership, no inmate escape or serious incident has occurred in the past 50 years. He is a skilled and strong fighter, as seen during his confrontations with Henry.

Role in Fleeing the Complex

In the teaser trailer for Fleeing the Complex, he talks with a colleague, possibly Gregory, showing interest in Henry because of Henry's past crimes and a teddy bear.

Together they decide to capture Henry. At the start of the game, he confronts the captured Henry, threatening him with a very long sentence at the Wall.

When Henry attempts to escape, he has a run-in with the Dmitri on several occasions.

Presumed Dead

Dmitri hears about Henry’s escape attempt and raises the alarm. He threatens his men not to force him to take matters into his own hand. When the truck in which Henry tries to escape falls over at the edge of a cliff, Dmitri confronts Henry there. He admits he’s impressed by Henry’s escape attempt and orders him to surrender. When Henry fails to respond in time, Dmitri kicks the truck over the edge of the cliff and leaves Henry for dead.

However, Henry survives in a hole in the cliff, He then presumes Henry died, and goes away while Henry successfully leaves the area of the Wall.

Convict Allies

After Henry and Ellie start a massive prison break, a very angry Dmitri confronts the two in the yard, just when they are about to flee on a motorcycle. He tackles Henry to the floor and tries to hit him, but Ellie manages to get away and knocks the Warden out cold with a stop sign. Afterward both she and Henry make it out of the Wall. It is unknown if Petrov survived the hit or not.


  • "Attention! We have an escaped convict. He was last seen heading towards the surface. Don't make me do this myself!"
  • "I have to say, Henry, I am impressed, really I am. You're the first person to escape The Wall, but this is the end for you. You've got two options here Henry: You stay in there, or you return to us back to the complex. What's it going to be Henry? Well that's just too bad..." - Dmitri talks to Henry moments before pushing the truck off the cliff.
  • "All right everyone back to work, I will not forget about this... This is coming out of your paycheck...all of you."
  • "Hello Henry, welcome to The Wall. Some of the most cunning and notorious criminals are kept here, and now we have the infamous Henry Stickmin. You're going to be here for a long time. Gregory! Take him." - Monologue on the game start.
  • "You've made the right choice." - After Henry surrenders out of the truck and not long after gets put in maximum security cell.
  • "Well, if it isn't Henry. There has not been an incident here in 50 years and the day you show up, this happens! You are going to regret every. . . Huh?" - After Henry chooses the cool motorcycle and attacks him before being knocked out by Ellie with a STOP sign.
  • Grrrrrr... - After receiving news that Henry has escaped.


  • On the wall of his office, The Warden has a certificate for achieving a diploma at school at the fictional University of Troika. Troika is a Russian folk dance that is referenced multiple times in the game with some songs.
  • He also has a certificate for simply being a good warden. It is likely he or a friend made as a joke.
  • He looks really similar to Ho Chi Minh.