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The Downgrader is a gadget used in Completing the Mission in the "Triple Threat" ending.

When used, the whole world is instantly converted to a rough sketch. The item itself and guns became unusable become unusable, causing the Toppat Clan to viciously attack Henry and Ellie. This results in a fail.

Fail message

I guess the budget ran out.

Fail Transcript

Note: No lines were spoken, and were all only indicated as comic lines.

  • "Click"
  • "Click"
  • "Huh?"
  • "Change it back!!"
  • "This is the thing he used... It's just a dot?"
  • "You mean we're stuck like this???"


  • Along with the Teleporter, this gadget doesn't have a review from Gadget Gabe, but is still a gadget.
  • The downgrader turns the scene into an animatic, which is something used by animators to pre-visualize an animation.