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Thanks, I guess... Now let's get outta here!
― Ellie saying to Henry about his help but its little bit weird what Henry did.[src]

Ellie Rose is the tritagonist of the Henry Stickmin series, who appears as the deuteragonist of Fleeing the Complex and the overall tritagonist of Completing the Mission. She appears as a deuteragonist/tritagonist in every Completing the Mission Route she appears in, excluding Toppat Civil Warfare, where she is the main antagonist.

Ellie is a red-haired criminal outlaw with an unknown past who ended up being captured by The Wall. If Henry decides to take her along with him to escape, Ellie becomes his faithful partner and ally, becoming either the Right Hand Lady of the Toppat Clan, working with Henry and Charles in the government, staying a criminal and either joining the toppats or stealing from them. She can also be pardoned along with Henry.

She voiced by Reese B.

Throughout most of her appearances, she is completely loyal to Henry, with one major exception. If Henry decides to leave her behind and escape on his own, and is the leader of the Toppats, she instigates the Toppat Clan's mutiny against Henry and becomes their new leader, commanding the respect of the members of the clan.


In Fleeing the Complex, Ellie appears as the deuteragonist of Convict Allies, a supporting character in Ghost Inmate and a minor character in Presumed Dead, International Rescue Operative and The Betrayed.

In Completing the Mission, Ellie appears as the deuteragonist of Triple Threat, Pardoned Pals, Toppat Recruits, Capital Gains, and the tritagonist of Toppat King, and the main antagonist of Toppat Civil Warfare.



Ellie has short red hair, red eyebrows, cream-colored shoes, and wears red lipstick. The outlines of her hair were slightly redder in the original version of FtC, but nothing else was changed in the remaster.

In the CtM routes where she is a Toppat, Ellie is shown with two hats. The first hat is pink with a single purple rose, while the second is pink with a ring of purple roses. She gets the first hat as an ordinary Toppat, and the second as the leader of the clan.


You said you stole this from the Toppats? That name sounds familiar. I think I heard of them when I was getting locked up at The Wall... Criminal organization, right? And you crossed them, huh? We gotta put this bad boy to use! What do you say we hit 'em again? I don't know about you, but I'm runnin' pretty low on cash...
― Ellie to Henry, convincing and encouraging him to steal money from the Toppats

Ellie reaches her hand to Henry moments before they escape from The Wall.

She loves action, going on missions, and fighting. She is shown to be serious and straightforward, coming up with detailed plans, and also demonstrating good logic. She is every bit as capable as Henry if she's allowed to tag along in the Convict Allies route, and Completing the Mission shows that she's still plenty capable of pulling her weight in every route that features her. Circumstances that led to Ellie's imprisonment at the Wall are unknown, but her actions show that she is just as gung-ho as Henry is due to taking part in a heist immediately after escaping in one of the routes. She is shown to clearly have experience, being able to escape from The Wall by herself in the Toppat Civil Warfare route. General Galeforce mentions that she, like Henry, was also on the government's radar.

Henry makes Ellie his Right Hand Lady.

Should Henry choose to help her escape too, she becomes very loyal to him. However, this loyalty towards Henry can come across as undying blind and passive, as most of her actions are dependent on Henry's choices despite being more competent herself, never ever doubting him for the most part, even if the idea is impractical. Her loyalty toward Henry eventually pays off by the end of the Toppat King route, as Henry decides to promote her as his Right Hand Lady.

On several occasions, Ellie speaks up in Henry's defense when they are both in dangerous situations. Notable examples are when Ellie asks The Wall's guards to hold up the elevator for the duo to blend in and when she speak her intention to join The Toppat Clan alongside Henry toward Reginald and Right Hand Man.

In contrast to the more bumbling Charles, Ellie demonstrates a much better awareness on what to do in most situations and can sometimes show up Henry. Despite this, she can still be just as silly as Charles and there are a few fails that are due to mistakes on her part.

"I helped you escape and you just.... left me." (Toppat Civil Warfare ending in CtM)

If Henry abandons her at the Wall after using her to escape, Ellie will become dedicated to seeking revenge against him, becoming the main antagonist of the Toppat Civil Warfare route. During this route. Ellie is shown to be quite ruthless, as well as a skilled leader as she appears to command the respect of much of the Toppat Clan.

She is also somewhat persuasive and influential on others, encouraging and convincing Henry to help her steal money from the Toppats in the Capital Gains route, which Henry obeys and agrees to help (being a criminal himself). In addition, she influenced Reginald and the entire Toppat Clan to turn against Henry in the Toppat Civil Warfare route, and also has the respect and loyalty of the Toppats in that route.

In addition to her own influence on others, she is also completely loyal to Henry in most of her appearances, doing anything he does, trusting him and any of his friends and even changing sides just to stay with him.


Henry Stickmin

Ellie has a genuine, friendly relationship with Henry in Convict Allies and any pathway of Completing the Mission that picks up from there, accompanying and aiding him in whatever is his mission, and even though their teamwork sometimes leads to failures, Henry and Ellie make a "good team" as described by her in Triple Threat. Henry and Ellie both appear to consider the other equally important, as, towards the end of Convict Allies, both of them had the chance to escape without the other after being captured by Dmitri, but instead, they both chose to save the other. This can also be seen in the Capital Gains pathway, choosing Sword and causing Ellie's death will immediately result in a message of betrayal and cause a fail, showing how Henry sees Ellie's life as important. In the same way, Ellie attempts to catch Henry in the Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits pathway in an explosion (although she does not need to). She also expresses concern in Toppat King when Henry is left stranded while the rocket is launching, informing Reginald and Right Hand Man about this and that he needs to be saved.

Ellie works as a close and loyal partner to Henry, no matter what his allegiance is. She works with him as a partner in theft and crime in Capital Gains, informing him about the Toppat money train and sharing the profit they gain. In Toppat King, Ellie is impressed by Henry's position as the leader of the Toppat Clan and decides to join it, with Henry later making her his Right Hand Lady. And in the Triple Threat pathway, she joins Henry and Charles in a mission for the Government, with Ellie herself admitting that they are good as a team as Henry is with Charles. Speaking of Charles, they display a relationship of teamwork and are in an alliance, with Charlie initially greeting her as a friend and Ellie at the end offering to be in future missions.

However, her hostility and sheer brutality is displayed in Toppat Civil Warfare, where Henry used her to escape and left her stranded in the cell, simply abandoning her for no reason. Ellie somehow escapes and found out Henry leads the Clan, stalking him to the airship to confront him. She turns the whole clan against Henry (except Thomas Chestershire and Geoffrey Plumb, both who feel that this dethroning is wrong), and commands Henry to jump off, even refusing to hear his pleas and shooting him off-board. In this pathway, she appears to have the respect of the Toppat Clan, as she is kept around while both Reginald and the Right Hand Man are still alive and able to lead the clan (it is unknown where Sven Svensson was in this case). However, when the former two die by colliding with Henry's escape pod, she then becomes the leader of the majority of the clan and wages war on the minor clan of Henry, illustrating their vengeful relationship in this pathway.

Charles Calvin

Ellie and Charles each share a mutual friendship in Triple Threat and are friends in Pardoned Pals. In Triple Threat, Ellie is shown to be confused by Charles' plan of crashing head-first into the cafeteria window, not seeing how it would be helpful. Despite this, Ellie still trusts Charles throughout the rest of the pathway, thinking that due to Henry's trust in him, she can also trust him. Charles claims that any friend of Henry's is a friend of his.

In Pardoned Pals, Ellie and Henry team up with Charles to take down the Toppat Clan before their rocket launches. However, in Toppat Recruits, they don't interact as the Right Hand Man forced Charles to retreat before he could take further action.

Reginald Copperbottom

Ellie has a friendly relationship with Reginald in any route where both Henry and Ellie are in the Toppat Clan. In Toppat Civil Warfare, Reginald is one of the Toppats that is loyal to Ellie and convinced the other Toppats (except for Thomas Chestershire and Geoffrey Plumb) to overthrow Henry. Reginald and his Right Hand Man remain loyal to Ellie until their deaths, with Ellie becomes the new leader of the majority of the clan and wages war on the minor clan of Henry.

Right Hand Man

Ellie and Right Hand Man are allies in all the routes where Henry and Ellie are both in the Toppat Clan. In Toppat Civil Warfare, Right Hand Man is one of the Toppats that is loyal to Ellie and was convinced by Reginald along with all the other Toppats (except for Thomas Chestershire, Geoffrey Plumb and Dave Panpa) to overthrow Henry. The Right Hand Man and Reginald remain loyal to Ellie until their deaths, and Ellie becomes the new leader of the majority of the clan and wages war on the minor clan of Henry.

There is only one route where she and Right-Hand-Man are direct enemies, that being Capital Gains (though they are also enemies in Pardoned Pals as they are on opposing factions). In that route, she and Henry incinerate him with a "Stickmin Punch" combo.

Dmitri Johannes Petrov and Grigori Olyat

Ellie despises both Dmitri Johannes Petrov, the warden of The Wall, and Grigori, his right-hand man and enforcer, for imprisoning her and shows no hesitation killing them. This is made clear in Toppat Recruits where Ellie and Henry are given AK-47's by Reginald and RHM and shoot Dmitri and Grigori without even a second thought killing Grigori with Dmitri surviving at the cost of his left eye (he is later thrown of off the rocket and to his death by Henry however). In Pardoned Pals, Ellie and Henry also kill Dmitri though it is much more indirect since their changed goal was to shoot out the beams of the Toppat Orbital Station and kill all of the remaining Toppats with Dmitri and Grigori's deaths as a bonus.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Ellie has killed:


Fleeing the Complex

  • "Thanks."
  • "Hmm. If we could get you up there, you could get in and open this door."
  • "Quick, in here."
  • "Hey, I just grabbed these."
  • "Maybe they'll come in handy?"
  • "Hold the elevator?"
  • "Thanks. Can you believe this inmate outbreak? Crazy, huh?"
  • "Oh yeah, we transferred from the eighth floor."
  • "Henry!"
  • "Help!"
  • "Thanks... I guess?"
  • "Now let's get outta here."

Completing the Mission

Toppat King

  • "Whooaoah!"
  • "This place is cool."
  • "So this is the Toppat Clan's secret base..."
  • "Sign me up!"
  • "Whoa, what happened to that guy?"
  • "I'm Ellie. I'm new here. What're you guys up to?"
  • "You guys need a ride?"
  • "We've got company!"
  • "Wait! Henry's still down there!"

Triple Threat

  • "You sure this is where he's gonna pick us up?"
  • "Ah, there he is."
  • "You said you did some work with him in the past? Or something?"
  • "If you trust him, then so do I."
  • "I'm Ellie."
  • "Well... It is the least we could do. He is helping us out."
  • "Henry and I make a pretty good team too! Don't count me out!"
  • "Why did you say it like that?"
  • "No worries! We can get there from here."
  • "Where we dropping, boys?"
  • "That was... weirdly... smooth."
  • "So, what's the plan?"
  • "Umm..."
  • "Got a little bit of a situation..."
  • "Who will challenge me?!" - As Ellry
  • "Enough waiting around!" - As Ellry
  • "Hoo. Haa. Hee. Haa. Hoo. Huh. Hoo. Haa. Hee. Haa. Hoo. Haa. Hoo. Huh. Guh!" - As Ellry
  • "Situation sorted..."
  • "We have to come up with a plan, quick!"
  • "What do you mean? Like you're gonna jump out and smash it with your head?"
  • "Hold on, I don't... really understand."
  • "But... H-how does that help?"
  • "I guess I'm outvoted then..."
  • "Alright guys, listen up. I got a plan."
  • "Henry and I will overload the engine room causing an explosion."
  • "Charles, we'll need you wait outside the auxillary exaust by the forward-left booster."
  • "We'll only have about twenty seconds to get out before it blows."
  • "Where is he?"
  • "Seems like Henry's got a plan."
  • "Did you set the autopilot?"
  • "Alright, then. Let's bail."
  • "That was a lotta fun."
  • "You know... Feel free to call us if you've got any more jobs to do together."
  • "Right, Henry?"

Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits

  • "I know it's been a long ride, but we're almost there."
  • "You've heard of the Toppat Clan, right?"
  • "They have a secret base out here."
  • "I'm hoping they might let us join up with them now that we're on the run."
  • "Should be right around the cor-"
  • "Wha?"
  • "Hang on!"
  • "You okay?"
  • "We gotta get outta here. We're sitting ducks!"
  • "Let's try and get up the-"
  • "You good?"
  • "Alright, let's get going."
  • "Once we get to the top of this tower, we'll cross the bridge and be on the rocket."
  • "Hopefully the Toppat Clan will let us join."
  • "Nonono. We're here to join you! We're wanted just like all of you."
  • "What do we do?"
  • "Hm. This is quite the predicament."
  • "Wow, I can't believe that worked..."
  • "Well... Now that you mention it... We do have kind of a criminal history problem..."

Capital Gains

  • "Wait. You have a tank?!"
  • "You said you stole this from the Toppats?"
  • "That name sounds familiar."
  • "I think I heard of them when I was getting locked up at the wall..."
  • "Criminal organization, right?"
  • "And you crossed them, huh?"
  • "We gotta put this bad boy to use!"
  • "Whattya say we him'em again?"
  • "I don't know about you, but I'm runnin' pretty low on cash..."
  • "Great!"
  • "I'll get in touch with my contacts and find out where they're at."
  • "These tracks should lead us right to the "secret" Toppat base."
  • "We might even find..."
  • "That's it! The transport train!"
  • "I think there's supposed to be..."
  • "There it is! Their money cart!"
  • "I'm pretty sure that cart contains all the money they've amassed."
  • "There's our payday. Let's take it to'em!"
  • "We should have just done this from the beginning."
  • "Well... That's one way to do it."
  • "Now... how are we..."
  • "Gonna get all this money out of here?"
  • "Man, this is gonna take forever..."
  • "Sooo... Now what..."
  • "Happy feet!"
  • "Seems like we're out of the danger zone."
  • "That should do the trick!"

Toppat Civil Warfare

  • "Oh, you wanna know?!"
  • "He was locked up at the wall with me!"
  • "Oh. I'm Ellie."
  • "I heard the guy I helped escape was the leader of the Toppat Clan..."
  • "So I busted myself out and followed him."
  • "I helped you escape, and you just... left me."
  • "Jump. Or I'll make you jump."
  • "Uh-di-di!"
  • "I don't wanna hear it."


  • Ellie was originally designed as a minor Toppat, assisting Reginald Copperbottom and Right Hand Man in overthrowing Terrence Suave, in a side-game that takes place from Ellie's perspective. It would also show how she met Reginald, planned to steal the Tunisian Diamond (which may also clarify how Dave Panpa ended up in the brig) and why is she locked up The Wall. In the meantime, Henry's companion in Convict Allies would be a man with a Fu Manchu mustache.
    • All were scrapped as PuffballsUnited wanted to make a relevant female character for the first time,[1] making her the only female main character in the entire collection.
  • In the path "Convict Allies", Ellie uses The Force to help Henry get up and into the room where he can open one of the doors. This parodies the eponymous ability in Star Wars, particularly when used by Sith Lords.
  • Unlike Henry or Charles, she survives in all endings and is only killed in fails (being steamrolled by Henry's stolen Tank/Inadvertently shot to death by Henry's sniper, etc).
  • If Henry leaves Ellie behind in "Ghost Inmate," the text "Ellie will remember that." will appear; and yet the only time it is brought up again in Completing the Mission is in the "Toppat Civil Warfare" path, the route mixing the "Rapidly Promoted Executive" ending (where Henry becomes the leader of the Toppat Clan) with the "Ghost Inmate" ending (being the one that would prompt Ellie to take revenge). Her absence in other GI routes can be explained by:
    • GSPI - Henry is laying low and allied with the government, preventing her from finding him.
    • RBH - Henry is allied with the government and later captured by the Right Hand Man to avenge Reginald's arrest, which would have rendered it meaningless.
    • PBT - Henry was not of any significance to both sides and therefore was tough to track.
  • Despite not knowing why she was sent to The Wall, she is interested in theft, which might have prompted her incarceration. In "Pardoned Pals," General Hubert Galeforce recognizes Ellie and states they've had their eye on her for a while now, which further proves she is indeed an infamous criminal to at least the American government.
  • In the "Capital Gains," she mentions having connections through which she finds out about the Toppat Train. These could have been the same connections that led to her tracking down Henry in Toppat Civil Warfare.
  • Ellie and Galeforce are the only main characters that don’t die in any path of Completing the Mission, Ellie and Galeforce both only die in the fails (Ellie dies in multiple fails and Galeforce dies in The Moon and Phantom fail). Charles dies in Valiant Hero, while Henry dies in Revenged. Reginald and RHM die in numerous endings.
  • Ellie's hair is slightly different in Completing the Mission from its appearance in Fleeing the Complex.
  • TCW is the only non-CA ending where Ellie is known to have escaped The Wall on her own.
  • Ellie is a pet featured in the game Among Us. She is included in the Stickmin pet bundle alongside Henry.


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