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Here it is, the sequel to Breaking the Bank! This one's a little different from its predecessor however. You can actually win! There are three different victorious endings to this game. You can escape the Legal Way, the Sneaky Way, or the Badass Way. See if you can find them all!

Escaping the Prison is the second game in the Henry Stickmin series. It is the sequel to Breaking the Bank, and the prequel to Stealing the Diamond, and is named as Episode 1 of the Henry Stickmin story. It is one of the most popular of the series, with over 3 million plays on Newgrounds. It contains a total of 36 choices to make, which is 6 times the amount as the previous game.

In the Henry Stickmin Collection, a secret ending called "Multiverse Correction" (which requires all fails and endings in all the games) proves that the Center for Chaos Containment spawned the box containing all the tools (or just one, depending upon the player's choice) Henry can use to escape to kick off all the multiverses.


Following the events of Breaking the Bank, Henry Stickmin is now imprisoned inside the West Mesa Penitentiary. Police officers Dave Panpa & Rupert Price brought a package addressed for Henry to his cell, and delivers it to him.

Rupert taunts Henry by claiming that the package contains no such object that would allow the prisoner to escape the building. He asks his friend, Dave, to confirm that the package has been checked. Dave presumably was to check the package, however, Dave begins to chuckle nervously, claiming that he did inspect the package for anything suspicious because he does not want to lose his job as an officer.

The two then leave Henry to his own business with the package. Inside the package is a cake, with multiple tools hidden inside. Henry reaches in to grab an object out.

  • [?] File -
    • [✔] Cell Door - See "Sneaky Escapist".
    • [X] Window - Henry opens the window, and jumps out, falling to his death (Message: Protip: Look Before you leap)
  • [✔] Cellphone - See "Lawyered Up".
  • [✔] Drill - See "Badass Bust Out".
  • [X] NrG Drink - Henry downs the entire drink in one go, causing his perception of reality to be altered. Time is stopped, Henry is able to bend a metal bar with the push of one finger, and he is able to carry Rupert Price and throw him into a trash bin. Henry calmly walks out of the penitentiary but soon suffers a heart attack, which kills him. (Message: NrG - Side effects include: Nausea, Headaches, Rapid Heartrate and possibilities of Stroke and/or Heart Attack Hmm... Well that's good to know.)
  • [X] Teleporter - While Henry is successful in using the teleporter to get outside the prison, he lands directly in front of a target in a firing range. A rookie cop accidentally shoots the prisoner, much to his and his superior's horror. (Message: You just can't seem to get the hang of that thing can you?)
  • [X] Rocket Launcher - Henry retrieves a rocket launcher from the cake, and uses it to fire a rocket down the prison hall. The projectile however reverses course thanks to a sideways U-pipe a repairman was working on. The rocket ends up colliding with Henry, killing him. (Message: Uh... Way to aim buddy...)


Sneaky Escapist

Lawyered Up

Badass Bust Out

Legacy Version

Remastered Version


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There are 38 bios in the game.

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  • This is the most played game out of all the Henry flash games, having over three million visits on Newgrounds.
  • While the legacy PC version of the game lacked title screen music, the mobile and remastered versions included title screen music.
    • This Also happeneds For the choices, For being The animations, All The choices dosen't have animations But In Mobile port, it does have animations.
  • There were a few prototype sketches of this game that were posted online by PuffballsUnited.
  • This is the only game in The Henry Stickmin Series that all of the soundtracks are completely changed.
  • This game, along with Breaking The Bank are the only games in The Henry Stickmin series where Henry does not end up killing anyone, regardless of which ending has been selected.
    • Breaking the Bank also does not involve any items that can prove to be fatal.
    • However, he almost killed 3 policemen at the bag of grenades fail only to kill himself
The Henry Stickmin Collection
Breaking the Bank Escaping the Prison Stealing the Diamond
Breaking the Bank Escaping the Prison Stealing the Diamond
Infiltrating the Airship Fleeing the Complex Completing the Mission
Infiltrating the Airship Fleeing the Complex Completing the Mission