"Um, sir? I've been looking at the numbers here....."

"Ah, Yes. Let me take a look."

- An unknown Toppat member and Evan discussing something. 

Evan is a member of the Toppat Clan who appears in Infiltrating the Airship and in Fleeing the Complex.


He wears two monocles, blue shoes, and a tall, black top hat.

In Infiltrating the Airship

Evan was standing in the pilot room next to the other Toppats member who was showing him a clipboard with some numbers. Right in that moment, Henry bursts inside the lower stage of control room, breaking the glass and knocking off him and another member with the cannonball that he used to break inside. Then Evan can be seen under Henry's ball without his hat where it's shown that he is bald. His glasses are broken. In that path, he is possibly badly injured, but not killed, as in the same timeline, he later appears in Fleeing the Complex, doing the exact same job. 

In Fleeing the Complex

Evan appears in the Toppat airship for a brief moment when Henry contacts the Toppat Clan in order to help him escape, in the timeline where Henry previously betrays the Supreme Toppat Leader and retakes the position, having both him and Evan under his command in order to help him escape. When the Toppat Leader receives the call and says the name "Henry", Evan turns around and looks at him in shock.