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Free Man is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission.

This pathway is selected by choosing the "Relentless Bounty Hunter" and "Ghost Inmate" endings.


Henry wakes up in a cell on board of the Toppat Orbital Station. He is greeted by the Right Hand Man, who is now a cyborg and in charge of the Toppat Clan since Henry got Reginald Copperbottom arrested during his mission aboard the Toppat Airship.

Right Hand Man tells Henry how he personally had him captured because of what Henry did to Reginald and himself, and mocks him for his predicament. Henry naturally plans an escape. First, he needs to get out of his handcuffs and has the following options:

  • [X] Remote: Henry swings for the remote on the wall, and pushes a button with his feet. This however opens a hatch underneath him, and he is killed in the depths of space. Message: Hmm... seems there is still an impostor Among Us.[1][2]
  • [X] Inner Strength (fail): Henry tries to break out of his cuffs, but they are too strong for him. Message: You can't break those cuffs.
  • [✓] Magic Spell: Henry magically breaks out of his cuffs using a thunder spell.

Now that he is free, Henry has to open the door of the cell. He can use these options:

  • [X] Lockpick: Henry attempts to unlock the door with the lockpick, but it simply has no lock. For the first five times this option is selected, nothing happens and the player is returned to the choice screen. At the sixth Lockpick attempt, the game spawns a lock. Henry successfully opens the door, but a Toppat, Holey Cap, immediately holds him at gunpoint, leading to the actual fail. Message: You should've just moved on to something else...[3] [Getting the actual fail will grant you the 'Lockpick Pro' achievement]
  • [X] Melt Ray: Henry aims the gun at the door and fires, but the Melt Ray instead disintegrates. Message: It melted alright.
  • [X] Bomb: Henry triggers the bomb, but it ends up being too close to him and he dies during the ensuing explosion. Message: Door's open.[4]
  • [✓] Metal Hat: Henry puts on the hat and gains metallic properties. He then slams through the door taking out Holey Cap.[5]

Henry breaks out and runs through the station, with the metallic features blocking bullets. The transformation wears off when he reaches Armory 7. Henry quickly locks himself inside, and as Fredrick Muenster, accompanied with Chuck Wellington and The Bookie, gather around the door, he has to choose which weapon to use to make his getaway:

  • [X] Underbarrel Grenade Launcher: Henry grabs one of the AK-47 rifles, fixes the grenade launcher onto it and attempts to blow up the Toppats. The explosion breaks a hole on the hull and depressurization sucks everyone into space. Message: Who brings a grenade launcher onto a space station?!
  • [X] Big Sword : Henry attacks The Bookie with the sword and kills him, but the Sword gets stuck in the ground in the process. Henry is unable to lift it, rendering him defenseless. Message: That's a big boy sword. For big boys only.[6]
  • [✓] Pew Pew Gun: Using a retro light gun, Henry proceeds to kill Chuck, Bookie, Fredrick and Fred Finestone with ease, and continues his escape.

Henry fights his way to the cafeteria, where the Right Hand Man awaits him. Henry is about to shoot, but Right Hand Man throws Henry onto the floor and prepares to finish him. Henry can:

  • [X] Harden: Henry turns himself to stone, but the Right Hand Man somehow shatters him anyway. Message: It's not very effective...
  • [X] Sweep the Legs : Henry kicks at the Right Hand Man's legs, only to fail since the latter has reinforced cybernetics. The Right Hand Man then beats him to death. Message: That's gonna be an 'Ouch' from me, Dawg.
  • [✓] Nano-Suit: Henry summons the suit, which forms around his body. He blocks a punch from the Right Hand Man before he breaks through the cafeteria's glass window and flees into space, with the Right Hand Man following close behind.

The Right Hand Man tries to shoot Henry with his laser eye, while Henry runs down one of the station's solar panels. Henry can:

  • [X] Timeout: If no option is chosen, Henry is killed by Right Hand Man's laser. Message: You don't have time to read the instruction manual for that suit!
  • [X] Fire Missiles: Henry activates a missile and aims it at the Right Hand Man, but the missile somehow drags him with it, killing both. Message: The release mechanism is located near your thumb on the right hand. It’s a small button with a missile symbol on it. All you need to do is hit that to fire off the missile. WARNING: If you do not disconnect the missile it may activate while still connected to your suit.
  • [X] Positron Refractor: Henry activates his refractor and reflects the lasers, but the Right Hand Man proceeds to smash him with his fist. Henry jettisons off to the left, his body bursting into a flame pillar that extends to the right when he gets far enough, similar to when Grigori and Ellie exploded by Henry when he used The KNEE on both of them. Following afterwards, the "GAME" word from the Super Smash Bros. franchise appears on the screen. Message: Unfortunately, it only reflects projectiles.[7]
  • [✓] Max Gravity Boots: Henry uses the suit's gravity boots to break through the solar panel, shattering it while avoiding the Right Hand Man temporarily.

Henrry then hides among the debris, as Burt Curtis warns the Right Hand Man about the damage. Henry spots three satellites nearby, as well as a way back to Earth. He can:

  • [X] Go to Earth: Henry leaps into the atmosphere and is burned up by air friction. Message: Toasty!
  • [X] Left Satellite: Flying towards the Left Satellite, Henry attempts to use it to destroy the orbital station, but the unarmed satellite does nothing. Burt picks up the attack inputs and tells the Right Hand Man in confusion, who soon locates and kills Henry. Message: Next time you want to attack, don't use a communications satellite.
  • [X] Laser Satellite: Leaping to the Laser Satellite, Henry attempts to use its laser to attack the space station, and after charging up, the laser hits Earth. The Right Hand Man catches up to Henry at the satellite and presumably kills him. Message: FRONT TOWARD ENEMY
  • [✓] Drop Pod: Henry leaps to the off-site Drop Pod, enters it and sets it on a collision course with the station and to Earth.

With alarms flaring on the station, Burt warns the Right Hand Man about the fact that Henry has hijacked one of their pods and is about to crash into the Orbital Station. The Right Hand Man attempts to stop Henry's drop pod from taking off, but it plows through him and the station's core before crashing onto Earth. Henry survives and walks away.

The Right Hand Man returns to the unpowered space station, where Burt informs him that without any electricity, the Toppats are effectively stranded in space. Burt then questions the Right Hand Man about the identity of the prisoner and why were they imprisoned in the first place.

Henry is then seen relaxing by the shore of a beach by sitting on a beach chair.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • The Remote option fail is a reference to the ejection scene on The Skeld in Among Us.
  • Out of all the endings in the series, this ending has the least amount of:
    • Letters for its name (7)
    • Flashback screens (6)
    • and Characters (8).
  • This ending has the most screens of any CtM ending, with 6 real screens, tied with Toppat King and Special BROvert Ops.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Not Again"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme.
🎧 "Metal Hat"
PuffballsUnited Played during the "Metal Hat" scene.
🎧 "Stranded"
Ockeroid Ending theme.


  1. A white Among Us character is seen in this scene, linked to the "Assemble the Crew" medal.
  2. Referencing Puffballs's other game, Among Us.
  3. Choosing the Lockpick six times in a row and seeing the actual fail grants the "Lockpick Pro" medal.
  4. Possible reference to DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK! video
  5. The Metal Hat is a reference to the N64 game Super Mario 64, where a power up exists in it that grants the player a "metal" body and invulnerability for a temporary amount of time
  6. The Big sword fail is a comedic reference to Cloud's Buster sword from FFVII~
  7. The Positron Refractor references the Reflector that Fox McCloud can use when he triggers his Down Special Move.


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