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Gastro is a recurring minor character in the Henry Stickmin Series who appears as a minor character in Fleeing the Complex and is an unseen minor antagonist in Completing the Mission.

Gastro is a toilet wizard, practitioner in the dark arts of Fecromancy, and a prisoner at The Wall.


A practitioner of the dark arts of Fecromancy.

...He's a toilet wizard.


Gastro is an old man who wears a cyan-ish light blue bath towel and has white shoes. Gastro also bears thick grey eyebrows and a long scraggly grey beard that seem to be thin.

However in Gastro's CtM wanted poster, his beard is shown to be more bushy and his eyebrows are even thicker.

Fleeing the Complex

He can be seen during "Convict Allies" escaping after Henry along with Ellie Rose accidentally open all the cell doors, releasing all The Wall prisoners. During his escape he can be seen practicing magic. His ultimate fate in this path is unknown as he is never seen after this.

Completing the Mission

He appears in endscreen of the "Master Bounty Hunter" route as a cameo and can be seen through a wanted poster showing that he is wanted by the Government.


  • "Ahhhh!"


  • PuffballsUnited confirmed that the person on the wanted poster at the end of "Master Bounty Hunter" is indeed Gastro, though it was already implied through the appearance and the fact that Gastro is a criminal.[1]
    • This also means that Gastro is wanted by the Government despite being locked up at The Wall.
  • The "Dark Art of Fecromancy" he practices is a spoof of Necromancy, the practice of magic involving communication with the dead in various ways.
  • His hat is in Among Us as the Towel Wizard hat.