Geoffrey is a Toppat Clan member.


He is very short man and but with an extremely big head and he wears a little version of the top hat on his head. His weapons are Nunchucks.

He always has a brown pipe in his mouth, except in Fleeing The Complex

Infiltrating The Airship

Pure Blooded Thief

He appears in the intro and later he comes into the hallway outside the vault and sees Henry. Then as he calls other Toppat members, a government missile hits the window of the hallway he is in. He is not dead, as he is seen again In Fleeing The Complex.

Government Supported Private Investigator

Geoffrey can also be seen in the Government Supported Private Investigator ending when he's trying to open a door only to have his bones melted by Charles.

Fleeing The Complex

Geoffrey also appeared in Fleeing The Complex, in The Betrayed ending. He, along with two other members, arrived in a Drill Pod to save Henry


IMG 0807

Geoffrey gets blown up