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Ghost Inmate is one of the five endings to the game Fleeing the Complex.

It involves Henry attempting the escape The Wall unnoticed, and succeeding.


Locating a hatch on the ceiling of the transfer cell, Henry manages to catch Ellie's attention and gets her to boost him up. Bouncing from Ellie, Henry latches his cuffed hands to a pipe and uses his feet to open the hatch and move inside. He then uses a rock to free himself from the cuffs, before deciding where to go from the vent:

  • Down the Ladder - See "Convict Allies"
  • Continue Left - Henry makes a run for it, leaving Ellie behind despite her having helped him. A small scene of Ellie with the words "Ellie will remember that" appears for a few seconds.

Henry makes his way to the storage room, and spots Isaac Binderson and Heath Stone chatting with each other. Since they block the only way out of the storage room, Henry has to take them out somehow.

  • [X] Command Melody: Using the Wind Waker from Zelda, Henry mind controls Isaac and makes him enter a cell. However, Heath is unaffected and stops Henry. Message: Too bad you didn't know how to play, like, an Ocarina or something.
  • [X] Pickpocket: Henry pickpockets Isaac (a reference to Skyrim), and manages to steal enough items from him to fill a bag, but the bag is too heavy for Henry to carry and he collapses to the ground. (The last item Henry steals is called Monstro's Tooth. This is a reference to The Binding of Isaac.) Message: Did you really need all that? (No loot left behind!)
  • [X] Sprint : Henry sprints past the guards, who, after consulting each other about it, shoot him with a Spear of Shocks, obliterating him. Message: Bet you thought that was just a spear.
  • Whoopee Cushion: Henry throws a Whoopee Cushion tied to a rock at the guards, who start accusing each other of having farted and eventually come to blows.

Henry makes it past the fighting guards and goes down the hallway to the security office. The door on the end is locked so Henry has to go through the hatch in the ceiling in order to reach the security office. He can use:

  • [X] Longshot: Henry fires the longshot, which, since it can only hook onto wooden objects, hooks onto a crate in another room. When the rope is reeled in, Henry is sent crashing into a closed door. Message: The longshot only hooks on to wood things. Luckily you hit one!
  • [X] Spring: Henry uses a spring from the Sonic franchise to reach the roof of the office, but it makes so much noise a nearby guard, Horace Johnson, hears him and pulls out a gun. Message: Come to think of it those boingers are kinda loud.
  • Power Jump: Henry crouches until he begins flashing and leaps high into the air (the Power Squat Jump from Super Mario Bros. 2), landing perfectly on the ceiling and goes through the hatch.

In the office, Henry reaches an elevator shaft. Now he can use:

  • [X] Bungee: Henry ties a rope around his waist and jumps down the shaft. But since Henry is using a plain rope, rather than a bungee rope, he is ripped apart. Message: Did... did you just bungee jump with a plain rope?
  • [X] Button: Henry opens up the elevator and gets in, but it stops on another floor, and a bunch of guards, who were about to go on their lunch break, get in as well and notice Henry. Message: Lunchtime already fellas?
  • Balloon: Henry jumps into the shaft and starts inflating a balloon. Soon it gets so big it fills up the entire shaft and slows Henry down, allowing him to get out of the shaft again.

Henry spots an open vent on the other side of a deep shaft. The only way across is a pipeline:

  • [X] Plunger Boots: Henry puts on Plunger Boots, but they get stuck to the floor before Henry can even start his attempt to cross the pipeline. Message: aeiou[1]
  • [X] Balance: Henry tries to walk across the pipeline, and reaches the halfway point despite nearly losing his balance twice, but, then because of Henry's weight, the pipe breaks, causing Henry to fall to his demise. Message: Oh. That pipe wasn't very sturdy. (Fatso..)
  • Helium: Henry inhales some Helium, which makes his head swell up like a balloon. This allows him to float to the vent.

One he crawls through the vent, Henry finds himself at the docks at the foot of the complex. He now has to make it past two more guards:

  • [X] Shadozer: Henry uses the Shadozer to turn himself into a living shadow, but just then a cloud moves in front of the moon, blocking the light. Henry desperately tries to turn back to normal before the cloud’s shadow kills him, but is too late and only materializes halfway. Message: Now you're but a shadow of your former self.
  • [X] Box: Henry gets into a box and tries to sneak past the guards, in a reference to Metal Gear Solid. However, they notice the box and proceed to use it as a table to play poker, preventing Henry from going anywhere. Message: Hey at least you weren't found!
  • Leaf: Using the Super Leaf power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3, Henry gains the ability to fly past the guards using his raccoon/tanuki tail.

Now on the outer docks, Henry can choose between three vehicles to get away:

  • [X] Rocket: Henry climbs into the rocket and starts it, but accidentally also activates the parachute, causing the rocket to crash. (This is possibly a reference to Kerbal Space Program, as a lot of players mess up the staging and may deploy the parachute first like Henry. The rocket also looks like it has been made out of KSP parts.) Message: I think you mixed up the staging process a bit.
  • [X] S.S. Annie: Henry climbs aboard the S.S. Annie, kills Captain Lazlo Ugovitch, and sails away. It may look like the player has won...but Milosh Krakowski realizes something is not right because the ship wasn’t scheduled to leave yet and attacks, possibly killing Henry with a knife. Message: Did you think none of the crew would notice an unscheduled departure?
  • Dinghy: Henry climbs into a small rubber boat and sails away. The guards see him but think it's Gordon Smith going off to see his family. As the credits roll, Henry sails away.


Ghost Inmate can be combined with Government Supported Private Investigator to get Cleaned 'em Out, Relentless Bounty Hunter to get Free Man, Rapidly Promoted Executive to get Toppat Civil Warfare, and Pure Blooded Thief to get Jewel Baron.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.

Underlined indicate they only appear in fails in this pathway.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Troika"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Fleeing the Complex.
🎧 "Jazz Tune in 3/4" Karmus81 Played during the "Elevator" fail in the Flash version.
🎧 "Unreeeal Superhero"
Elation Ending theme for the route.
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Secret: Multiverse Correction

  1. Clicking the fail message repeatedly will lead to the aeiou achievement.