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Googuy is a member of the Toppat Clan and a minor character who appears in Infiltrating the Airship only during the "Pure Blooded Thief" route.


One awkward conversation about goo on your first day and that's all that you're known for?

Infiltrating the Airship

He can be seen during the fight between the Military and the Toppats after Henry Stickmin causes the Airship to crash in the desert. Along with two other Toppats, Sammy Sorry and Quickdraw, he gets reduced to ash by Mert Steel when the Center for Chaos Containment decides to join the fight.


He wears some black shoes with a black, semi-tall top hat.


  • According to his bio, he is only known for one awkward conversation about goo on his first day in the Toppat Clan.
  • When his bio is shown, Sammy Sorry lacks his rocket launcher. a cause of a Errors