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The Government (Gov't in the bios, also known as the Military) is the United States Government and Military Force faction and the main protagonistic faction for the second half of the Henry Stickmin series, playing a major role in Infiltrating the Airship, Fleeing the Complex and Completing the Mission.

They are on Henry's side unless he goes rogue. The armed forces are led by General Hubert Galeforce. The President (POTUS) in the Henry Stickmin series (during the events of Infiltrating the Airship) is Jefferson Smithsonian.

The Government is armed mostly with 5.56 M16A1 assault rifles. The most frequent military vehicles seen in the series are helicopters. In Infiltrating the Airship, they have a simple design while in Fleeing the Complex they are bigger, more detailed and have white stars printed on them as their livery. In Completing the Mission, there are two different kinds of helicopters: one being a light transport helicopter, resembling a UH-60 Blackhawk, but with a green colored scheme, while another kind is the transport helicopter, but being more armed with twin rockets and miniguns, it's most likely based off a Russian Mil Mi-24.


In Infiltrating the Airship, the Government serves as the protagonistic faction of "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "Relentless Bounty Hunter", the secondary antagonistic faction of "Pure Blooded Thief" and the main antagonistic faction of "Rapidly Promoted Executive".

In Fleeing the Complex, they are the protagonistic faction of "International Rescue Operative".

In Completing the Mission, they serve as the main protagonistic faction of "Valiant Hero", "Special BROvert Ops", "Triple Threat", "Pardoned Pals" and "Master Bounty Hunter", the secondary antagonistic faction of "Toppat Recruits" and the main antagonistic faction of "Toppat King" and "Toppat 4 Life".


When the Government finds out about Henry's crimes, they realize that they could use his outstanding skills against Toppat Clan, a hostile syndicate plaguing them for some time. Captain Hubert Galeforce kidnaps Henry during a house raid and brings him aboard Charles Calvin's helicopter. When he wakes up, Galeforce explains that his task is to infiltrate the Toppat Clan's Airship and that they will pardon all his crimes if he succeeds.

There are 2 ways Henry can please the Government and be pardoned for his crimes. In the rank "Government Supported Private Investigator" (GSPI), he steals very important and incriminating documents from the Toppat Clan and escapes back to the helicopter. In "Relentless Bounty Hunter" (RBH) he can accept the Toppat Leader's offer to become the new leader of the organization, or arrest him and hand him to the military. In Pure Blooded Thief, the government is annoyed at Henry for his refusal of their orders, but he is still spared.

Later, Henry ends up being imprisoned in a prison complex, The Wall. If Henry waits for transfer, he eventually gets the chance to call the the government pilot who assisted him in the Airship mission. When they two defeat the guards and escape, Henry earns the International Rescue Operative rank.

The government base as seen during Toppat 4 Life, right after Big Boy was hacked via a Scrambler.

In a final three-way battle against The Wall Military and the Toppat Clan, the sixteen endings of Completing the Mission may result in a victory/defeat for the government or have unspecified outcomes.


Members of the Government

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  • In "Relentless Bounty Hunter," it is unclear how the Government is able to legally arrest Reginald Copperbottom since at the start of the game Captain Galeforce clearly told Henry they had no evidence of the Toppats being criminals and thus couldn't lock him up. Though it could be implied that Reginald was forced to tell the Government everything he knew about the Toppats.
  • In "Pure Blooded Thief," it is unclear how they were allowed to attack the Airship without evidence. It could be implied that they found evidence in the destroyed airship.
  • Charles Calvin is the only member of the Government to appear in Fleeing the Complex.
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