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Government Supported Private Investigator is one of the four endings in Infiltrating the Airship.

In this ending, Henry teams up with Charles to steal sensitive, incriminating Toppat documents for the Government.


With a communications connection to Charles Calvin via Earpiece, Henry lands on the roof of the Airship. Locating a hatch, Charles informs Henry that there is a Toppat member, Hatchman, guarding the hatch from the inside. Henry must find a way to safely enter the airship from there.

  • [X] C4 - Strapping C4 to the hatch, Henry blows it up. The hatch door is launched in Henry's direction, hitting him and forcing him off the ship. (Message: You know when they blow stuff up and say "TAKE COVER!!"? That's why.. )
  • [X] Knock - Knocking on the hatch door, Henry catches the attention of Hatchman, who immediately holds him at gunpoint. (Message: They probably would have let you in if you had Girl Scout cookies with you.)
  • [X] Acid - Henry pours acid on the hatch in an attempt to destroy it, but the wind redirects the acid to his legs, melting them away. (Message: I can't stand acid either.)
  • Vacuum - Henry attaches a vacuum to the hatch. The vacuum sucks up the hatch door and Hatchman, clearing the way for Henry to enter the airship undetected.[1]

Charles suggests fetching incriminating evidence to use against the Toppats in an effort to pin them to the charges against them. Stumbling upon a Toppat meeting in progress, Henry must find a way to pass by undetected.

  • [X] Disguise - Donning a top hat, Henry enters the meeting room, where the Toppat clan members immediately notice him. One member, Slice, recognizes him as "Smith," whose Wife had recently gone into labor and is expecting a baby. Having to blend in, Henry is forced to take up their offer to use an escape pod and leave the airship for the hospital. (Message: Oh congratulations! Happy Father's Day!)
  • [X] Transdimensionalizer - Using a device reviewed by Gadget Gabe, Henry activates it. This however sends him to the first dimension, where he is unable to do anything more. (Message: You went to the 1st Dimension. It's ok just flip the switch up to get back to.. Oh right...)
  • Glue - Henry coats his hands in glue and attaches himself to the ceiling. With the Toppats busy with the meeting, Henry avoids detection.

No sooner has Henry crossed the room however, or he is force to dive into a trash chute since an elevator is about to open with the Toppat member Douglass Murl inside. Busting through the chute's vent, Henry lands on one end of a pit in the engine room. Charles informs Henry about the sign leading towards the "Records" room on the other side of the pit, and offers his assistance for Henry to cross it.

  • [X] Platform - Charles teleports a platform to Henry in order to bridge the gap. However, not only did Charles miss the placement of the platform, he also catches Henry inside of it, dragging him into the pit. (Message: Targetting system must be a little off.)
  • [X] Gravity Bubble - Henry is encased in a gravity bubble. From his helicopter, a confused Charles attempts to make the bubble levitate by reducing its gravity with the bubble's Up or Down button. However, he unknowingly increases the gravity by pressing the wrong button, causing Henry to be crushed by the bubble's pressure. (Message: So wait... Does 'Up' increase gravity or does it lift you up in the air?)
  • [X] Charles - While singing a triumphant fanfare, Charles rams his helicopter into the airship. (''Message: Hey look! Charles is here!'')

Arriving at the door leading towards the Records room, he finds a Toppat member, Wilhelm Krieghaus, there attempting to open the door as well. Charles tells Henry to leave this job to him.

  • [X] Mind Control - Charles hijacks Wilhelm Krieghaus' mind, attempting to use his card to open the door for Henry. However, Charles has difficulty controlling Wilhelm's actions, and the card is accidentally smashed, leaving it unusable. (Message: Controlling another person is harder than it looks, ok??)
  • [X] Gatling Gun - Charles whips out the helicopter's Gatling gun and fires on the airship, attempting to eliminate Krieghaus. While he succeeds in doing so, he also takes down Henry in the process. (Message: Wow he didn't even hit the door..)
  • [X] Remote Access - Attempting to hack into a door, Charles accidentally triggers a trap which launches Henry into a pit. (Message: Woops, wrong subroutine.)[2]
  • Bone Melt - Charles, through unknown means, melts the bones in Wilhelm's body, causing him to collapse. Henry steals the access card and uses it to successfully open the door.

Inside the Records room, Henry finds Handsome Harold, reading some documents detailing the history of their crimes. Determining that documents to be useful for the Government, Henry must find a way to steal them:

  • [X] Timeout - If Henry stalls for too long, Charles witnesses a duck get caught into an airship propeller. His reaction is radioed to Henry, which causes the Harold to notice him. (Message: This isn't a good time Charles.. But still, that sounds crazy!)
  • [X] Ninja Star - Henry attempts to hit Harold with a ninja star, but he hits the document with it instead. (Message: "You missed! How could you miss he was three feet in front of you!")[3]
  • [X] Falcon Kick - Henry charges up the attack, but the energy released burns him to ashes. (Message: I think you put too much energy into it that time.)
  • Spook - Henry uses a stick with a spider attached to it by a string and dangles the spider in front of Harold, expecting a scared reaction. However, Harold greets it in a friendly manner, leaving Henry with no other choice but to knock him out with the stick.

Henry seizes the evidence and begins to make his way out of the airship. Charles stops him, citing the amount of armed guards in the next room, and advises Henry to enter a nearby vent.

In the vent, he finds an electric defense system. Charles manages to hack into the ship's power grid, and asks Henry what he should do with it (with a Mass Effect-like conversation wheel showing up).

  • [X] Shut off the power. - Charles disables the airship's power. However, without the engines running, the ship begins a freefall to the ground. (Message: Let's hope the landing gear still has power.)
  • [X] I don't need your help! - Henry rebukes Charles' assistance and bolts for the vent's exit on the other side. However, he is struck by an electricity current and collapses. (Message: Good hustle.)
  • Make an animal noise - Henry imitates a sheep's call, to Charles' confusion. This does not cause a fail, nor gets Henry any further. It instead bringing the player back to the choice screen.[4]
  • Reroute the power. - Charles directs power away from the vent, and into a dark room where Al Kohaul is developing photos.

Henry exits the vent and encounters the storage area of the airship, finding two more Toppats, Benjamin Bourseious and Matthew Norbert. Being informed by Charles that he is right outside, Henry opens the bay doors, which alerts the Toppats. To assist Henry, Charles can use:

  • [X] Flashbang - Charles fires a flashbang into the airship to stun hostiles, but Henry runs right into it. Blinded and unable to stop running, Henry flies right off the airship. (Message: Wow, that was bright.)
  • [X] Sleeping Gas - Charles attempts to fire sleeping gas into the airship, but the wind blows it in the opposite direction. Henry then gets shot. (Message: You snooze you lose. Or I guess in this case you... Don't snooze you.. lose?)
  • [X] Banana Bomb - Charles launches the explosive into the airship, intending on taking out the Toppats in the storage. However, it is powerful enough to damage the airship and bring it down. (Message: Dun dun dun dun OOoohhhhh BANANA! Dun dun dun dun)[5]
  • Force Gun - After Charles told Henry to press a button on his earpiece, it summons a gun that sends a powerful force that can knock enemies back far. Henry uses the force gun to blast Matthew and Benjamin off the airship.

The Right Hand Man, alerted to the commotion in the storage, finds Henry with the evidence and the force gun. Before he can react properly, Henry knocks himself into Charles' helicopter with the force gun and they withdraw. Finding out that the Government was involved, the Right Hand Man expects trouble for the Toppat Clan.

Some time later, Henry is at home, and he tunes in to the news. A report reveals that Reginald Copperbottom and the Right Hand Man were arrested by the Government, along with hundreds of other Airship division members, were detained, and the airship was impounded. Many more were able to escape, although they are now pinned to criminal charges thanks to the evidence. Henry is presumably pardoned for his efforts in assisting the government.



  • In an August 2020 interview, PuffballsUnited revealed that the Gravity Bubble is his favorite fail scenario in the series.
  • Out of all the endings in the series, this ending has the most amount of letters for its name, with 38.
  • As shown in the intro for VH, Wilhelm Kreighaus somehow survived the "Bone Melt".
  • The ending is mis-spelled as GAPI in the legacy.
  • GSPI is referenced again by Charles in International Rescue Operative, Special BROvert Ops, Valiant Hero and Triple Threat.
  • The room Al Kohaul is developing photos in could be located in the hallway Henry chases Reginald Copperbottom in, as that is where it is located on the Among Us Airship map.
  • Differences in the legacy version:
    • Half of Charles' headset is missing in the achievement for GSPI.
    • GSPI is spelled as "GAPI"
    • The news report at the end does not specify that many Toppats are still at large since additional divisions were not included before CtM was released.
    • The RHM attempted to shoot Henry before the latter escapes from the cargo bay instead of doing nothing.
    • The unnamed singer is only present in the Legacy version.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Recruited"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Infiltrating the Airship, remastered
🎧 "Grim Melancholy"
HonorOfStyle Opening theme for Infiltrating the Airship, flash
🎧 "Wings of the Pilot"
PuffballsUnited Ending theme for the route, remastered
🎧 "Relaxing Beat"
Djinn-AndTonic Ending theme for the route, flash




  1. If the code from the USB Drive in Pure Blooded Thief final choice is entered in the keypad, it will open a door, linking to the 'Biggol Sword' achievement
  2. In the original flash version, the trap Charles activates smashes Henry instead of launching him into a pit. Original fail message: "Come on and SLAM, and welcome to the JAM!"
  3. Clicking on the letters M-U-L-A-N on the fail message will lead to the "Famous Movie Quote" achievement.
  4. Choosing this option leads to the "Barnyard Blitz" achievement.
  5. Clicking on the bold red "OOoohhhhh BANANA!" in the fail message will lead to the "Gold" achievement.
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