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The Government Tank is a green main battle tank used by The Government's military forces. It appears in the flash version of Infiltrating the Airship and in Completing The Mission.

It is featured as one of a number of vehicles the government uses when making the raid on the Toppat Clan.


Rear view

The Government Tank is painted the usual military green common among Government army vehicles. It has a long but thin gun with a muzzle brake on the end. The turret has sloped armor on the front and back of the tank. It carries extra gas cans on racks on the turret sides, and for unknown reasons there is a large X indent in the rear of the turret casting. It has a torsion bar suspension system with 5 road wheels, with short side skirts covering the driving wheels and return rollers. These side skirts have mud ejectors (those small flaps) used to let mud fall off the tracks.


  • The Government Tank resembles the T26 Pershing heavy tank.
  • The Government Tank carries extra gas cans on the sides of the turret, presumably to hold more fuel than its gas tanks allow.
  • It looks similar to the Rhino Tank From GTA V.

Real Life and Other Counterparts