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You wait here until cell found.
― Grigori Olyat's first words in Fleeing the Complex [src]

Grigori Olyat is a supporting antagonist in the Henry Stickmin series appearing as the secondary antagonist of Fleeing the Complex and the secondary tertiary antagonist in Completing the Mission.

In Fleeing the Complex, he is the secondary antagonist of Convict Allies, Presumed Dead, Ghost Inmate and International Rescue Operative, and the tertiary antagonist of The Betrayed. In Completing the Mission, he is the tertiary antagonist of Toppat Recruits and a major antagonist in Pardoned Pals.

He is an employee/security officer of The Wall and the right-hand man to Dmitri Johannes Petrov.



He is shown to have an dark grey goatee and mustache and wears blue shoes. His choice of weapon is a Makarov.

However after getting hit by a truck, he comes back in Completing the Mission having a dark blue cast for his broken right hand.


Grigori is always serious, no matter what. He also seems to be very skilled, as he's getting brought in for the difficult jobs. Grigori stays loyal to Dmitri no matter what, being the only person that goes to the top of the Toppat Clan's rocket with him. Grigori is hard to anger, as in Completing the Mission, he's calm, compared to the visibly mad Dmitri, despite the fact that Grigori is more injured. Grigori is also very loyal to The Wall as a whole.

Fleeing the Complex


Prior to the events of Fleeing the Complex, Grigori approached The Wall’s warden Dmitri Johannes Petrov to discuss the acquisition of a new asset: Henry. Though Dmitri initially dismisses the request, he becomes interested the more Grigori reads off Henry’s past records, and decides to follow through with Henry’s capture.

After Henry is brought to The Wall and given an introduction from Dmitri, Grigori escorts Henry to the Transfer Cell, ordering him to stay put before guarding the door of the room.

Presumed Dead

In the Presumed Dead pathway, when the starting screen option to tackle him is chosen, Henry rams Grigori from behind with his head and starts running down the hall in his escape attempt, leaving Grigori lying unconscious against a concrete wall. He is never seen again for the rest of the pathway.

Convict Allies

In the Convict Allies ending, Grigori appears in the yard just when Ellie Rose and Henry reach the surface during the massive prison outbreak. He takes Ellie captive, forcing Henry to act. To save her, Henry makes a face at Grigori, which distracts him long enough to get run over by a speeding Humvee that another inmate hijacked, severely injuring him and breaking his arm (as shown in Completing the Mission).

International Rescue Operative/The Betrayed

When Wait for Transfer is chosen in the start screen, beginning the International Rescue Operative/The Betrayed ending route, Grigori will bring Henry to his cell, sarcastically telling him to "have a good time". Grigori also appears in the Fake Illness option under the impression that Henry is sick and tranquilizes him only to then send him to the quarantine cell.


When choosing the option to Play Dead in the start screen, Grigori contacts Dmitri to tell him Henry has died. He is then instructed to "put Henry with [the] others", and thus tosses Henry's body out the window to his actual death.

Completing the Mission


Grigori appears again in Completing the Mission during the Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals pathways.

These pathways continue from where Convict Allies left off. Grigori has a broken arm in a cast as a result of being run over by a car in that pathway. He and his boss track down Henry and Ellie to the Toppat Launch Site, where The Toppat Raid has just begun, and attempt to recapture the two.

In the final choice screen, Henry and Ellie can surrender themselves to Grigori and Dmitri, which leads to a fail, or side with either the Toppats or the Government:

  • If they side with the Toppats, Reginald and the Right Hand Man hand them assault rifles, with which they shoot Grigori and Dmitri. Grigori is killed instantly, while Dimitri dies when Henry throws him overboard.
  • If they side with the Government, they hop on board Charles's helicopter and shoot the support beams of the Toppat Orbital Station, causing it to topple and explode, killing everyone inside, Grigori included.


Henry Stickmin

As Grigori is the right-hand man of Dmitri, he and Henry also despised each other. Grigori only wants to imprison or kill Henry, just like Dmitri does.

In the Toppat Recruits path, Grigori is shot to death by Henry and Ellie.

In the Pardoned Pals path, after Henry, Ellie and Charles destroy the Toppat's Orbital Station's support beams, which makes the Rocket and explode, killing Grigori on impact of the explosion (along with Dmitri, Reginald and Right Hand Man).

If Henry and Ellie choose to side with none of the three factions, Dmitri and Grigori are in the rocket when it launches and were probably killed by the Toppat Leaders afterwards.

Ellie Rose

Ellie shares the same hatred to him as Henry due to him wanting to imprison Henry and Ellie in The Wall forever.

Dmitri Johannes Petrov

Grigori and Dmitri are in very good terms with each other since Dmitri is his boss and gets brought onto the dangerous missions by him.


  • Fleeing the Complex: The Warden's second in command and main muscle. He gets brought in for the difficult jobs.
  • Completing the Mission: His arm is still freshly broken after being hit by a car during the escape incident.


Fleeing the Complex Teaser

  • "I have found potential asset."
  • "He was arrested for breaking into a bank."
  • "Yes, but he also escaped from prison."
  • "да (Yes), he is also the one responsible for the disappearance of the Tunisian Diamond."
  • "There is more... you know the Toppat Clan?"
  • "Apparently he had some sort of incident with them as well."
  • "There are conflicting reports; one report says he brought down the Toppat Clan, another say he joined them, another report talks about him teaming up with his Government, and there is something about a teddy bear; I do not know what actually happened."
  • "Does that mean you want to bring him in?"[1]

Fleeing the Complex

  • "You wait here until cell found."
  • "Is Grigori."
  • "You know new one, Henry?"
  • "He's dead."
  • "Yes."
  • "Put him with others."
  • "Okay."

International Rescue Operative/The Betrayed

  • "Alright let's go."
  • "Have a good time."

Convict Allies

  • "Back to your cell, inmate."
  • "What, you think that will upset me? Oh, very matu-"

Completing the Mission

  • "You are coming with us."


  • Grigori serves a similar role in the game like the Right Hand Man from Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission as they both are loyal to their factions and are right hand men of leaders. However, not much is known about him compared to the RHM.
  • In Completing the Mission, it is possible that Grigori and Dmitri are still chasing after Henry and Ellie in all the other routes that involve the Convict Allies ending, though they are obviously unsuccessful, due to them being allied with powerful factions in said routes.
  • The trailer for Fleeing the Complex reveals that Grigori was the one who proposed capturing Henry to Dmitri.
  • It could be possible he could be younger than Dmitri (mostly because of Dmitri being possibly around in his 70's).
  • Grigori has a thicker Russian accent than Dmitri.
  • In the legacy version of Fleeing the Complex walkthrough, Grigori's name is spelled as Gregory in the subtitles.




Completing the Mission

  1. These lines are never heard in gameplay, only in the official trailer for FtC.
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