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What the-!?!?
― Henry's first words in The Henry Stickmin Collection[src]

Henry Stickmin is the titular main protagonist of the Henry Stickmin series. He started out as an insignificant thief out to make some quick cash. After his escape from West Mesa Penitentiary, Henry's life quickly changes, and he becomes somewhat of a well-known criminal after his successful theft of the Tunisian Diamond. He is then approached by General Hubert Galeforce and Pilot Charles Calvin of The Government, who offer to drop all charges against Henry if he helps them take down the notorious Toppat Clan.

Sometime later, Henry is imprisoned in The Wall until he manages to escape/flee, either by himself, with a fellow prisoner, Ellie Rose or with "assistance" from either the Toppat Clan or Charles. After escaping from The Wall, Henry is tasked with a new objective; to defeat or help (depends on his choices) the Toppat Clan, who plan to taking themselves and their gems on a space station by rocket, and never be found, free to invade any place on Earth with ease without worry of governments trying to bring them down.


Depending on his choices, Henry either becomes a successful Government agent, a bounty hunter, part of a criminal organization (either as its leader or a recruit), a cyborg, or a space resort owner, or continue his criminal ways, either solo or with a partner.

In Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, Fleeing the Complex he is the main protagonist. In Completing the Mission, depending on the routes taken, he is either the protagonist, or protagonist villain.



Henry wears brown shoes. If he becomes the new leader of the Toppats, he wears a black hat with a golden dollar chain. If he just joins them, he wears a dark blue hat with a golden "H".

In the Revenged ending, Henry is given cybernetic abilities by Dr. Vinschpinsilstien. This includes a metallic left arm and a spine.


Henry is known to be very clumsy, which results in his hilarious failures which is what most people love about him, however he always seems to get in a lot of trouble. Being a Pure Blooded Thief and all, it's hard not to find himself in some sticky situations.
― Henry's personality

Henry is a majorly lucky, yet equally unlucky person. He frequently makes silly and outright mindless decisions, which is usually what leads to his many incarcerations. He sees himself to be legendary and commonly acts in a grandiose manner, but this cocky behaviour is usually what causes whatever mission he is on to result in often humorous failures. He is remarkably greedy, constantly in pursuit of valuable items such as various large gemstones, miscellaneous precious items stolen by the Toppats, or simply just cold-hard cash - which causes him to get in trouble more often than not. His combat techniques reflect his reckless nature.

Depending on the path chosen by the player, Henry can also be seen selflessly helping others out. Henry can choose to free Dave Panpa from the Toppats' captivity, a guard who is, ironically, guilty of his prison outbreak. He can assist his cellmate, Ellie Rose, in their escape from the Wall. He can also agree to Charles Calvin's dangerous mission proposal in order to take down the Toppats for good, despite not having anything to directly gain from it. These scenarios make for solid evidence showing that as arrogant as Henry may be, he does genuinely care about other people and/or his friends and isn't entirely out for himself.

Henry is a mostly silent protagonist, often letting his actions speak for him. On several occasions, he lets out a word or two (such as the grenade belt in Escaping the Prison, and the branch fail in Stealing the Diamond). In Completing the Mission, Henry is considerably more vocal than in previous installments. He can be heard detailing a plan to Charles, asking a Toppat security guard to raise a barrier, and reacting to misplacing the Leafmöde in a fail, as well as speaking nearly a full sentence to Ellie during a fail scenario.

Henry's primary trait is his selfish greed. He is first seen attempting to rob a bank in the first game. His persistence was rewarded with a jail sentence, yet it becomes very obvious too that being jailed for the failed robbery did not make any difference and he immediately chases after a nearby bank truck in the Lawyered Up ending of Escaping the Prison once acquitted.

Even after being arrested and having to escape, it is clear he learned little, with his eyes turning into dollar signs upon seeing the Tunisian Diamond on the news and immediately preparing to steal it. In spite of this, he knew where to draw the line in his greed, since he willingly abandons the diamond in order to save himself. He is also completely willing to commit murder to further his agenda, as he willingly drops the diamond on a guard's head with no hesitation.

He is even offered a full pardon by the Federal Government if he fulfilled their request, yet his lack of self-control over his greed proves to be too great. Upon seeing the Toppat Clan's gigantic Romanian Ruby they stole, he promptly abandons his mission and steals the ruby. Power-hungry and quite opportunistic, he has the option to betray the feds and take over the Toppat Clan when he catches Reginald Copperbottom, who surrenders the airship to him after Henry defeated the Right Hand Man.

Captured once again at The Wall complex, he sets out to escape once again. He has the option of escaping with a fellow convict named Ellie Rose and for the seemingly first time, having a true friend that helps him all the way. That being said, in order to escape, he ends up freeing every prisoner and uses the riot to escape, not caring about what consequences those actions warrant. He also has the option to simply abandon Ellie and go on his own, perfectly illustrating his willingness to use or expend anyone should it benefit him.

Henry, despite everything, does care about other people if they are on his side. This is best seen when he breaks down after Charles sacrifices himself to save Henry.

Breaking the Bank

Henry is Breaking The Bank

Henry's bio in Breaking the Bank

In his first appearance, Henry tries to break into a (seemingly) randomly-placed bank which is rather a vault in the middle of a desert. This is where he begins to show off his iconic failures. In his trials and errors, he uses a shovel to dig a tunnel, explosives, a laser drill, a wrecking ball, a Teleporter, and finally, a disguise. All the tools he uses, except the disguise, backfire against him. Although the disguise also leads him to his imprisonment, the others end up injuring him; however, unlike the fails of other games, these are considered canon as Henry is noted to have taken "many cuts and bruises" and "quite the beating" in Escaping the Prison.

When Henry puts on the disguise (actually just an empty money bag), he crawls into the bag, ties it from the inside and lies on the side of the road. A truck from the local bank stops, and the drivers, Winston Davis and Ted McAdams thinking another group dropped it, collect the bag and haul it to the bank, depositing it in the vault. Henry gets out of the bag in joy but he accidentally triggers an alarm and is subsequently imprisoned for an attempted robbery. This is when the story begins.

Escaping the Prison

Henry's bio in Escaping the Prison

After Henry's arrest, a package appears out of nowhere (Due to a CCC member named Ellias Bahtchin fixing the multiverse imbalance anomaly a year later). Dave Panpa sees the package, and Rupert Price calls him, and then Dave gives him the package, reminding Rupert that it's for Henry.

The next part of Henry's story begins with him in the West Mesa Penitentiary. Rupert and Dave call his attention, Rupert toying with him saying he was free to go, then laughing at him saying he was kidding. Then, they give him a package he received, mentioning that they already checked for anything useful. However, Dave had actually not checked the package. As they leave, Henry opens the box to find a cake that opens up and has something inside of it. Henry reaches down into the cake only to find and use several tools to his advantage.

Sneaky Escapist

Henry finds a file in the cake and decides to file the cell's bars to escape. He is then attacked by both police officers who gave him the "cake". After he knocks out both of them with the bar he filed, two other officers exit an elevator and spot Henry. He quickly enters a closet and uses a chair to climb up to the air duct. From there, he makes his way up to the roof of the prison. Henry notices a crate that has one last tool for him - plungers. He uses the plungers to slowly climb down the prison walls and finally runs off back into the desert; free to run off.

Lawyered Up

Henry finds a cellphone in the cake and calls his lawyer, Felix White. During court, while Vladimir VonBraun taunts him, Felix shows the Disguise Bag to the judge, Hubert Brown, and tells him "The knot was tied from the outside of the bag." The attorney then shows the Doctor's Analysis and mentions that Henry was battered, bruised, and claims he was stuffed in there while unconscious by the witness. Felix then told Hubert that: "Winston was trying to dispose of Henry, but he left him in the bag knowing when they were driving back to the bank but when the witness and his partner passed the bagged he convinced his partner to throw it in the bag with Henry inside with the other bags." Hubert then asked, "Why would Winston do that?" then Felix explains that "He was trying to dispose of the body" and shows the security footage to explain that the witness' victim woke up then he thought everything was over, but it's come back to haunt him now. Winston just screams about what Felix said and gets arrested, and Henry is released from the jail after Hubert gave his verdict that Henry is not guilty. Minutes later, another armoured truck passes by and Henry begins to chase it.

Badass Bust Out

Henry pulls out a large drill which he uses to drill into the floor to the room below him. He finds a crowbar to open a drain in the floor to crawl into the vent system. Unfortunately, he falls from the vent into a heavily guarded area. Two guards chase him and shoot at him as he runs, and he manages to escape them. Finally, he is in a duel against the penitentiary's chief Captain Ed Roberts. A small stare down occurs and finally, the chief opens fire. Henry quickly dodges every shot except one, which he grabs and throws back, splitting Roberts' rifle in half (in the remastered version, the rifle only falls off of Roberts' hands). Henry then walks out the prison, steals a police car and drives off into the desert. Henry later keeps that car in his home garage, along with the blue motor scooter.

Stealing the Diamond

Henry's bio in Stealing the Diamond

Despite being a free man, Henry has been left in financial turmoil due to his increasing bills, resulting in him living in a run-down house. He starts considering doing jobs (such as Guinea Pig) to earn money. At that point, Henry sees a video clip from the news on his TV showing Gene Fredrickson announcing the Tunisian Diamond exhibit open. The Tunisian Diamond is worth up to 12 million dollars in the Flash version, and 112 million dollars in the remastered version. Henry quickly decides to steal the diamond. He is seen swiping his keys off the table and heads his way to the National Museum of History and Culture.

Intruder on a Scooter

Henry bursts through the front door of the museum with his scooter. He runs over several guards and shields himself from the guards' bullets with a shield. He uses a tow cable to drag the Diamond out of the museum. While on the road, he is being chased by the police, who attempt to shoot him. Henry quickly throws a rock at an officer, Johnny Panzer, whose fall to his death leads to Rupert Price asking for reinforcements. Soon, in a parody of Grand Theft Auto, a helicopter (piloted by Jack Sheen) arrives, with Samuel Mundy inside. Henry then deflects the bullets with a bubble shield and escapes the helicopter by going into a tunnel. In a dead-end, due to an incomplete bridge, Henry is asked by James Lancelot to surrender. Henry, however, kicks the diamond off the bridge, holds onto his scooter, and falls quickly into the river below, escaping the cop's bullet. He awakens in a swamp next to the diamond and celebrates his success with a dance.

Just Plain Epic

Henry sneaks in from the side of the museum, using a pickaxe to slowly break down the wall. Then, a Creeper attacks Henry from behind, busting down the wall. Henry gets up and notices two guards: Kurt Dietrich and Dave Panpa, the latter being the guard responsible for Henry's prison escape. As Dave tells his story of failing to check Henry's package to Kurt, Henry knocks out Kurt with a small Nazi plane model. As Dave runs for help, he crashes into a wall, knocking himself out. Henry sneaks past a snoozing guard into another room where he uses a Mushroom to grow. He then walks into the Diamond exhibit, taking the diamond. However, he shrinks after he is shot with a cannon. Loads of chaos breaks out and the Center for Chaos Containment soon takes notice of this. Clyde Jenkins (one of the employees) sends a giant robot to destroy the museum. Knowing he would most likely die, Henry makes a run for it, leaving the diamond. He then is seen running away in slow motion as the robot continues to destroy the museum. Before long, Henry is on the road, breathing heavily when suddenly the Diamond lands beside him. He stands over it, in success.

Unseen Burglar

Henry decides his best way of entering is sneaking in. He uses a teleporter to teleport himself from the museum's side to the roof. This is one of two times in the series the Teleporter works, and does not result in a FAIL. There, he notices a guard on watch and uses a penny to distract him. As the guard looks away to get the penny, Henry quickly dashes through the door behind the guard. Now on a catwalk above the diamond, Henry lowers himself down to the diamond with a wire. Then he proceeds by smashing the glass surrounding the diamond with a hammer, which plays out surprisingly quietly. Finally, Henry, now with the diamond in his possession, uses a plank to launch himself near an exit, onto a big pillow, still unnoticed by the guards. When he exits, Henry drops the diamond on top of the last guard outside, killing him. Once he does this, Henry successfully escapes undetected.

Infiltrating the Airship

Henry's bio in Infiltrating the Airship

Seeing Henry's crimes and skills he used to do them, the Government of the USA kidnaps him to use him to bring down one of the government's greatest enemies. After waking up on a military helicopter, Captain Galeforce's soldiers tell him that his skills from breaking banks, attempts of robbery, and escaping prison can be useful for taking down a group of thieves known as the Toppat Clan. The Toppats are on an airship and the soldiers demand for Henry's help to take them down. They also assure that if Henry succeeds, all charges against Henry will be dropped and Henry will be a free man.

Government Supported Private Investigator

Henry arrives on top of the airship with an earpiece to hear Charles's (his pilot) "commands". Charles tells him there's a Toppat Member guarding the door into the inside of the airship. Henry then uses a vacuum to suck up the door (and the guard as well) and jumps in. He finds that there is a Toppat Meeting and uses glue on his hands to climb on the ceiling to the other room undetected. The trash chute of the room activates, and Henry is sucked in, breaking the vent. Charles says that there is a place labelled "Records", and would probably be a good place to look. For help, Charles sends in a robot helper that helps him hover over a deep gap. Finding an engineer who can't open a door with a key card, Charles melts the engineer's bones and Henry takes the key card to open the door into the Records. Henry distracts a guard with a fake spider, then knocks him out, and takes a huge piece of evidence, before climbing down into a vent and arriving at one of the bay doors. Henry opens the bay door to see the military helicopter close in to rescue Henry. Charles tells Henry to press a button on his earpiece, and the earpiece turns into a force gun that pushes the two guards off of the airship. Before more men could come, Henry uses the force gun on himself, so he can fly inside the helicopter with the evidence. The Toppat Clan have been proven as criminals later on, and hundreds of members have been arrested, among them were the leader, Reginald Copperbottom and his Right Hand Man.

Relentless Bounty Hunter

Shot out by a cannon into a plastic ball, Henry lands inside the cockpit of the Airship and sights their leader, Reginald Copperbottom, who flees while his Right Hand Man promises to hold him off. Henry rams through the door at full speed while the Right Hand Man tells everyone about the security breach. After Henry ejects from the plastic ball before it gets crushed, Henry chases Reginald on foot. When he finds that Reginald is trying to open a door on a high ledge, Henry gets a rocket launcher and "rocket jumps" onto the ledge, where he encounters the Right Hand Man in an Earthbound/Final Fantasy RPG-style fight. After defeating the Right Hand Man, the chase continues until Henry manages to capture him in the bay door. When he opens the bay door, Reginald surrenders the airship to him, while the military tells him to bring Reginald to them. Henry has two choices:

He can take control of the Airship for himself, or give the military Reginald, as promised.

If Henry chooses to escape in a tank and give Reginald to the military, Henry is pardoned for all his crimes and is set free.

Rapidly Promoted Executive

At the part where Henry has the two choices to either take the airship for himself or have Reginald arrested, Henry can decide to take control of the Airship and switch to the clan's side instead. Henry and Reginald drop dummy decoys out from the airship and the military helicopter follows it. When Galeforce and Charles find out Henry betrayed them, the airship is already gone and Henry becomes the new Toppat Leader.

Pure Blooded Thief

Using a Grapple Gun, Henry arrives on the edge of the plane among a door inside the airship. Henry decides to wait until a Toppat Member opens the door from the inside and sneaks in. Henry then jumps into a vent, but while riding through the ventilation shaft, he spots a huge ruby and decides to target it at the airship's vault. When he arrives at the vault, he shrinks the huge ruby to a smaller size, so he can hold it. Unfortunately, Henry sets off an alarm, causing the soldiers to notice that Henry is turning his back on them. The military helicopter then fires a missile that blows Henry onto a propeller. Henry chooses to put on Power Armor (in reference to the 'Fallout' franchise) and uses it to destroy the airship's engines, falling down in style while the airship crashes. The military and the Toppats charge in for a huge battle, while a nearby Center for Chaos Containment worker Wilson Stone decides to send in another army to take care of the problem, "Prototype". Once they are sent in, they start killing Toppat members to take care of the problem while the survivors flee. When Henry steals a prototype's flying suit, he flees as well but runs into the military helicopter. The soldiers decide to let him go because they already got what they came for. As the helicopter flies away, Henry escapes with the ruby in hand.

Lightning Quick Larcenist

Arriving in an open bay door in the launch of a sticky hand, he pushes off a vault off the airship with him. Quickly, the military helicopter uses a claw to grab Henry and the vault and pull both of them inside. When the soldiers open the vault, they only find a worthless teddy bear and raise their rifles to shoot Henry.

Fleeing the Complex

Henry's bio in Fleeing the Complex

Regardless of the previous game’s ending, Henry, due to his past crimes, is again arrested. This time, he is sent to a high-security prison complex called The Wall. When he is transported to a transfer cell, in order to wait for his movement to a permanent cell, Henry tries to escape.

Convict Allies

Henry sees his chance to flee when the guard Grigori turns around. He teams up with the other inmate in the transfer cell, a woman named Ellie Rose. She helps Henry reach a hatch in the ceiling that leads to a ventilation shaft, after which he helps her get into the shaft as well. They crawl out of the vent and synchronize a take-down of the two guards blocking the door. When they reach the security office, Ellie uses the force to lift Henry on the ceiling, so he can access the office through a hatch and open the door for her. However, Henry accidentally releases the other convicts by accident. It sets off absolute chaos, with convicts spreading all over the place. Eventually, they end up cornered by three armed guards. Ellie uses a taser to shock Henry, who then quickly shoots them with a Sniper Rifle. Then she takes two of their hats and uses them to distract two more guards out of an elevator. They go in it, and they make their way to the Yard.

In the Yard, Grigori, who lost them out of his sight and caused the breakout, catches Ellie and holds her hostage, but Henry saves her, making a face that distracts Grigori who then gets hit by a stolen truck. He then hitches a ride on a motorcycle but is tackled by Dmitri Johannes Petrov, the warden of The Wall. Ellie then jumps on the motorcycle and rides off to somewhere where she takes a metal stop sign. She rides the motorcycle to Henry, hits Dmitri with the sign, and saves Henry. Henry climbs on the motorcycle along with her, & they ride away together.

Ghost Inmate

The same start-up as CA, except now Henry leaves Ellie behind and continues on his own through the vent. He makes his way past the guards and into the security office, where he uses a balloon to get down an elevator shaft. He ends up in the bowels of the complex, where he uses helium to fill his head which makes him lighter than the air and able to fly. He reaches an open vent. The vent leads to the docks. After sneaking past the guards, Henry boards a small motor dinghy and sails off into the night, leaving none of the guards any wiser that he got out. The guards think he is Gordon Smith, an unseen employee of The Wall, and that he sailed away to go back to his family.

Presumed Dead

Henry charge-tackles Grigori and smacks him into a wall. He is spotted after a few seconds by a guard in a doorway looking down. He then wields his assault rifle and aims it at Henry. Henry avoids being shot by the guard and uses a leap, front flip, and a handstand on his restraints (a reference to the 'Tony Hawk' games). He then starts to skate on his arm restraints. He regains his balance and uses an Item Box from 'Mario Kart' to turn invisible. This way, he reaches an elevator that takes him to The Yard. However, once there, the Warden has already alerted the guards. Henry fights off a sword-wielding guard, Karlov Chernik , presumably with the Sword of Biggoron, and steals a truck with which he drives out of the Complex. The guards give chase. Henry manages to knock one of the vehicles chasing him into a ravine, but in the process, his own truck topples over and slides to the edge of the ravine as well. Petrov soon comes to the scene in a black limo and says that he is impressed by Henry's ability to escape. He confronts Henry and demands his surrender, but Henry refuses so Petrov simply kicks the truck into the ravine, apparently killing Henry. Without him or the guards knowing he is alive still, Henry has managed to get out of the truck and is now clinging onto the side of the ravine. When the Warden and the Guards are gone, Henry climbs back up, gets transported to an airport by a lumberjack truck, and flies away in an airplane with a fake passport. The end is retconned in the remaster to reveal him still stuck in Canada.

International Rescue Operative

Henry waits in the Transfer cell until the guards take him to his permanent cell. Once there, he uses a laser plane to cut a hole in the floor and reach the office below his cell, crushing the guard below. There, he can call Charles, the government agent helicopter pilot who helped him out in the previous game (continuing from the "Government Supported Private Investigator" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter" ending). Charles happens to be flying nearby and agrees to help Henry escape. Henry makes his way to the cafeteria, and from there, uses a flash step to get to the fire escape outside. Charles has arrived and uses a mini-helicopter to take down a guard that is blocking Henry's way. He then proceeds to make his way to the helipad on the roof. Two guards notice Charles' helicopter, but Henry pushes off the guard armed with a bazooka off the roof, and Charles crushes the other with the chopper. Henry, doing the "I'll be watching you" sign to the bazooka guard, gets into the helicopter and the two of them fly off.

The Betrayed

The same start-up as IRO, but this time, Henry calls the Toppat Clan for help instead of Charles (making this scenario a sequel to the "Rapidly Promoted Executive" ending of the previous game, which means Henry is still the Toppat Leader). The Clan immediately comes to The Wall with their airship. When they arrive, they shoot a drill pod with 3 thugs and Henry's scooter inside at the cafeteria. While the thugs give Henry cover, Henry mounts his scooter and leaps out of The Wall towards the Airship. He barely misses his jump, but Reginald (now his right hand man) manages to catch him. However, he has no intention to save Henry but instead gloats how he can now take control of the clan back. He throws Henry off the Airship and into the ocean, to his death, but he is resurrected and turned into a cyborg by Dr. Vinschpinsilstien 10 hours later.

Henry's bio in Completing the Mission

Completing the Mission

Henry can appear in a variety of different scenarios. In either of the "Government Supported Private Investigator" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter" endings from ItA, and/or "International Rescue Operative" from FtC, he will be working with Charles and the Government. In "Pure-Blooded Thief" he tries to steal either money or jewels from the Toppat Clan. In "Rapidly Promoted Executive", he works with the Toppat Clan, while in "Revenged" he tries to take them down in revenge for Reg's actions in "The Betrayed" pathway.

Cleaned 'em Out

Henry is at home when he is contacted by a Government general with intel about the Toppat Clan's plan to launch a space station into orbit around Earth. However, Henry is only interested in the money, so instead of directly confronting the Toppats, he sneaks behind to take their assets. He arrives at the train, where it has stopped to load the cargo on. From there, Henry must find a way onto the train before it departs.

Using a Magic Hat, Henry manages to get onto the train without being spotted. As he gets out of the hat, he is spotted by a Toppat member, which then, he quickly enters a different train car, where he encounters a lot of Toppat members. Having yet to be spotted, Henry must do something in order to not get detected and escape the car.

He finds an open window and jumps out, somehow ending on top of the train car. He rides on top but he then notices that the train is about to reach a tunnel, with a rock wall on top. With Henry needing to dodge the wall, he needs to quickly find a way to avoid it. He is then scaled small enough to dodge the wall. After reaching the Toppats' Missile Base, he is sent back to normal.

He then enters a cooler, where he is eventually loaded up into the rocket. He leaves the cooler and notices that he is finally in the cargo bay, where all of the treasures are located. From, Henry must find a way to claim all of the treasures and escape.

Using the SuccPak, he sucks all of the treasures into the SuccPak. With the treasure in his possession, he notices a yellow sports car, which he uses to escape. He then drives out of the rocket and base, making off with the loot. The next day, the Toppats open the cargo door only to find the bay completely empty. Henry is shown in the ending title with all of the Toppats' treasure.

Triple Threat

Henry and Ellie, having recently escaped from the Wall, are picked up by Charles from the outskirts of The Wall, and the three quickly become close buddies due to Ellie now being a friend of Henry's, which Charles claims that any friend of Henry's is a friend of his. Charles says that he was allowed to pick them up but General Galeforce had to sanction the pick-up, so in return, the three must do a mission in order to take down the Toppats to make up for it. Henry and Ellie agree as it is the least they could do as the General is helping them. The two then fly away. On the way to the Toppats Missile Base, Charles briefs them on the situation, saying that whatever was left of the Toppats has set up base somewhere in the middle of the Dogobogo Jungle. They are planning to send a space station into orbit and they are going to succeed in getting away if they do so their goal is to stop them from launching it. Charles also explains that the general has pulled out all of his main forces as he trusts that Henry and Charles can pull this off since Henry and Charles worked well together in the past. Ellie decides to join in too, saying that she and Henry make a good team too. Charles then says that with the three of them, they will have no problems "completing the mission", with Ellie asking Charles why he said it like that.

The three arrive at the missile base with two hours before the launch. Charles tells them that he cannot get any closer or he might get shot down. Henry and Ellie decide to make their way towards the base themselves.

Using jetpacks, they fly towards the SAM turret, where they crash into it. Somehow they survive and destroys the SAM turret smoothly. They then must figure out a way to reach the rocket as it is about to take off soon. Using a barrel from Donkey Kong, they get inside the barrel and fly their way towards the sky. Charles then quickly arrives as Henry and Ellie need to act quickly.

The two end up inside a cannon attached to the helicopter. They are then fired into a window, where they successfully infiltrate the rocket. Unfortunately, they end up inside the cafeteria, where they are surrounded by dozens of Toppats.

They then cause a diversion, where they start dancing to a beat. The Toppats slowly get interested and the entire cafeteria begins to dance as well, not noticing Henry and Ellie sneaking away.

Unfortunately, the rocket takes off, with the three needing to figure out a plan before the rocket makes it into orbit.

Henry tells them his plan, with them agreeing on it while Henry and Ellie make their way to the cockpit.

The two incapacitate Sven Svensson, the captain for the rocket and current leader of the Toppats, with Henry setting a new course for the rocket. The two then bail out of the rocket through a window, where they free-fall until they reach Charles' helicopter, who was also falling due to him disabling the blades so Henry and Ellie could reach the helicopter and climb in. In the nick of time, Charles reactivates the blades and flies away. As Charles asks where they sent the rocket, it turns out Henry sent it crashing into the Wall. Ellie then tells Charles to call them in case they have any more jobs to do together, with Henry agreeing.

Valiant Hero

Charles reunites with Henry at a tavern in the middle of a snowy tundra. Unable to fend against the Toppats on Earth, the two decide to venture into space in a joint effort to destroy the Toppat Orbital Station. The two then fly into space using Charles' space ship. From there, Henry must find a way to get towards the orbital station undetected. Charles then puts Henry inside a ball of trash, where he manages to reach the orbital station undetected. From there, Henry must get inside. Somehow, he then waits Charles what to do, in which Charles decides that it is time for a bold action move. He then begins to fly right into Henry's position while Henry panics and knows what Charles is about to do. Somehow, the plan actually works and they damage the orbital station's core.

The two then decide that they must find a way off of the station before it explodes. They reach a jammed door, where they must find a way past. Charles notices a vent, where the two crawl through it. As they are crawling through, they hear a distant explosion, which reveals that they are running out of time. The two successfully reach the escape pods but almost all of them were shipped out. The two notice three different pods to choose from. With the luxury and the functional ones already being taken, the two settle on the broken pod, and they, with difficulty, manage to get the door open.

As they sit and wait for the pod to be shipped out, Henry is suddenly attacked by Jacked Hughman, who is trying to take the pod for himself. Charles then attacks Jack and throws Henry back into the pod. Before Charles could enter the pod as well, the door closes, with Charles struggling against Jack, telling Henry that he will find another way. As Henry is flying back into Earth, Charles communicates with Henry, saying that he finally managed to beat Jack. He then tries to search for another pod somewhere. He then tells Henry that it was a good plan and he could say it was the greatest plan. However, before Charles could finish his sentence, the station suddenly blows up, with the communication cutting off abruptly. Henry then bangs on the window in sorrow as he attempts to reach out for Charles. Henry returns to the military base on Earth, where General Hubert congratulates Henry on his successful mission. Henry stands sadly, with General asking Henry what is wrong, unaware of Charles' death. Henry then stands at Charles' grave and gives it a salute.

Special BROvert Ops

Having just escaped from The Wall, Henry and Charles land in a government base in the Dogobogo Jungle. General Galeforce welcomes them and brings them up to speed with their problem. The remaining Toppats built a rocket at the Toppat Launch Site and are planning to go to space to set up a space station. This would make governments unable to reach them if they are able to get their space station into orbit. Since Henry and Charles worked well together bringing down the airship, the General figures out that they would be the best candidates for the mission. Even though Henry doesn't owe the government anything, the General promises to return the favour somehow.

Henry and Charles arrive at the Toppat Launch Site via helicopter, and Charles is already being targeted by a SAM Turret on top of a building. Henry is next to the SAM Turret and must figure out a way to destroy it. Henry then draws something as the SAM Turret is targeting Charles. At the last moment, Henry puts a drawing of a cloud in front of the SAM Turret's camera, blocking its view of Charles. Charles thanks Henry for whatever he did. An announcement is made by the Toppats that the rocket would be launching soon and for everyone to get onboard. Charles needs to get Henry onboard before the rocket launches. Charles drops a trapeze swing attached to the helicopter, allowing Henry to grab on and swing into the entrance of the rocket. The rocket entrance closes as Henry rolls into the Storage Bay. Two Toppats mention how they think of their new leader. Charles noticed that it seemed every member of the Toppat Clan is there, and he needs Henry to go to the Engine Room without being seen. Charles hacks into a nearby robot named Topbot, which he programs to breakdance, causing everybody but Henry to be distracted by it, allowing him to get to the Engine Room unnoticed. Once there, Henry has to somehow damage the Engine. Henry throws a red herring into the vents of the engine, causing it to be jammed and requires fixing. This buys Henry and Charles some time. Henry exits the Engine Room and enters the Hall of Leaders, which leads to the Cockpit. Charles says that if he can find a way to lock everybody inside via the cockpit, the government can make their arrests with ease. Henry has to cross without being noticed. Henry uses the Swapper, a device capable of switching places of anybody targeted. Henry swaps places with a Toppat who was close to the cockpit entrance and was able to get into the cockpit with ease.

Henry enters the cockpit, only to find the current leader, Sven Svensson. Sven quickly holds Henry at gunpoint before he recognizes him as the one responsible for the arrests of the Airship division. Charles has a hard time telling if Henry was in trouble, but could eventually see that he was. As Sven rants about what he's been through to take up leadership and make the rocket plan, Charles must help Henry somehow. Charles then uses a loud horn to startle Sven, dropping his gun. Sven attempts to engage in a fistfight, only for Henry to easily knock him out. Henry takes control of the rocket and locks the doors. Charles sends the other members of the government to take care of the rest. During the credits, multiple helicopters arrive at the front of the rocket. As Henry is dragging Sven, a Toppat member tries to get Sven via microphone to open the doors so they can run away or at least get their weapons. Soldiers arrive and easily arrest the entire Toppat Clan. Charles comes to greet and congratulate Henry in person, so does General Galeforce. He offers Henry to be enlisted with a promotion along with Charles into Special Covert Ops Agents, allowing Henry to go along with Charles on more missions. He accepts with the final scene containing Charles riding a helicopter with Henry riding along.

Jewel Baron

Following his escape from The Wall, Henry Stickmin is at home eating cereal when he watches a BCC news report about the Toppat Orbital Station. BCC's Alice Hamilton reports that the station was launched a week ago, thus allowing the Toppats to raid anywhere on Earth with ease. When Hamilton mentions that the Norwegian Emerald is in Toppat possession, Henry immediately takes off to steal it from the space station.

Using a modified scooter designed for space travel, Henry races into space. Burt Curtis notices a "hostile object" approaching the station, and Reginald Copperbottom orders it to be shot down. Henry transforms his scooter into a small spaceship with a long needle, which punctures the hull and allows him to breach into the station. Burt Curtis mentions that the space station missed completely, annoying Reginald who laments with their investment on such an ineffective defence system. Henry is spat out of the mosquito scooter and sees the plans of the vents. He sees a route to the vault. All he has to do is cross the gravity pit. Henry then takes out the Teleporter. Aware of how unreliable the device has been in the past, Henry smashes it into bits, causing it to go haywire. Henry is transported through multiple locations in quick succession, before arriving at his destination: the vault with the Norwegian Emerald. Surprised that it worked, he sees the Emerald inside. Henry simply uses the "Open" button to open the barrier and retrieve the Emerald.

With the Emerald, Henry makes his way to the Orion Lounge, but there he encounters the Right Hand Man and Wilhelm Krieghaus. The Right Hand Man recognizes Henry as the guy who stole their Ruby. Reginald orders him to finish Henry. Henry utters the Unrelenting Force shout from Skyrim (with the words and letters swapped around), bursting the walls of the station and sending all three of them out into space. Henry grabs the hat of the Right Hand Man, which contains an oxygen mask, while the Right Hand Man drifts off into space. Becoming desperate, Reginald sets the entire Toppat Clan on high alert and orders the station's superweapon, the Supreme Dominance, to fire at Henry Henry uses the Grow 'n Shrink to enlarge the Emerald. It reflects the ray from the Supreme Dominance back at the space station and cuts it in half. Chaos ensues as the Toppats flee their crippled station. Reginald retreats to his private escape pod, only to launch straight at Henry. Henry breaks through the window into the escape pod. Reginald struggles against the vacuum of space, cursing Henry, as he is sucked through the broken window. After he is gone, the window is sealed off.

In a breaking news report, Alice Hamilton reports that the Toppat Orbital Station was completely destroyed. While numerous escape pods were spotted entering the atmosphere, authorities find the Toppat Leader's private escape pod to be completely empty. As such, they are unable to confirm if he had survived the whole ordeal. With his heist complete, Henry now possesses the three most pristine jewels in the world - the Tunisian Diamond, the Romanian Ruby, and now the Norwegian Emerald.

Toppat Recruits

Having escaped the Wall, Henry and Ellie are on the run from Dmitri Johannes Petrov and Grigori Olyat. They make their way to the Dogobogo Jungle and the Toppat Launch Site, where Ellie hopes she and Henry can join the Toppats. When they arrive, however, they find the Wall guards waiting for them. Worse, General Galeforce chooses this exact moment to launch an attack against the Toppats to stop them from launching their Orbital station, starting The Battle of Dogobogo Jungle. Henry and Ellie crash their motorcycle on a car. With the two being surrounded by two opposing factions, they use Rope and Wings. With them attaching the rope to the wings, they use it to escape to the rocket. A helicopter knocks the rope over, and Henry and Ellie land inside the launch tower in the process. Konrad Bukowski and Calvin Bukowski jump after them from the helicopter and capture Ellie while Henry sneaks away. To save Ellie, Henry uses a time machine. Henry travels 2 years into the past and disrupts the Bukowski twins' attempt to enlist in the military by throwing a rock at them, starting a fight. The two are dismissed. Since they never joined the army now, they are no longer there to stop Henry and Ellie in the tower when Henry returns to the present.

Henry and Ellie climb up to the top of the launch deck, but a Wall guard sees them and informs a tank driver. The tank shoots a missile on the bridge, and a part of it collapses. Henry is about to fall in the process, but there's still time to catch him. Henry lands on a music block and jumps up to the bridge normally Henry and Ellie reach the rocket, and they encounter Reginald Copperbottom and the Right Hand Man. Reginald recognizes Henry as the man who stole the Romanian Ruby from them, but also acknowledges the two outlaws' skills. He then allows Henry and Ellie to join if Henry returns the said ruby. Then Dmitri and Grigori show up to demand Henry and Ellie to surrender. And to top it off, Charles Calvin arrives with his helicopter, sees Henry, and asks him to help take out the Toppats.

Now caught between three factions, Henry and Ellie must choose who to side with or try and escape alone, and ultimately decide to side with the Toppats. Henry and Ellie signal to Reginald and Right Hand Man, who toss them assault rifles, allowing them to fire on Dmitri and Grigori. The RHM uses his pistol to disable Charles' helicopter rotors, forcing him to retreat. While the rocket is launching into space, Dmitri is above to recover from his gunshot wounds and knocks out Ellie before confronting Henry. Furious about his ruined reputation due to Henry's involvement with the riot back at The Wall, Dmitri attempts to kill Henry once and for all. Throwing a punch, Dmitri misses, creating an opening that allows Henry to throw the warden off the rocket and to his death. The rocket completes its journey into space. Henry and Ellie are officially recruited into the Toppat Clan on the promise of returning the Romanian Ruby. During the recruitment ceremony, some Toppats display a grudge towards the two.

Pardoned Pals

Having escaped the Wall, Henry and Ellie Rose are on the run from Dmitri Johannes Petrov and Grigori Olyat. They initially plan on joining the Toppat Clan (see above for details), but eventually side with the Government in an attempt to get themselves pardoned. Henry signals to Charles, who pilots his helicopter closer to the rocket, allowing Henry and Ellie to transfer. With Henry and Ellie on board, Charles orders all remaining Government units to fall back from the rocket. Manning the helicopter's mounted turrets, the convicted duo destroy the rocket's support beams, which causes the vehicle to topple and explode. The Government emerges from their battle, victorious. At the jungle base, General Galeforce is surprised to find Henry and Ellie in alliance with his forces, considering that both are wanted convicts, alongside Henry's betrayal during the Airship mission. Out of gratitude for their assistance in stopping the Toppats from launching into space, Galeforce agrees to have the pair pardoned. Now free from their lengthy criminal records, Henry and Ellie celebrate with a toast.

Stickmin Space Resort

Following his escape from The Wall by faking his death, Henry is still in Canada, disguised as "Mysterious Vagabond". While in a bar, he overhears a Toppat member named Icepick make a phone call about the upcoming launch of their Toppat Orbital Station. During the call, Icepick accidentally reveals parcels of information regarding the mission, causing an excited Henry to set course for the Toppat Launch Site, in an effort to steal the entire station.

On the outskirts of the launch base, Henry races towards the rocket using his scooter and finds the entrance blocked by a boom barrier, with Kayn West on patrol. Henry stops and asks the guard, Kayn West, to raise the barrier. Kayn complies with the request, realizing too late that Henry is not a Toppat member. Kayn quickly warns Reginald Copperbottom and the Right Hand Man. Reginald orders his men to stop Henry. Henry races to the rocket, going straight for Sal Malone and Icepick, who are arguing because the latter wishes to change hats with each other, but the former tells him he's not allowed to. Henry simply drives straight ahead, ramming into Sal while knocking his hat off. Soon after that, Icepick takes off his hat and puts on Sal's hat. Henry punches and pushes Sal off the scooter and goes for the rocket. Reginald orders for the rocket's door to be closed. Henry deploys the spiked wheels, which allow his scooter to vertically race up the Rocket to the dome on top.

Reginald realizes Henry is after the rocket's cockpit. The Right Hand Man orders a sniper named Jack Doogan to take Henry out. Henry reaches the dome and uses a hammer to deflect a shot right back at the sniper. The shockwave caused by the deflection also causes the glass to break and Henry falls into the cockpit. Taking control, he triggers an emergency launch, confusing the Toppats on board. The Right Hand Man, in a last-ditch effort, fires a harpoon at the rocket to tether it to Earth and prevent it from launching into space. Using a sniper rifle, Henry takes aim at the harpoon tether and successfully severs the connection, allowing the rocket to continue into space.

Realizing that their investment has effectively gone to bust, Reginald screams in frustration as the rocket departs Earth. The rocket completes its journey into space with Henry in command. One year later, the space station has been converted into a luxury resort and has started accepting guests. The Toppats on board the rocket reformed as crew members servicing the resort, while the remaining Toppats on Earth were apprehended by the Government and taken into custody. The real motive behind Henry's hijacking and conversion of the rocket from a criminal superbase to a destination resort remains a mystery to everyone, including the employees.

Free Man

Henry wakes up in a cell on board of the Toppat Orbital Station. He is greeted by the Right Hand Man, who is now a cyborg and in charge of the Toppat Clan since Henry got Reginald Copperbottom arrested. He tells Henry how he personally had Henry captured because of what he did to Reginald, and mocks Henry for his predicament. Henry naturally plans an escape. First, he needs to get out of his handcuffs by using a Magic Spell: Henry magically breaks out of his cuffs using a thunder spell. Now he has to open the door of the cell. He uses a Magic Hat. Henry puts on the hat and turns into metal. He slams through the door. Henry breaks out and runs through the station, being protected from gunfire due to his metal form. The transformation wears off when he reaches Armory 7. Henry quickly locks himself inside, and as the Toppats gather around the door, Henry has to choose which weapon to use. Using a retro light gun, Henry kills the four Toppats with ease and continues his escape.

Henry fights his way to the cafeteria, where the Right Hand Man awaits him. Henry is about to shoot, but the Right Hand Man throws Henry onto the floor and prepares to finish him. Henry summons the Nano-Suit, which forms around his body. He blocks a punch from the Right Hand Man before he breaks through the cafeteria's glass window and flees into space, with the Right Hand Man following close behind. The Right Hand Man tries to shoot Henry with his laser eye, while Henry runs down one of the station's solar panels. Henry uses the suit's gravity boots to break through the solar panel, shattering it. He then hides among the debris, as Burt Curtis warns the Right Hand Man about the damage. Henry spots three satellites nearby, as well as a way back to Earth. Henry leaps to the Right Satellite, which is a drop pod. Henry gets on board and sets its destination to Earth, putting it on a direct collision course with the Orbital Station.

With alarms flaring on the station, Burt warns the Right Hand Man about the fact that Henry is about to crash into the Orbital Station. He attempts to stop Henry's drop pod from taking off, but it's no use - the pod penetrates through the space station, striking their central core, and flies towards Earth. Henry survives the whole ordeal and disembarks from the drop pod on Earth, now free from the Toppat Clan. The Right Hand Man also survived and returns to the space station, now without power due to the loss of the station's central core. The Toppats are unable to return to Earth without any power, thus they are stranded in space. Burt questions the Right Hand Man about the identity of the prisoner and the reason why he imprisoned him in the first place.

Capital Gains

After Henry and Ellie have escaped from The Wall, Henry tells Ellie he has a tank which he stole from the Toppat Clan when capturing Reginald Copperbottom. Surprised and impressed, Ellie suggests that they could use it to rob the Toppat Clan as she states that she's "running low on cash." Through her contact, she learns that a train is transporting all of their valuables to the Toppat Launch. Ellie and Henry intercept the convoy and crush one of the vehicles with the tank. From the other vehicles, Toppat Members open fire on them. One of them, Fred Worst, even uses a machine gun that fires swords. Henry shoots the tank's cannon at the approaching tunnel, causing it to collapse.

Fred initially taunts Henry for his apparent poor aim, but once he notices the now-blocked tunnel, he radios Mr. Macbeth to stop the train. However, he is unable to slow down in time and the train collides with the terrain. At the launch site, the Right Hand Man hears about the train crash and rushes off to the crash site. Meanwhile, as the train and all of the Toppats are taken care of, Henry and Ellie find the wrecked money cargo and wonder how to transport the loot inside of it. Henry and Ellie inflate the Fulton balloon that lifts the cargo up into the sky, with them on it Before Henry can decide how to continue, the Right Hand Man lands on the car and confronts the two. Henry and Ellie engage the Right Hand Man in physical combat, locking him into an inescapable combo before finishing with a "Stickmin Punch" from both Henry and Ellie. The energy released from the punches obliterates the Right Hand Man's body, leaving only his cybernetic legs intact. Now safe from the Toppats, Ellie transmutes the scrap legs into a rocket booster, allowing them to sail away with their payday.

Little Nest Egg

In a tavern located on a snowy tundra, two Toppat Clan members discuss their assets being transported to the rocket at the launch site. They mention one particular train cart that is loaded with all of the clan's money. Overhearing this conversation, Henry intentionally bumps into the two Toppats and steals their plans. Brandishing the tank he stole from the Toppats when hunting down Reginald Copperbottom, Henry makes his way to the transport train, which is being protected by an armed caravan. Viewing it from a distance, Henry ploughs his tank right into the train, climbs up to the roof, and makes his way to the money cart.

Henry runs on the train roof. A man named Blast Connors, who is sitting behind a mounted Gatling turret, moves to intercept him. Henry zips around using super-speed in order to avoid the bullets and takes out Blast Connors by jumping on him Henry makes his way to the money cart and breaks the lock of the adjacent cart, preventing the rest of the clan from getting out. Mr. Macbeth, the train operator, stops the train, equips a blaster, and comes to intercept Henry in the money cart. From here, Henry equips the mirror. Mr Macbeth shoots a large blast of energy, which the mirror reflects onto Mr. Macbeth, reducing him to ashes.

Henry climbs out of the money cart and the rest of the Toppat Clan in the locked cart decides to go out the other door. To escape from them with the money cart, Henry activates an inflatable raft in front of the money cart, launching him and the cart into the river. The cart drifts away as the Toppat men state it's a problem. The Clan conduct a search to find the stolen car but to no avail. Eventually, the Right Hand Man orders the Clan to call off the search, as he deems the satellite launch is more important. Henry is last seen hiding on the shore next to the camouflaged money car, taking some of the loot inside with him.

Master Bounty Hunter

In a military helicopter piloted by Charles Calvin, Henry arrives on the outskirts of the Toppat Launch Site. He is greeted by a squad of experienced bounty hunters, which include John Pilksin (codename: "Frog"), Gordon Banks (codename: "Eel"), and Amelia Esteban (codename: "Turtle"). In a codec conversation with the General, Henry and Frog are caught up with the details of their mission - the Right Hand Man is now the leader of the remainder of the Toppat Clan, which plans to launch a space station into orbit. The Right Hand Man has also received cybernetic augmentations following his defeat to Henry. The squad has to either capture or eliminate him.

Approaching the base, the squad finds a guard named Kayn West at the entrance, armed with an assault rifle and on the lookout. Using an enemy conversion trick, Henry converts Kayn to their allegiance. With Kayn now on their side, the squad infiltrate the base. Frog places their newest member on guard outside of the base on their behalf. Tapping into their security feed, Eel locates the Right Hand Man in the warehouse and they begin to form a strategy to take him down. At the warehouse, the Right Hand Man and his adversaries are locked in a battle with Government soldiers already at the scene. They prepare an ambush. Henry branches off to the left in an effort to flank the RHM, while Frog, Eel, and Turtle provide Henry with a distraction. The Right Hand Man notices Henry, but before confronting him, he fires a blast at Frog, Eel, and Turtle, killing them. Claiming that he was going to hunt Henry down after getting set up, the Right Hand Man gives Henry a chance to defend himself. Henry uses a low-effort combo to juggle the Right Hand Man repeatedly, eventually causing him to be knocked out.

The damage to the RHM's cybernetics causes him to shut down. Fellow Toppats on the bridge notice Henry with their leader, causing him to panic. Henry plays the Ocarina, summoning Charles to his position, allowing him to secure the Right Hand Man on behalf of the Government On the P.A., the general informs the remaining Toppats that their leader has been captured and urges them to surrender immediately. Without a leader, the Clan folds into turmoil, with many members claiming leadership. Sven Svensson, the pilot of the rocket, attempts to initiate an emergency launch but is shut down by a fellow Toppat member who did not believe he had the authority to do so. The power struggle buys the Government enough time to apprehend a wide majority of the Clan. A few Toppats managed to escape as small groups, who pose no real danger to the Government. Henry is told that bounty hunting really suits him, and is asked if he's "interested in going pro." Henry decides to do just that.

Toppat Civil Warfare

Three days after escaping from The Wall undetected, Henry returns to the Toppat Airship to resume his duties of the Clan. However, unbeknownst to him, an embittered Ellie managed to escape from The Wall on her own as well and has hitched a ride on Henry's vehicle leading to the Airship. Henry is surprised to see Ellie, who introduces herself to the Toppat Clan and reveals to them that Henry had abandoned her to rot in the prison complex after exploiting her trust for his own gain. Spotting an opportunity to reclaim power in the Clan, Reginald Copperbottom calls Henry out for his lack of honour and begins to rally his clanmates to the effort of overthrowing him from Clan leadership. During the denouncement ceremony, Geoffrey Plumb and Thomas Chestershire voice their opposition to the change of leadership, only for the Right Hand Man to order any of Henry's loyalists to be sent to the airship brig. Henry is sent to the plank during the ceremony, but when Reginald approaches him to reclaim the leader's top hat, Henry throws him overboard, forcing the Right Hand Man to fly away from the airship to rescue him. Ellie and other Toppats quickly respond by drawing assault rifles on Henry as the former commands him to jump. Henry jumps off the plank, to Ellie's delight, but then uses a helicopter rotor in his hat to fly back to the Airship.

He flies and crashes into the brig where his followers and Dave Panpa were imprisoned. The brig's guard, Floyd Winters, is knocked out thanks to Henry's crash landing, which also pierces through Dave's cell. Geoffrey assures Henry that he and Thomas are still with him and asks him to free them. Floyd begins to wake up, prompting Henry to act quickly. Henry asks Dave to help him take down Floyd. Dave attempts to charge at Floyd and immediately gets overpowered, but Henry uses the opening to knock out Floyd again and rob him of the brig's keys. With the keys, Henry frees Geoffrey and Thomas. Then, they hear over the intercom that Henry has officially been denounced as the Toppat Leader. Geoffrey asks Henry on how to continue from here. Henry and his followers use an Escape Pod to leave the airship. On their way to the ground, they collide with the Toppat Leader and the Right Hand Man, unknowingly killing them both. Henry and his followers land in safety but are left stranded in a wasteland and now are on their own, while Ellie takes control of the rest of the Toppat Clan. Since then, the clan has been split in two.

Toppat King

After escaping The Wall, Henry and Ellie head to the Toppat Launch Site. Impressed with what she's seeing, Ellie decides to join with the Toppat Clan. Henry meets up with Reginald and his Right Hand Man, finding out that the former had taken up leadership in his absence, something Henry isn't all that content with. Ellie introduces herself to Reginald and Right Hand Man, and asks what they're up to. Reginald informs Henry and Ellie that the Clan went along with the plan to launch the Toppat Orbital Station into space. Their preparations are interrupted when the Government launches an assault on the launch site. Reginald sends Ellie and the Right Hand Man to the rocket, while he and Henry stay behind to initiate the launch sequence.

The government locates Henry and Reginald, launching an ambush. A Government helicopter manned by Liam Rogers armed with Gatling guns corners the duo. Reginald urges the Toppat leader to come up with a plan on-the-spot. Henry uses a wrist strapped grapple hook to hijack the helicopter, throwing Liam off of it. Reginald remains behind in the tower and is surrounded by soldiers. To save him, Henry leaves the controls to use the machine gun and shoots down every soldier cornering Reginald. As Reginald is saved from the Government, the helicopter loses control and leads Henry to bail out before it crashes. Upon landing, Henry spots three soldiers nearby planting an EMP bomb on the launch pad in order to cripple the rocket. Henry uses a flute to summon a bird that takes him to the soldiers and allows Henry to snatch the bomb away.

Soon, the soldiers shoot down the bird, sending Henry to the ground. He lands right next to the Right Hand Man as they are now surrounded by Government soldiers. The Right-Hand Man gives Henry his guns, jumps high in the air, and then activates his laser eye directly on Henry to make him spin while the laser shoots, hitting all the surrounding soldiers. From afar, an impressed Reginald witnesses Henry and the Right Hand Man's teamwork. With one minute to take off, Ellie catches up in a military jeep and offers the two to hitch a quick ride toward the rocket. On the way up, Major Hershell Panzer (in a mech suit) and his platoon are blocking their path. Henry climbs on the hood of the jeep and punches Hershell in the face, knocking him out cold. However, this action causes Henry to fall out of the jeep while Ellie and the Right-Hand-Man make it to the rocket as it launches. Ellie pleads the two others to get Henry, in which Reginald promises her to keep the door open as long as he can. As the rocket is taking off without him, Henry is in shock and panics. Henry climbs into an abandoned tank, drives upon a palm tree, and fires at the ground, launching himself up quickly to the rocket.

The tank almost reaches to the rocket door, allowing Henry to dismount and barely make the jump. Reginald is able to catch Henry in time, but then floats the idea of betrayal to reclaim his position as Toppat Leader. Nonetheless, he brushes the notion aside due to the fact that Henry has placed himself on the line to defend the Toppat Clan from the Government. In that regard, Reginald is shown to have great respect for Henry and claims the latter worthy to be the leader of the Toppats. The Toppat Orbital Station completes its journey into space. While a few Toppats members got left behind and arrested by the Government, their new space station allows the remaining clan members to raid any place on Earth with ease. Ellie is officially recruited into the Toppat Clan as Henry's Right Hand Lady, while Reginald and his Right Hand Man remain to be top operators of the clan, performing several successful operations.

Toppat 4 Life

The route opens with two Government soldiers in a tavern somewhere in a snowy tundra. An inebriated soldier brags to his colleague about their so-called "surprise" impending assault on the Toppat Launch Site, before being berated by another colleague about the urgency of the mission. Henry, who is also in the tavern disguised after faking his death at The Wall, overhears the conversation. Seizing the moment, he clings on the Government helicopter's exterior for a ride to the Launch Site. Three hours before the launch, a soldier accidentally releases a supply pack prematurely and it catches Henry in the crossfire. The pack lands safely on the ground, albeit located on an isolated ledge on a cliff face. Henry must find a way up. Henry slides a rock and it begins to behave erratically, building up momentum in the process. Clinging onto the rock, the momentum eventually causes the rock to launch vertically, gaining enough distance for Henry to disembark at the top.

There, he notices two soldiers chatting with each other, forcing Henry to hide. Henry locates a military tent with its backside exposed to entry but soon notices a patrol tower with a sniper on overwatch. Henry begins to lag and run in place. The sniper spots him and shoots repeatedly, but to no avail and leaves much to his confusion. Suddenly, Henry appears at the military tent and left unscathed. Henry finds "Big Boy", a big red tank inside the tent, and gets the idea to use it against the Government on behalf of the Toppat Clan. Henry attaches a module onto Big Boy and activates it, causing it to run amok amongst the Government.

The resulting conflict at the military base eventually notifies the Center for Chaos Containment to the scene. Receiving permission to act on the issue, a CCC agent named Ellias Bahtchin notices the chaos from his mobile unit and receives the order to deal with it. He then uses the Fingerprint Scanner. The G.A.B.E.G.G. is sent to the military base, directly combating with Big Boy. Eventually, the chaos becomes so great that the Government is unable to continue with their assault on the Toppat Launch Site, forcing them to fully retreat from their base and call off the mission. Henry hijacks a Government tank and uses it to arrive at the Toppat Rocket. Upon arrival, Reginald Copperbottom inquiries Henry about his choice of transportation. Henry hands him a Government-issued walkie-talkie, which is still broadcasting orders to retreat from the General. Learning that Henry had single-handedly deterred the Government from launching an assault on the Toppats, Reginald praises Henry and declares that the future is bright for the Clan now that Henry is in charge.


10 hours have passed since Reginald Copperbottom betrayed Henry and left him for dead during his supposed rescue from The Wall. Henry's body is recovered by a scientist named Dr. Vinschpinsilstien. Onboard her ship, she revives Henry and patches him up with a cybernetic spine and left arm. Seeking vengeance against the Toppat Leader, Henry transmutes his cybernetic spine into a jetpack and departs from the hospital ship. Locating the airship, he ambushes Reginald-- now the Leader, who is immediately joined by his Right Hand Man, who is now also a cyborg. The two engage in a fight where Henry shifts his hand into a lance, while the Right Hand Man transmutes his into a colossal blade.

The two engage in a blade battle in the cockpit, with the Right Hand Man initially gaining the upper hand before Henry uses his blade to pierce through the Right Hand Man's cybernetic eye. In the process, Henry's blade breaks. As the two of them are now on the roof of the airship, the Right Hand Man becomes frustrated and prepares an energy ball to decimate Henry for good. Henry then uses a Y-Type Move. Henry's attack not only counters and penetrates through the Right Hand Man's energy ball, but it creates a gigantic explosion that scorches the Right Hand Man and cripples the airship at the same time.

With the airship descending, Henry returns to the cockpit, where he and Reginald fight each other one last time. Overpowering Reginald, Henry is deciding on what to do to Reginald. Using his cybernetic hand, Henry staples the Toppat Leader to the wall of the doomed aircraft to guarantee his demise. Reginald retaliates by shooting Henry's cybernetic spine, incapacitating him. With both men stuck on the doomed airship, it crashes into the docked space station at the launch base, destroying both vehicles. Henry ultimately survives the collision and finds the Toppat Leader, mortally wounded. He concedes defeat before asking Henry if his victory over the Clan was really worth the valiant effort, after which he succumbs to his wounds. The damage to Henry's critical life-sustaining cybernetics thanks to Reginald's actions is significant, rendering them disabled and unusable. A weakened Henry crawls out of the wreckage and onto the hillside of the jungle, resting alongside a boulder. Looking up into the sky, he finds solace in witnessing Reginald die in front of him, having finally exacted his revenge. His mission completed, Henry dies, sitting peacefully on the hillside.[2]


Although Henry is a human, he possesses some supernatural powers. In 'Breaking the Bank', Henry ties the knot from the inside of a bag, which is not possible. In 'Escaping the Prison', he picks up a flying AK-47 bullet and launches it to the other side, causing an officer's rifle to fly out of his hands. He also has lots of accessibility to many types of technology.

His strength level varies between the routes and fails. In some, he is shown to be physically weak, being incapable of taking people in a fight without his tactics or gadgets, whereas in others, he successfully takes people out with relative ease (an example being Sven Svensson in Special BROvert Ops using one punch, and the Right-Hand Man in Master Bounty Hunter by using a low-effort combo.)

Henry is extremely smart and resourceful, being able to escape prison with just one item from a contraband cake and other items he found lying around. He is also occasionally shown to be quick thinking, as when he fails to spook Handsome Harold with a faux spider on a stick, he quickly improvises and knocks him out with the stick (not counting the fails). In the later games, Henry begins to use items that reference other media, rather than ordinary items lying around.

His skills and resourcefulness are even acknowledged by Dmitri Petrov, who expresses his admiration since Henry was the first person to escape his complex. If Henry starts a riot, he will claim that no major incident happened in fifty years until the very day he showed up, also indicating Henry's exceptional skills.

He has a giant, magic pencil, which converts anything he draws into real-life objects. He also uses much of "Gadget Gabe" technology, which is very advanced, such as teleporters, opacitators, liquidizers, and transdimensionalizers.

Further supernatural powers Henry can use are as follows:

Criminal Record


Charles Calvin

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In every path where Henry is allied with the government (Government Supported Private Investigator), Henry and Charles see each other like best friends, even in paths where they don’t interact much. This especially happens in Cleaned 'em Out, where the duo don't interact at all but are shown to still be friends that keep in touch. Special BROvert Ops portrays a brotherly bond between the two in how they work together and are happy to connect as they work on more missions with each other. Valiant Hero shows the very close bond that Henry and Charles share by having them really excited to work with each other again.

Even if Henry goes against the Government in the Pure Blooded Thief route, Henry is still seen as somewhat of an ally to Charles as he asks Henry to help him take down the Toppats in the TR/PP routes. This is even more emphasized at the end of Pardoned Pals when Charles refers to Henry as a "friend".

In paths where Henry is allied with the Toppat Clan, Henry and Charles don’t interact at all but it’s clear that they would be enemies since Henry is in the Toppat Clan.

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Ellie Rose

Henry has a genuine, friendly relationship with Ellie in Convict Allies and any pathway of Completing the Mission that picks up from there, accompanying and aiding him in whatever is his mission, and even though their teamwork sometimes leads to hilarious fails, they nonetheless get along very well. Henry and Ellie both appear to consider the other equally important, as, towards the end of Convict Allies, both of them had the chance to escape without the other after being captured by Dmitri and Grigori, but instead, they both chose to save the other. This can also be seen in the Capital Gains pathway, choosing Sword and causing Ellie's death will immediately result in a message of betrayal and cause a fail, showing how Henry sees Ellie's life as important. In the same way, Ellie attempts to catch Henry in the Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits pathway in an explosion (although she does not need to as Henry spawns a note block). She also expresses concern in Toppat King when Henry is left stranded while the rocket is launching, informing Reginald and Right Hand Man about this and that he needs to be saved.

Ellie works as a close and loyal partner to Henry, no matter what is his allegiance. She works with him as a partner in crime in Capital Gains, informing him about the Toppat money train and sharing the profit they gain. In Toppat King, Ellie is impressed by Henry's position as the leader of the Toppat Clan and decides to join it, with Henry later making her his Right Hand Lady. And in the Triple Threat pathway, she joins Henry and Charles in a mission for the Government, with Ellie herself admitting that they are good as a team as Henry is with Charles. Speaking of Charles, they display a relationship of teamwork and are in an alliance, with Charlie initially greeting her as a friend and Ellie at the end offering to be in future missions.

However, her hostility and sheer brutality is displayed in Toppat Civil Warfare, where Henry used her to escape and left her stranded in the cell, simply abandoning her for no reason. Ellie somehow escapes and found out Henry leads the Clan, stalking him to the airship to confront him. She turns the whole clan against Henry (except Thomas Chestershire and Geoffrey Plumb, both who feel that this dethroning is wrong), and mercilessly commands Henry to jump off, even refusing to hear his pleas and shooting him off-board. In this pathway, she appears to have the respect of the Toppat Clan, as she is kept around while both Reginald and the Right Hand Man are still alive and able to lead the clan (it is unknown where Sven Svennson was in this case). However, when the former two die by colliding with Henry's escape pod, she then becomes the leader of the majority of the clan and wages war on the minor clan of Henry, illustrating their vengeful and spiteful relationship in this pathway.

General Hubert Galeforce

In endings where Henry is allied with the government, Henry and Galeforce are allies. Galeforce is seen to be very mindful of Henry's time, as in Special BROvert Ops in CtM, he is says it be a bid favor to the Government if he help take down the Toppats once again. At the end of the route he is shown to be very warmed up to Henry as he refers to him in a similar fashion he does to Charles and is even cormfortable enough to promote Henry (an unlisted member) to Special Covert Ops Agent.

In the Pure Blooded Thief pathway, Galeforce chooses not to kill Henry despite him going rogue, telling Charles that they "got what they came for" and that killing Henry isn't worth the trouble. Despite this Henry is still a minor enemy to General Galeforce until he chooses to the Government help and is pardoned for his crimes in Pardoned Pals where he is cormfortable in enough to trust Henry again. While General Hubert Galeforce and Henry don't have many strong interactions they are on good terms in all Government Supported Private Investigator (where Henry joins the Government) and Relentless Bounty Hunter (where Henry dosen't join the government, but is still pardoned) routes, and Pardoned Pals.

Reginald Copperbottom

Henry and Reginald don’t interact in paths where Henry is allied with the Government.

In the Pure Blooded Thief path, and all its CtM paths, the two still don’t interact much. But they’re clearly enemies. Reginald hates that Henry gets away with stealing their possessions.

But in Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits path, he recognizes Henry as the ruby thief, but he admits Henry's skills and says he and Ellie can join the Toppat Clan if Henry returns the Ruby.

In Rapidly Promoted Executive, and all it’s CtM paths, Henry enjoys being the leader of the Toppats, but doesn’t realize how jealous Reginald is of him, except for in The Betrayed path. In the Revenged path, Henry is left feeling betrayed by Reg's actions, and angrily wants revenge against Reg for it.

In the Toppat King and Toppat 4 Life paths, Reginald is still jealous of Henry, until Henry proves himself, and shows that he can be leader by putting his life on the line for the Clan. After this, Reg no longer holds a grudge against him and sees a bright future with Henry as leader.

Right Hand Man

Henry and RHM don't interact in paths where Henry is allied with the Government.

In the Relentless Bounty Hunter path, and all its CtM paths, Henry defeats the RHM in RPE/RBH route, the RHM was reborn into a cyborg. Afterward, RHM reborn began a vengeance against Henry, he was thinking to kidnap Henry after the rocket's takeoff, and actually kidnapped him at the start of the Free Man path.

In the Rapidly Promoted Executive path, and all its CtM paths, he's glaring at Henry with sedimentation showing his anger towards Henry. This is even further revealed in the Revenged path where Right Hand Man is hostile towards him which shows the giant grudge Right Hand Man has held. He even goes as far as trying to kill Henry. In the paths Toppat King and Toppat 4 Life, after Henry have proved to Reginald he can be the leader, he decided to give up his anger to him and accept him as a good Toppat Clan leader.

In the Pure Blooded Thief path, and all its CtM paths, the two still don't interact much, but he mentioned Henry who've stolen the Ruby, so they're clearly enemies. Also, he realized the Ruby thief is Henry and he's trying to stealing the emerald in Jewel Baron path.

Dmitri Johannes Petrov

Henry and Dmitri don’t interact much, but when they do, they brutally despise each other. Dmitri only wants to either imprison or kill Henry. In the Toppat Recruits path, Henry kills Dmitri by throwing him off the Toppat rocket to his death.

Grigori Olyat

As Grigori is the right-hand man of Dmitri, he and Henry also despised each other. Like Dmitri, Grigori also only wants to imprison or kill Henry. In the Toppat Recruits path, Grigori is shot to death by Henry and Ellie.

Rupert Price

Henry and Rupert first met as enemies, with Rupert being one of the policemen keeping him locked up at West Mesa Penitentiary. However, they later became allies after Henry agrees to assist Rupert and Galeforce in taking down the notorious Toppat Clan.

John Pilskin

When first meeting Henry, John refers to him as a "legend", showing that John holds a lot of respect for Henry. When John was vaporized by Right Hand Man, Henry avenged him by defeating the Right Hand Man.

Geoffrey Plumb

In endings where Henry is allied with the Toppat Clan, Henry and Geoffrey are allies. Geoffrey is one of the few Toppat Clan members to remain loyal to Henry in the Toppat Civil Warfare ending.

Thomas Chestershire

In endings where Henry is allied with the Toppat Clan, Henry and Thomas are allies. Thomas is one of the few Toppat Clan members to remain loyal to Henry in the Toppat Civil Warfare ending.

Dave Panpa

Henry and Dave first met as enemies, with Dave being one of the policemen keeping him locked up at West Mesa Penitentiary. However, they later became allies after Henry rescues him from captivity in the Toppat Clan airship. He also joins Henry's faction of the Toppat Clan in the Toppat Civil Warfare ending.


Henry only speaks a few words and sentences, generally leaving the player alone to decide what Henry feels. There are several scenes in which Henry says a few words, but it's never a full sentence. It is implied that he speaks in full sentences to characters such as Charles, but this has never actually been shown. These are a few examples:

Breaking the Bank

  • "Yay!" - Henry breaking into the bank using a disguise. (Flash version only)

Escaping the Prison

Stealing the Diamond

  • "Heheheh-- Wait..." - Henry after using the "branch" option in Intruder on a Scooter.
  • "FALCON PAW... awnch??" - Henry attempting to use the Falcon Punch option in Unseen Burglar.
  • ¨Eyy?¨ - Henry tries to bribe the police in Intruder on a Scooter.

Infiltrating the Airship

  • "Ummm....." - Henry after getting teleported with the "Teleporter" option in Pure-Blooded Thief.
  • "Oww..." - Henry failing to break the door with the "Metal Fist" option in Rapidly Promoted Executive/Relentless Bounty Hunter.
  • "FALCON-" - Henry being burned to ash when attempting to use Falcon Kick in Infiltrating the Airship option in Government Supported Private Investigator.

Fleeing the Complex

  • "Hey, buddy!" - During "Tall Guy" option in Convict Allies.
  • "Uhh... Who's Driving?" (Possibly)

Completing the Mission

  • "Oops. Uh oh..." - Henry after slipping the leaf in "Leafmöde" in Cleaned 'em Out.
  • "Oough." - When Henry dies of fall damage in "Build" in Triple Threat.
  • "Who will challenge me!?" - During "Fusion" with "Ellry" in Triple Threat.
  • "Enough waiting around!" - Ditto.
  • "So..." - Before Henry tells his plan to Charles in Triple Threat.
  • “Let’s a-go!” - In "Painting" in Special BROvert Ops.
  • "HOOP! Noooo!" - Henry falling down during "Leap" in Jewel Baron.
  • "Noooo!" - Henry falling down during "Catapult" in Jewel Baron.
  • "N-n-n-n-no!" - In "Ramp" in Jewel Baron.
  • "Yah! Hot!" - Stepped in the lava during "Teleporter" in Jewel Baron.
  • "Ah, one sec." - During "Chance Time" in Jewel Baron.
  • "Ra-Do-FOOS!" - During "Yell" in Jewel Baron.
  • "Hey, brother!" - Henry disguised as another brother of "Disguise" option in Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals.
  • "Let's try and get up to the--" During "CorrupTick" in Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals.
  • "Hey, can you?" - Saying to open a path to Kayn West in Stickmin Space Resort.
  • "Wait..." - Before a bomb explodes in Free man route.
  • "Stickmin! Pawnch!" - When attacking (with Ellie) Right Hand Man Reborn with "Wombo Combo" option in Capital Gain.
  • "Hey!" - When trying to dancing in "Dance-Off" option in Master Bounty Hunter.
  • "Wa-wa-Wait! *ahem* Wololo!" - Converting Kayn West into a Government in "Convert" option in Master Bounty Hunter.
  • "Whu-" - Before getting shot by Floyd Winters in Toppat Civil Warfare.
  • "It's high noon..." During using "Revolver" option in Toppat King.
  • "Henrrryyyyyy!" - During "Charge" option in Toppat King.
  • " Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure! Failure!" (Japanese text) - During "Spirit Forme" option in Revenged route.
  • "お前はALTERNATE TIMELINE 見送っている。 今日はHenry殺されません。HenryはToppatルールさえありません。 お前はよろしくない。今にお前は小さい人間。"

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Henry has killed:


  • Henry Stickmin's status as a hero or villain depends on the player's choices.
  • Henry has two determinant top hats as a Toppat member. One of them is a black hat with Reginald Copperbottom's dollar sign necklace, while the other is a navy blue hat with a golden H pinned on it. The former one is when he's the leader, the latter is when he's a normal member.
  • Henry, being the main protagonist, is the only character to appear in every game.
    • Despite being the main protagonist, he has the shortest and fewest lines in the entire series.
  • Henry is capable of bending Earth, as shown in International Rescue Operative. He is also semi-skilled in bending metal.
  • Including all the fails, Henry has died around 150 times.
  • Henry is the only character whose voice is pitched, but not by three semitones. Instead, his voice is pitched by 2.2 semitones.


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