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This page serves as the Henry Stickmin Wiki's Manual of Style, which presents rules that everyone need to practice while editing an article.


  • Use American English across all pages including wikitext (for example, use 'center' instead of 'centre' to center an image).
  • Present tense should be used whenever possible.

Article introduction

Every page should begin with an introduction, briefly summarizing the article for the reader. The introduction should give a quick explanation of what the article is about and establish its context. The length of the introduction can vary from a single sentence to multiple paragraphs. The title or subject of that article should appear in the first line in bold.

Character Pages

All character articles should be structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Roles
  • Profile
    • Appearance
    • Personality
  • Biography
  • Roles in the Game (e.g. Stealing the Diamond, Fleeing the Complex, etc.)
  • Abilities
  • Bio (Bios; if said character has more than 1 Bio)
  • Quotes (If a character says anything; must include every quote a characters says)
  • Gallery/Trivia
  • Trivia/Gallery

 Perspective and tense

There exist two perspectives of articles on the Henry Stickmin Wiki, "in-universe" and "out-of-universe." In-universe describes things which exist within the world of Henry Stickmin, while out-of-universe describes things which exist in the real world. For example, Henry Stickmin exists in-universe, while The Henry Stickmin Collection exists out-of-universe. This policy should be used in conjunction with the neutral point of view policy.


The tense varies in the in-universe articles, such as articles of characters, locations, events and objects. Events that occurred in the past should also be in past tense, such as in sections like a character's Biography, or an item, location, or event's history. However, present tense should be used for details which are current or a consistent description of the topic, such as Relationships, Personality, etc. for living characters. For deceased characters, most of the page, if not the whole thing, will be in past tense.


Out-of-universe articles are written from a real life point of view, using a combination of past, present and future tense.

Articles about the Henry Stickmin games and other out-of-universe content should contain a detailed synopsis of events, written in present tense.


  • Closing quotation marks should always go before the period or comma, unless the period or comma is part of the quotation.
  • Add spaces before and after the text in headings, as well as spaces after asterisks for bulleting.
  • Make sure to space out the infoboxes. It's cleaner and simpler to revise with the source editor.


|image = [[File:HSLogo.png|250px]]
|Unique fails = 347
|Endings = 32
|Release Date = August 7th, 2020
|Previous Episode = [[Henry Stickmin (Legacy)]]
|Previous Episode Label (No change unless needed) = Previous
|Previous Episode Label (No change excl. BtB) = Previous
== Good example ==
* Example


{{InfoboxGame|image = [[File:HSLogo.png|250px]]|Unique fails = 347|Endings = 32|Release Date = August 7th, 2020|Previous Episode = [[Henry Stickmin
(Legacy)]]|Previous Episode Label (No change unless needed) = Previous|Previous Episode Label (No change excl. BtB) = Previous}}
==Bad example==