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Witness, please continue your testimony.
― Hubert Brown[src]

Hubert Brown is a minor character in the Henry Stickmin Series who appears as a major character in Escaping the Prison and in the Lawyered Up pathway.


One of the city judges. it's very difficult to tell him apart from the other judges in the city.


He is the judge of Courtroom Number 4 during Henry's trial for breaking into the bank. He can judge Henry either guilty or innocent which depends on how convincing Felix White's evidence is.

Escaping the Prison

He appears during the Lawyered Up pathway. Henry calls his lawyer, Felix White, to put him on trial. The judge asks the witness, Winston Davis, to continue his testimony. When Winston is done explaining, Felix then says that he has proof of Henry not hiding in the bag. When Felix presents the bag, he states that it was impossible for Henry to have tied the knot from the inside of the bag.

He presents the Doctor's Analysis, which says that Henry took quite a beating, and was also unconscious while in the bag. Felix says that Winston put the bag across the road, knowing that he and his partner would drive by the bag later. Then, he explains that the witness knows that there are millions of bags in the bank, so it may take a long time before Henry was found, but unfortunately, Henry woke up from the bag and that it's come back to haunt Winston. This "evidence" shocks the Judge, who comments that this "most certainly was an interesting trial". He had to believe it, because he never even thought Henry would have supernatural powers. He then tells that Henry is found not guilty. The judge also sentenced Winston to jail for kidnapping, although that was not true, and he was wrongfully accused.

However, if Felix presents any other evidence, the Judge will ask how that evidence proves anything, Felix says that he was just kidding, but the Judge does not take kindly to jokes. He ends the trial by delivering his verdict to the defendant “Guilty”.


  • "Witness, please continue your testimony."
  • "Well then, what are you waiting for?"
  • "Present this evidence already!"
  • "What... Is this?"
  • "And how exactly does this prove anything?"
  • "This is no time for jokes!"
  • "I see no reason to further prolong this trial."
  • "I find the defendant, Henry Stickmin:"
  • "Is... Is that the bag the defendant hid in?"
  • "But then, how did he do it?"
  • "But... But why would he do that?"
  • "Well, that certainly was an interesting trial."
  • "However, I am now ready to deliver my verdict."