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Intruder on a Scooter, originally named the Aggressive ending, is one of three endings of the game Stealing the Diamond.

It is the only ending achievable by choosing "Bust In" at the start screen and being noticeable for being one of the 2 endings for which every choice screen has a time limit (the other being Stickmin Space Resort).


After viewing his options, Henry decides to Bust In to the museum with his motorized scooter. He races towards the museum, drawing the attention of two security guards (Konrad Conners and Billy Barnes) standing at the entrance.

  • [X] Timeout - Henry zooms right past the two guards and crashes. (Message: Wow, you're off to a great start...)
  • [X] Kick - Henry plows his scooter into Konrad, but runs past the entrance and crashes. (Message: Well, you got ONE of the guards.)
  • [X] Jump - Henry jumps off the scooter, which crashes into Konrad, but lands hard on the stairs and is knocked out as he tumbles past the entrance. (Message: Jumping off a speeding vehicle may not be the best idea...)
  • Ram - Henry drives his scooter into Konrad and busts through the entrance of the museum.

Henry drives to the medieval section of the museum. In the lobby, another security guard spots Henry and alerts the other guards about the intruder. Zooming to the Tunisian Diamond, Henry finds three more guards at the entrance to the exhibit, ready to take him down.

  • [X] Timeout - Billy Clud, one of the guards, uses his police baton to knock Henry off his scooter. (Message: Good thing the janitors just got done buffing the floors. Could you imagine all the germs you'd be rolling in right now if they hadn't?)
  • [X] Lance - Henry attempts to joust, like a knight, but he loses his grip on the lance. The lance makes contact with the ground, sending Henry flying, landing right in front of the three guards. (Message: Jousting. It's harder than it looks.)
  • [X] Flail / Mace - When Henry raises the flail to attack the guards, the spiked ball gets stuck on a boat display overhead. He is thus forced off his scooter and left hanging from the flail, where Sam Turner approaches and presumably arrests him afterwards. (Message: Stop hanging around and do something! Heh heh... Get it? Ok I'll stop. )
  • Shield - Using the shield, Henry is able to deflect the bullets and Billy's baton, allowing him to advance further into the museum.

Henry zooms past a guard (Todd Slimmonds) who is snoozing on the job before crashing into the Diamond's exhibit, breaking the glass casing. With the gem open for Henry to take, he thinks of a way to transport the gigantic diamond.

  • [X] Timeout - Stalling for too long allows the remaining security guards to close in on Henry and hold him at gunpoint. (Message: C'mon! You don't have time to just stand around!)
  • [X] Basket - Opening a basket in front of the scooter, Henry attempts to load it with the diamond, but the gemstone's weight creates enough torque to launch him off his scooter. (Message: Ah, torque. I bet you wish you paid more attention in physics class now, huh?)
  • Tow Cable - Attaching a cable from the scooter to the diamond, Henry is able to run out of the exhibit with the gem.

In another room, Ted McAdams is speaking to fellow guard Jacob Rose about the arrest of a certain person[1] and his decision to move from bank truck river to security guard. In the midst of the discussion, Henry zooms right by to the exit, much to Ted's chagrin. Outside of the museum, the police then, chase down Henry with officer Johnny Panzer draws his firearm and aims at Henry.

  • [X] Timeout - Johnny shoots and kills Henry, while being complimented by his accomplice, Rupert Price. (Message: I can see all those hours of playing video games have really sharpened your reflexes! Oh wait...)
  • [X] Branch - Henry bails from the scooter to hide in a tree. While at first laughing mischievously, he then realizes that he'd left the diamond behind for the police to reclaim. (Message: Didn't really think that one through did ya?)
  • Rock - Picking up a stray rock from the road, Henry chucks it at Johnny, hitting him in the head and the cop falls from the car to his death.

Rupert reports that an officer had been killed by Henry, summoning a helicopter with Samuel Mundy on board to intensify the chase. Samuel then takes aim at Henry.

  • [X] Timeout - The sniper successfully shoots Henry in the head before taunting at him. (Message: BOOM! Headshot.)
  • [X] Sticky Grenade - Henry attempts to throw the explosive, but it sticks to his hand. He is unable to remove it from his hand in time before it explodes. (Message: I always wondered how those things work.)
  • Bubble - Deploying a bubble shield, Henry is able to protect himself from the sniper's bullets.

The helicopter loses its sights on Henry when he drives into a tunnel. Henry continues his run from the police until he is forced to stop due to a broken bridge. Rupert and James Lancelot then surround Henry, urging him to surrender. Henry must find a way to escape the situation:

  • [X] Timeout - James claiming that he is left with no other choice, shoots Henry in the head the same way like as If henry offers a Bribe. (Message: Dude, do something!)
  • [X] Drive - Henry attempts to drive away, but the cops shoot his scooter, causing it to explode. (Message: I don't think you're gonna get very far that way.)
  • [X] Bribe - Henry attempts to bribe his way out of it, but he is shut down by James who then shoots him in the head. the screen turns into a silhouette of Henry and James and in Slow-mo. (Message: Strange... That usually works.)
  • Diamond - Henry kicks the diamond off the bridge-- because it is still latched onto the scooter, it takes Henry down into the river below.

Henry is thus able to shake off the cops. Washing ashore, he soon finds the diamond nearby. Having completed his heist, Henry begins celebrating.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • It is unknown how Henry was able to get the diamond across the river.
  • This is one of the 2 endings with lowercase letters in the achievement name, along with Cleaned 'em Out.
  • This route, along with Stickmin Space Resort, are the only paths where all choices are Quick-Time Events.
  • This is (arguably) the most difficult route in the entire series, with every choice being a QTE (Quick Time Event), and with 6 choices.
  • In the legacy version, the player had to use their keyboard in the first scene, rather than clicking options directly in the remaster.



Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Grand Opening"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Stealing the Diamond, remastered
🎧 "A Triumphant Overature!"
SuperTonic64 Opening theme for Stealing the Diamond, flash version.
🎧 "Get Your Growler Out"
djhoohaa Theme for the scooter infiltration sequence.
🎧 "Fire Proof"
Pervokativ Theme for the police chase sequence.
🎧 "Car Horn"
Zanzlanz Ending theme for the route, remastered
" 🎧 "Alien"
Nechura, xKore Ending theme for the route, flash.


  1. It is implied that this person is either Henry who was caught in an attempted robbery and sent to prison or Ted's old pal Winston Davis who was deposed of his bank job and eventually went to court although it is left ambiguous so the player can decide as to who Ted is referring to
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