Isaac is one of the guards in The Wall. His weapon is a powerful laser spear.

Fleeing the Complex

Ghost Inmate

Isaac has a conversation with another guard in The Wall storage room (above Henry's transfer cell), seemingly talking about the Hearthstone multiplayer game. Henry then comes and throws a whoopee cushion at Isaac which simulates a fart sound. Isaac's partner starts to think that Isaac farted, so they start a fight which ends with Isaac crushing and hitting the other guard. This gives Henry a clear pass through the door.

Convict Allies

Henry and Ellie take down both Isaac and his partner in order to escape the storage. In this path, Isaac is presumably killed, strangled to death.


  • His name is revealed in the Pickpocket option, where Henry tries to rob him.
  • His name references videogame Binding of Isaac, as one of the items in his 'pocket' is Monstro's tooth, an item from that game.