is an item Henry can choose  in Escaping the Prison.


Henry tries to get off the Prison roof with a jetpack. When he turns it on, it starts up and stalls. A very long fail screen appears for a second, and the jetpack turns on and goes all over the place. He crashes into the prison wall, right back in his cell, and possibly dies as he breaks the concrete wall. This is where Repairman spots him and says: "Oh look, you're back."

Fail Screen Transcript #1

Wow... That was the lamest thing I've ever seen. The animator must have gotten REALLY or something. I mean honestly that was probably the dumbest FAIL I've seen in this entire movie! So anyway, what do you think of the movie so far? Enjoying it? It's been quite a while, and as I'm typing this it has yet to be completed. I doubt you'll be able to read this far down unless you figure out a way to pause or do some other sneaky thing. Laaaammmeee!

Fail Screen Transcript #2

It takes many hours of jetpack training before you're able to operate one.


  • This is the only item/option in the entire series that triggers two fail screens.