Jewel Baron is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission.

With the Tunisian Diamond and the Romanian Ruby in his possession, Henry sets out to infiltrate the now in-orbit Toppat Space Station to steal another gemstone, the Norwegian Emerald. However, during the heist, he runs into familiar faces onboard who are intent on eliminating him for good.

This ending is set after the events of the Pure Blooded Thief and Ghost Inmate endings.


Following his escape from The Wall, Henry is at home eating cereal when he watches a BCC news report about the Toppat Orbital Station. BCC's Alice Hamilton reports that the station was launched a week ago, thus allowing the Toppats to raid anywhere on Earth with ease.

When Hamilton mentions that the Norwegian Emerald is in Toppat possession, Henry immediately takes off to steal it from the space station. One week later, using a modified scooter designed for space travel, Henry races into space. Burt Curtis notices a "hostile object" approaching the station, and Reginald Copperbottom orders it to be shot down. Henry can:

  • Timeout (Fail): If no option is chosen, Henry is vaporized by the lasers. Message: Plan of attack: Fly in a straight line and do nothing.
  • Barrel Roll (Fail): Henry dodges the lasers using barrel rolls, but the Toppats then use a bomb to blow him up. Message: That was an Aileron roll...
  • Lightspeed (Fail): Henry sets the scooter to lightspeed, but then loses his grip on the vehicle. A stranded Henry ends up getting shot in the Stomach by a laser. Message: You forgot to hold on to your butts.
  • Mosquito Mode: Henry transforms his scooter into a small spaceship with a long needle, which punctures the hull and allows him to breach into the station.

Burt Curtis mentions that the space station missed completely, annoying Reginald who laments with their investment on such an ineffective defense system. Henry is spit out of the mosquito scooter and sees the plans of the vents. He sees a route to the vault. All he has to do is cross the gravity pit. Henry has eight options:

  • Leap (Fail): Henry attempts to leap to the other side but fails to cover enough distance and instead falls down the shaft. Message: Jump farther.
  • Pole Vault (Fail): Henry uses a pole, only to jump high up at a 90-degree angle and fall back down. Message: Well, you had good form at least.
  • Catapult (Fail): Henry uses a catapult, which directly launches him down into the pit. Message: You should've used a trebuchet. They are far superior.
  • Ramp (Fail): Henry drives a kart with a ramp, but crashes onto the ledge, temporarily knocking him out. When he regains consciousness, the kart falls down before he can get out. Message: Don't worry, the Toppats validate parking.
  • Rocket (Fail): Henry uses a rocket, only for it to fly straight into the pit, while also blowing up. Message: You just lit a rocket. Rockets explode.
  • Bridge (Fail): Henry attempts to use a wooden plank to get across, but the plank is too short. Message: Measure once, cut twice. ... Wait.
  • Cannon (Fail): Henry climbs into a cannon, but instead of shooting him over the gap, it burns him to a crisp. Message: Kaboom, baby!
  • Teleporter: Aware of how unreliable the device has been in the past, Henry smashes it into bits, causing it to go haywire. Henry is transported through multiple locations in quick succession, before arriving at his destination: the vault with the Norwegian Emerald.

Surprised that it worked, he sees the Emerald inside. Henry has four options:

  • Eject (Fail): Henry hits the eject button, which launches the Emerald into space. Message: The "Eject" button ejects. Well, whaddaya know.
  • Wallclip (Fail): Henry tries to clip through the wall with a cheat, but it causes him to fall through the floor, and out of the game. Message: It's a hard move to pull off. You have to be frame-perfect.
  • SMASH (Fail): Henry screams as he builds up his strength to smash into the vault, but ends up blowing up the entire orbital station. Message: Jeez, calm down.
  • Open: Henry simply uses the "Open" button to open the barrier and retrieve the Emerald.

With the Emerald, Henry makes his way to the Orion Lounge, but there he encounters the Right Hand Man and Wilhelm Krieghaus. The Right Hand Man recognizes Henry as the guy who stole their Ruby. Reginald orders him to finish Henry. Henry can:

  • Chance Time (Fail): Rolling dice, Henry attempts to use luck to his advantage. However, the dice forces Henry to give up the Emerald to the Right Hand Man. Message: Chance Time ALWAYS screws you over.
  • Emerald (Fail): Henry tries to throw the Emerald at them, but it is too heavy and doesn't make it very far. The Right Hand Man shoots him and reclaims the Emerald on behalf of the Toppat Clan. Message: Hey, that thing is REALLY heavy, ok?
  • Yell: Henry yells at the Right Hand Man and Wilhelm. Henry yells so loud, he breaks the window and knocks out the Right Hand Man and Wilhelm.

Henry grabs the hat of the Right Hand Man, which contains an oxygen mask, while the Right Hand Man drifts off into space. Becoming desperate, Reginald sets the entire Toppat Clan on high alert and orders the station's superweapon, the Supreme Dominance, to fire at Henry. Henry can:

  • Super Henry (Fail): Henry absorbs the Emerald, but because he has only one emerald instead of seven, he performs the Insta-Shield instead of turning into Super Henry. He is then vaporized by the superweapon's laser. Message: You need like 6 more Emeralds before you can transform into Super Henry.
  • Load Save (Technical Fail): This fail is linked to the Save State option in "Toppat Civil Warfare". If, during the same game, the player used that fail, selecting "Load Save" will send the player back to that choice screen. If the player has not yet used Save State during the same game, however, the game simply reloads the current choice screen, causing a loop. This does not count as a fail.
  • Grow 'n Shrink: Henry uses the Grow 'n Shrink to enlarge the Emerald. It reflects the ray from the Supreme Dominance back at the space station and cuts it in half.

Chaos ensues as the Toppats flee their crippled station. Reginald retreats to his private escape pod, only to launch straight at Henry. Henry breaks through the window into the escape pod. Reginald struggles against the vacuum of space, cursing Henry, as he is sucked through the broken window. After he is gone, the window is sealed off.

In a breaking news report, Alice Hamilton reports that the Toppat Orbital Station was completely destroyed. While numerous escape pods were spotted entering the atmosphere, authorities find the Toppat Leader's private escape pod to be completely empty. As such, they are unable to confirm if he had survived the whole ordeal. With his heist complete, Henry now possesses the three most pristine jewels in the world-- the Tunisian Diamond, the Romanian Ruby, and now the Norwegian Emerald. However it's unknown what happened to the survivors of the Toppat Clan.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • After breaching into the rocket, Henry is given a choice of eight items to help him make it across the gap. The selection of the eight items is a direct reference to PuffballsUnited's first game, Crossing the Pit.
    • There are three differences (other than the teleporter): Henry is on the right side instead of the left, and the Pole Vault and Bridge fails are different.
    • Pole Vault fail has changed. In the old version, a stick figure would be launched forward but not enough launch power to cross the pit.
    • Bridge fail has also changed. In the old version, a stick figure would be place the bridge successfully and cross, but it broke and fell due to its heavyweight.
    • This is also one of the two instances in the Henry Stickmin series where using a teleporter leads to progression. Henry refusing to use the teleporter and even destroying it is a reference to how the device often leads to a fail in previous installments.
  • The barrel roll is a technique in the Star Fox series, and the quote Do a barrel roll! said by Peppy Hare became so famous that it became a meme.
  • This ending has probably the least songs in the entire game, if were not counting MEGALOVANIA.
  • In part 4, there is a poster showing the Impostor from the game Among Us.
  • The cereal Henry was eating in the intro is called Looped Fruits, which is a parody of the popular cereal, Froot Loops.
  • The Rocket's fail message is a reference to Toy Story, where Sheriff Woody says a similar line near the end of the movie.
  • Chance Time is a reference to the Mario Party series, where you could lose stars in Chance Time due to the minigame's unpredictability.
  • The "Super Henry" fail scenario contains a handful of Sonic the Hedgehog series:
    • Requiring seven emeralds to turn Super has been a series standard since Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
    • Instead of turning Super, Henry performs the Insta-Shield, as seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.
    • The setting of the fail scenario may be a reference to the final boss of Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Using the Load Save option after using Save State in another route loads you to that route.
  • BCC News is a parody of BBC News.
  • Wall Clip is a strategy speedrunners use to glitch through any obstacles or walls, usually to bypass some levels.
  • Supreme Dominance is the combination of the famous "Supreme" meme and "Assert Dominance" meme.
  • Grow 'n Shrink is the opposite item of Shrink 'n Grow from Infiltrating the Airship.
  • In the Vault, one storage compartment shows a paper floating inside, with the word “Ruby” on it as well as a drawing of the ruby. This is a reference to Infiltrating the Airship as Henry already stole the Ruby.
  • When Henry gets vaporized by the superweapon laser, the laser looks a lot like Galeem's Lasers from Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
  • The Emerald choice alludes back of Diamond choice from Stealing the Diamond however it leads to the fail instead of progressing.
  • This is the only route that using the same music in opening and ending.
  • When Henry first enters the vault, the Purple crewmember from Among Us can be found in a vault cell. However, it is only shown for a split second as the camera zooms in on Henry shortly after.
    • Clicking on the crewmember brings the player one step closer to getting the "Assemble the Crew" achievement.
  • Henry teleports to the following areas while the teleporter malfunctions (this list is incomplete):
    • The sky
    • A snowy mountain
    • The desert
    • A military base with Captain H. J. Canterbury
    • A volcano
    • Next to a tree in a forest
    • Underwater
    • Outer space
    • A road
    • A wasteland
    • Kensington's chamber in Special BROvert Ops (Painting Portal fail) ("Bowser's Road" from Super Mario 64 can be heard briefly)
    • The Toppat Launch Site
    • A Dr. Mario stage (one of the notes of "Chill" from the NES version of Dr. Mario can be heard briefly)
    • A planet from StarCraft II (Teleported previously in Fleeing the Complex)
    • The Final Destination stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee (the two notes of “Final Destination” from Super Smash Bros. Melee can also be heard briefly)
    • The tree
    • The bridge of the 2Fort map from Team Fortress 2
    • Emptiness (Teleported previously in Infiltrating the Airship)
    • A black space with the words "Bad Time" and the head of Sans the Skeleton from Undertale (the first note of MEGALOVANIA can also be heard briefly)
    • The sun
    • The roof of the museum from Stealing the Diamond
    • A rock with a large head of Shrek overlooking it
    • The volcano
    • The sky
    • Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog
    • A Bowser's Castle area with a Thwomp enemy from Super Mario
    • On top of a building in the Toppat Launch Site where the SAM Turret resides.
    • The "pit" from Crossing the Pit (Henry changes into the same stick figure to match the style.)
    • The road
    • What appears to be an Real Life photograph of the Shoop da Whoop face made of paper maché. PuffballsUnited has stated that this Shoop face was something he made for a college art class.
    • The snowy mountain
    • The firing range from Escaping the Prison
    • A red girder beam
    • Outer space
    • Under the Earth with someone on a drill from Dig 2 China, another game made by InnerSloth
    • A grassy area from League of Legends - Quick Tip, an animation made by PuffballsUnited on his YouTube channel
    • The bank wall from Breaking the Bank
    • The Toppat Orbital Station vault


Track Composer/Artist Notes
"BCC News"
Ockeroid Opening and ending theme.
Toby Fox The first note from "MEGALOVANIA" can be heard breifly during the haywire Teleporter sequence.


Part 1

The correct one for this is Mosquito Mode.

Part 2

The correct one is Teleporter.

Part 3

The correct one is Open.

Part 4

The correct one is Yell.

Part 5

The correct one is Grow 'n Shrink, then the route concludes.


Breaking the Bank

The Story Begins

Escaping the Prison

Sneaky Escapist Lawyered Up Badass Bust Out

Stealing the Diamond

Intruder on a Scooter Just Plain Epic Unseen Burglar

Infiltrating the Airship

Government Supported Private Investigator Pure Blooded Thief Relentless Bounty Hunter Rapidly Promoted Executive

Fake: Lightning Quick Larcenist

Fleeing the Complex

Ghost Inmate Convict Allies Presumed Dead International Rescue Operative The Betrayed

Completing the Mission

Toppat King Cleaned 'em Out Stickmin Space Resort Little Nest Egg Special BROvert Ops Master Bounty Hunter Jewel Baron Valiant Hero Free Man Revenged Toppat Civil Warfare Pardoned Pals Toppat Recruits Capital Gains Toppat 4 Life Triple Threat

Secret: Multiverse Correction

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