Karlov (Russian:Карлов) is a security guard working in The Wall in Fleeing the Complex.

Karlov should be considered a background character because he is not that significant in the game


Karlov has a beard and is dressed in a standard "uniform" for The Wall guards. Unlike his fellow guards, who use fire arms and staffs that can shoot lasers as weapons, Karlov seems to prefer a sword.

Presumed Dead

Karlov appears in only one scene during the game, namely during the path that leads to the “presumed dead” ending. After Henry has escaped form the transition cell and made his way to the Yard, fighting Karlov is one of the four options he can choose from (besides fighting a tank, fighting a guard with box gloves, or going into another building). When this option is chosen, Henry engages Karlov in a sword fight and easily kills him, thus allowing him to continue his escape attempt.


  • Karlov's encounter is assumed to be a Fire Emblem reference, with the battle system being suspiciously similar to that of Fire Emblem.