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Konrad Bukowski is a Government soldier and a minor character appearing in Completing the Mission.

He appears as a major antagonist during "Toppat Recruits"/"Pardoned Pals" and a minor character in "Master Bounty Hunter." He is the twin brother of Calvin Bukowski. Two years prior to the events of Completing the Mission, the two brothers joined the U.S. military under Captain Galeforce. When first seen, they participate in The Toppat Raid.


He joined the military with his twin. They've always been on missions as a pair.

Completing the Mission

Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals

In the "Toppat Recruits"/"Pardoned Pals" route, they managed to capture Ellie Rose at the launch tower of the Toppat Orbital Station, with Henry Stickmin escaping capture. To save Ellie, Henry uses a time machine to travel back in time to the day the brothers enlisted, and causes a fight between them by throwing a rock at them. This gets them promptly dismissed from the army. This alters the timeline so they never become soldiers, and are not present during the battle, leaving Henry and Ellie unopposed.

In the CorrupTick fail, the Bukowski brothers are killed when Henry launches the CorrupTick to disrupt their operation. During the cutscene that plays in the aftermath, Konrad has his head turned into a gun and gets up close to Ellie's frozen corpse only to repeatedly shake his head while stuttering gibberish.

Master Bounty Hunter

In the "Master Bounty Hunter" route, the two brothers are seen arresting Thomas Chestershire, Wallace Dagwood and another Toppat member who've surrendered due to Henry capturing the Right Hand Man and causing the Toppats to panic.


  • "Two enemies! Towards the launch tower!"
  • "Nice! Now where's the other one?"
  • "You serious?!"
  • "Got another group that surrendered here."


  • He, along with Calvin Bukowski are the only characters who have the same bio description.