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Lawyered Up, originally named the Lame Ending or Legal Ending, is one of the three endings in Escaping the Prison.

It is the easiest ending in the game, with only 2 screens, behind both “Sneaky Escapist” and “Badass Bust Out”.


In his prison cell, Henry Stickmin reaches into the cake, finding a Cellphone in it and uses it to contact his attorney, Felix White.

It is the afternoon of September 9th in the district court. Officer Winston Davis is brought into the courtroom as a witness and delivers his testimony: he and his partner, Ted McAdams, found a money bag on the side of the road leading up to the bank. The two decide to throw the bag in the bank, unaware that a man would be inside. White objects to the testimony, claiming that Henry was not trying to break into the bank in the first place. Judge Hubert Brown then prompts White to present evidence to support his case.

  • [X] Anything but the Disguising Bag (Doctor's Analysis, Teleporter, Attorney's Badge, Floor Plans, Security Footage): White presents Brown with the evidence, but stumbles when he is questioned about its significance to the case. White appeals to the judge for another chance, claiming that it was a joke, but Brown sees no reason to further prolong the trial. Henry is then found Guilty and sent back to jail. (Message: What kind of third-rate lawyer did you hire?)
  • Disguising Bag: White presents Brown with the disguising bag Henry was in. He then presents one critical question: If Henry was really trying to break into the bank by hiding inside the bag, how was he able to tie the knot from the outside of the bag?

This question shakes the courtroom. Felix insists that Henry simply did not tie the knot - he was stuffed inside the bag by the witness, Winston Davis. White then proceeds to use Henry's doctor's analysis to back up this claim, revealing that Henry had sustained bruises from the incident and was rendered unconscious, then Davis attempted to dispose of Henry's improvised body bag by throwing it in the bank. However, Henry soon regained consciousness and was arrested on the spot while supposedly attempting to free himself. Davis, without anything to back his own case, begins to break down in court.

The events of the trial stunned Judge Brown, however he was ready to conclude the trial. In the verdict, he finds Henry Stickmin not guilty. Davis was imprisoned, being charged with kidnapping, fraud and assault.[1]

Exiting the courthouse, Henry takes a moment to enjoy his newfound freedom. Spotting a money truck passing by, he then gives chase down the street.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • This ending and the cellphone option is a reference to Ace Attorney.
  • The date of this ending, September 9, is a reference to PuffballsUnited's birthday. He even confirmed it on Twitch during the Developer Commentary Stream (Part 1).
    • Additionally, he also mentions that Winston had a trial regardless of how Henry escaped from the prison.
  • The ending's name may be a reference to the Grand Theft Auto V Cheat, Lawyerup, which reduces the player's wanted level by 1 star every time it is used.
  • This is the only route in Escaping the Prison without Quick Time Events.
  • Because this ending is only two screens long, it is second shortest, ahead of Capital Gains, Revenged, and Toppat Civil Warfare, but behind The Story Begins.
  • This is the only ending in the whole franchise where Henry does not die in any of the fails, as he is merely sent back to prison.
  • It is unknown how Henry really tied himself into the Disguise bag in Breaking the Bank.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Locked Up"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme to Escaping the Prison.
🎧 "Cross-Examination"
PuffballsUnited Played shortly after the Cellphone is Chosen.
🎧 "Grilling Pursuit"
PuffballsUnited Played shortly after the Disguising Bag is picked as evidence.
🎧 "NightTide ft. Eric Evasion"
Elation Ending theme for the route. (remastered)
🎧 "Infertehno"
Shinrog Ending theme for the route. (flash version)


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Felix: Take that!

Judge: Is... is that the bag the defendant hid in?

Felix: Yes, but there's one thing that's been bothering me. If the defendant really was hiding in this bag then... how did he tie the knot from the outside of the bag!?

Vladimir: What?

Felix: If he was inside the bag, it'd be impossible for him to tie that knot on the outside!

Judge: But then, how did he do it?

Felix: It's simple... he didn't.

Vladimir: Hwah?! What are you saying?

Felix: I'm saying my client wasn't hiding in that bag at all. He was stuffed in there... by this very witness!

Winston: Whaaa?!

Phoenix: As you can see by this doctor's analysis, the defendant had taken quite the beating. While he was in the bag, he was unconscious!

Vladimir: Th-this is absurd!

Phoenix: The witness was attempting to dispose of the body. He left the defendant in the bag, knowing he'd drive by it on the way back to the bank. When the witness and his partner passed the bag, he convinced his partner to throw the bag in with the others.

Judge: But... but, why would he do that?

Phoenix: Why? To dispose of the body, of course. There are millions of bags of money in that bank, and the witness knew it would take a long time before the victim was found. But unfortunately for the witness, his victim woke up and tried to escape from his tomb. He was arrested on the spot, and the witness thought everything was over. But it's come back to haunt him now!

Winston: You guys can't....you can't.... this can't be happening to meeeeee!

Judge: Well, that certainly was an interesting trial. However, I am now ready to deliver my verdict. I find the defendant, Henry Stickmin...

Not Guilty.


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  1. This was revealed later in [[Infiltrating the Airship]].