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An example of a reference. This scene references the famous "This is Sparta!" scene from the movie "300".

Within the Henry Stickmin series there are a great number of references to existing art and media, as well as echoes of PuffballsUnited's artistic influences. This article represents a provisional list of these.




  • In the remastered version of Infiltrating the Airship during the Pure Blooded Thief route, a golden gun can be seen in the vault. It can also be seen when Jaques Kensington is equipped with it in Completing the Mission. This is a reference to the movie The Man with the Golden Gun.


Alice in Wonderland

  • There is an option in Fleeing the Complex called "Cookie", and the icing reads "Eat me". When Henry eats it he grows and cracks the cell, just like how Alice grows. Similarly, the fail message is "How curious." quoting the 1951 movie.

Avengers: Infinity War

The Devil's Advocate

Distant Drums

Fast and Furious

- The fail message (Henry 7) and the scene during the destroyed bridge QTE in the Pardoned Pals and Toppat Recruits endings from Completing the Mission is likely referenced from Furious 7 movie.

  • The fail message is a reference to the blooper reel of Rush Hour 2, where Chris Tucker's character comments on the antagonist falling to his death. ("Damn! He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3!")

Harry Potter/Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Lord of the Rings

  • "You're a bender, Harry -Gandalf" is the Metal Bend fail message in Infiltrating the Airship and it is a parody of the quote "You're a wizard, Harry" said by the character Hagrid. However, Metal Bend's true origin is the Bending Arts from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Incredibles

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, Henry uses Zero-Point Energy in a failed attempt to steal a safe from the Toppat Airship; the Zero-Point Energy is a reference to Syndrome's gadget to immobilize and capture the Incredibles, particularly Mr. Incredible.

Liar Liar

  • In his cellphone in Escaping the Prison, Henry has the number of attorney Fletcher Reede from that movie.

The Lion King

The Simpsons Movie

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, Henry uses the Glue to successfully climb over the entire meeting room undetected; this could be a reference to how Homer uses superglue to climb the Dome without getting spotted by EPA agents.

Mary Poppins

The Matrix


  • During the Ninja Star option from Infiltrating the Airship, Henry misses Handsome Harold from a very short distance, after which the fail message says "You missed! How could you miss?! He was three feet in front of you!", which is a line from that movie spoken by Mushu.
    • There's also a medal called "Famous Movie Line" which involves spelling "Mulan" out of letters by clicking on each letter found on the quote.

Pixar movies

  • A113 is shown in Fleeing the Complex and Completing the Mission. This is a reference to the Pixar animators' classroom. The same number appears hidden in every Pixar movie, best aparence is in WALL-E from AUTO's directive to how return to the Earth.


  • Ahnoldt Schwarz in Fleeing the Complex yells "Get to the Airship!" the same way and accent that Arnold Schwarzenegger had in the first Predator when his character yelled "Get to the chopper!".
    • Schwarz himself is a parody of Schwarzenegger.

Rush Hour 2

  • The fail quote when you do nothing to help Ellie catch Henry in Completing the Mission (Dang! He ain't gonna be in Henry 7!) is a reference to a blooper in the film. After Ricky Tan falls onto a taxi, Carter comments to Lee "Damn! He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3!"

Space Jam


  • During the Parachute fail in Infiltrating the Airship, the word "Butterfingers" is shown. The audio clip resulting from moving the mouse over to said quote, was taken directly from Spider-Man 2, when Doctor Octopus drops Aunt May from his tentacles and nonchalantly says "Butterfingers" to mock Spider-Man.
  • Henry attempts to Web Throw in Fleeing the Complex but fails because his hands are still covered. The narrator even wonders if he can even shoot webs.
  • In Completing the Mission, the dance sequence during the Triple Threat route contains a reference to Peter Parker's infamous dance seen in Spider-Man 3.
    • Additionally, the Toppat performing the dance, Toby Mack, is named after Tobey Maguire, the actor for Spider-Man in the original trilogy.
  • In Completing the Mission, during the Hot Knife fail in Valiant Hero, the audio clip resulting from moving the mouse over said quote, is a spliced audio clip combining the word "Butterfingers"(see above), followed by the word "Pizza," when Peter is attempting to deliver pizza as spider Man, during which an onlooker shouted in shock "Whoa...he stole that guy's pizza", as he mistook Peter for a bystander, who who was robbed of the aforementioned pizza, unaware that Peter is in fact, Spider-Man. (For the YouTube of the video here: Poop: Revenge of the Mad Madman

Spy Kids

Star Wars

Toy Story

  • The Rocket's fail message from Jewel Baron references a line said by Woody at the end of the movie.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  • The main theme from the movie itself was used during the standoff in the Badass Bust Out ending of Escaping the Prison. This was replaced with an original composition in the Remastered version for copyright reasons.

Wreck-It Ralph

  • In Stickmin Space Resort, the middle hammer could be an reference to Wreck it Ralph where Fix-It Felix using his hammer to himself to heal any injuries.
    • The only thing distinguishing the 3 identical Hammer choices from each other is the sound they make when you put your cursor on them. The Left Hammer does a sound effect like it was hitting the glass, the Middle Hammer does a weak sound effect like it was hitting flesh, and the Right Hammer does a forceful sound effect like it was hitting something metal.

TV Shows

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra

BBC News

Breaking Bad

  • In the list of attorneys from his cellphone in Escaping the Prison, Henry is shown to have "S. Goodman" on the list, which alludes to the "criminal" lawyer Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill (who also appears in the prequel series Better Call Saul).
  • The Bio for Pinkman states he isn't affiliated with chemistry teachers or drug cartels. This alludes to Jesse Pinkman, who is the cooking partner of chemistry teacher Walter White in the drug trade.


  • In the Center for Chaos Containment, the boss puts on sunglasses just like Horatio Caine.

Da Ali G Show

  • In Completing the Mission, after Henry either throws the Right Hand Man onto Charles' helicopter, or to the ground, a Toppat with a similar appearance and voice to Ali G will appear.
    • This Toppat is of course Ali Gene with his name being a spoof on Ali G and his bio being a reference to G's style of dialogue.

Family Guy

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, when Henry chooses the Stretch'um Chewies and gets his hand stuck in a set of gears, the fail screen shows "That really grinds my gears," a memetic Peter Griffin quote from Family Guy.

The Fairly Odd Parents

  • One character from Completing the Mission is named Timothy Turner, a reference to Timmy Turner. Timothy having two imaginary friends is also be a reference to how Timmy has two fairy godparents named Cosmo and Wanda.


  • Hyper-Chicken, one of the lawyers from Escaping the Prison, is one of the attorneys from Henry's phone. In the remaster, Hyper-Chicken's name was changed to M. Hyperchicken to avoid copyright.
  • In Escaping the Prison, Michael Bends and Matthew Flexer look indentical other than the fact that Matthew has a goatee.
  • In Completing the Mission,

Inspector Gadget

Johnny Bravo

  • In Completing the Mission, the dance sequence during the Triple Threat route contains a character named Jonathan Bravo with the same hair and whose bio says that he "sounds exactly like Elvis Presley".

King of the Hill

  • Hank Hill is one of the characters from the series and one of his quotes and his name appears in the game after the Propane Tank fail scenes in Infiltrating the Airship. The quote is "I sell propane and propane accessories.".

The Magic School Bus

  • Stalling for a timeout during the "Toppat King" route in Completing the Mission cause a fail with the message "Seatbelts everyone!". This is a reference to the opening theme song of the '90s TV show. 


  • During the "Special BROvert Ops" route in Completing the Mission, Henry can have Charles broadcast an episode of Seinfeld from his helicopter to distract the Toppats. Unfortunately, Henry also gets distracted by the sitcom and laughs alongside the Toppats before he gets noticed by them.

The Punisher

The Simpsons

  • One character from Completing the Mission is named Bort Sampson, in reference to Bart Simpson, as well as Bort license plates, with many people named Bort.

SpongeBob SquarePants 

  • A picture of Painty the Pirate can be seen in Stealing the Diamond.
  • A Magic Pencil appears in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Frankendoodle", and is an option in Infiltrating the Airship and the laser-cut option fail quote is a meme from the episode Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm.
  • The fall message for the L. K. Cut II is a reference to the iconic quote from Patrick Star from the episode Sandy, Spongebob, and the Worm. (Quote: "We'll take Bikini Bottom and PUSH it somewhere else!") (MSG: We'll take our problems and PUSH them somewhere else!) Details on Know Your Meme.
  • Also, the Teleporter fail is a reference to SB-129, where Squidward used a time machine and ended up in Nowhere, a place filled with just nothing.
  • During the Diversion scene in the Triple Threat route in Completing the Mission, there's one Toppat Clan member doing Mr. Krabs' iconic robot dance from the episode "Krab Borg".
  • The Capital Gains route in Completing the Mission features the Purse of Holding. Both the option and its corresponding fail message are references to the Candy Bar Bag Carrying Bag.
  • During the Valiant Hero route, the Trash Ball option is a reference to No Nose Know, where Spongebob, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Squidward use to get rid of Patrick's new nose.
  • One character from Completing the Mission is Paddy Pride, a reference to a YouTube Poop based on a SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Patty Hype".
  • In the character's bio, it reads: Purple is his favorite drink, a direct reference said by a certain character in the YouTube Poop.
  • His name is also a direct reference to name of the YouTube Poop.
  • Bob Pants' name is a reference to the name of the main character, SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Krabman's name is based on Mr. Krabs' name.

Tiger King

Tom and Jerry

  • The scream Henry makes in the Grapple fail is an imitation of the screams by Tom and Jerry in the series.

Wallace and Gromit

  • The Techno Trousers (Robo Pants in remastered version) from The Wrong Trousers are an option in Infiltrating the Airship.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Dragon Ball Z

  • In Stealing the Diamond the boss from the Center for Chaos Containment says "It's over 9!" as a parody of the iconic quote Vegeta said, "It's over 9000!".
  • The score is 9001 when Henry uses "Acrobatics" in Fleeing the Complex.
  • In Completing the Mission's Triple Threat, Henry and Ellie perform the fusion dance to infuse their bodies into Ellry in a failed attempt to maneuver around the Toppats crowd.
  • After their defeat, both Henry and Ellie are seen lying in a crater in a similar fashion to Yamcha when he was defeated by a Saibamen.
  • The fail message also references the actual length of these battles, which pokes fun at Dragon Ball Z's infamous tendency of stretching a fight to several episodes. (MSG: Normally, this goes on for another 3 hours.)
  • The music playing over is called "Scouter Level" by Ockeroid, which sounds reminiscent of DBZ's Japanese soundtracks. The name of the song is also a reference to the Scouter device from the Dragonball franchise.
  • The SMASH choice during Jewel Baron route is similar to Goku's Super Saiyan rage scream.
  • Burt Curtis' screen of Henry in the Jewel Baron route also has 9001LOL on the upper left corner of the screen.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • In Stealing the Diamond, the worm uses Dio's "WRYYY!!!" sound effect from Heritage For the Future. Joseph Jo’s name is also a reference to Jojo.
  • In Fleeing the Complex there is a character called Dan the Man, in his bio he says he wanted to go by Dan of Steel, this is a reference to Stardust Crusaders' villain Steely Dan who's named Dan of Steel in the English dub for copyright issues.
  • During the "Revenged" route in Completing the Mission, the "Spirit Forme" option enacts a Stand battle between Henry and the Right Hand Man. Henry's close-ranged Stand, "Reference", is reminiscent of Hierophant Green from Stardust Crusaders, and has dimensional abilities similar to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap from Steel Ball Run. It’s also worth noting that the voice actors would say one thing, such as 'Time in a Bottle', however the subtitles would say another, 'Bottled Time'. This references the localized named of stands in the original series which are changed because of copyright. As part of the fail, the "To Be Continued" tagline is spoofed, with music audibly similar to the song "Roundabout" by Yes, referencing the famous ending of the anime adaptations of Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, the first and second parts respectively, which became a meme.
    • Also in Completing the Mission, the ending screen for "Cleaned 'em Out" features a stone mask, similar to the one present in the first two parts, and the dance sequence during the "Triple Threat" route features the Torture Dance from Vento Aureo.
    • The character Ken Janpon is a reference to Ken Oyanagi from Diamond is Unbreakable.
    • If Henry attempts to bribe Mr. MacBeth during the "Little Nest Egg" route, the fail message references the meme: "_____ really steals? No dignity." from the infamous "Duwang" scans of said part.


  • Nerto Kageh from Infiltrating the Airship is a direct reference in name (poorly spelled) and runs in a way that is often joked as "Naruto running" even though Sonic the Hedgehog runs like that too, and nobody ever seems to take note of that ever.

Video Games

Ace Attorney 

  • In Escaping the Prison, the character Felix White, who appears as an actual character in the game, and Henry's lawyer in the trial, is actually based on the character from that game series. Henry also has Apollo Justice (another character) on his cellphone. The whole trial scene, including the courtroom interior, intro, and Hubert Brown, is based on Ace Attorney.
  • In the remastered version, Felix White was changed to Felix White to avoid copyright issues. However, Apollo Justice's name was unchanged most likely to the fact that Justice never appears other than a name in Henry's cellphone reading "A. Justice".
  • In Infiltrating the Airship, if you got the Legal ending in EtP, Phoenix Wright's calling card can be seen with the picture of the "cake" smuggled in for Henry.

Advance Wars

  • A battle scene similar to those from this game can be seen in Fleeing the Complex when a tank shoots Henry.

Age of Empires

  • Henry converts Kayn West to his allegiance using the iconic monk cry "Wololo" in Completing the Mission, after which the latter cooperates and replies "Narwini". "Erectus" is sometimes said by workers when sent to do a task.


Among Us

  • All Crewmate Stuffies from the game appear in many pathways as part of a "Assemble the Crew" achievement.
  • After being ejected from the Toppat Orbital Station, Henry was found to not be the Impostor when choosing the Remote during the "Free Man" route.
  • A poster in the Toppat Orbital Station's Orion Lounge is a reference to Among Us. In fact, that exact poster can be found in Among Us on the Polus map, in the office.
  • All door sound effects used in The Henry Stickmin Collection are taken from Among Us.
  • All vents in The Henry Stickmin Collection are taken from Among Us. The sound effect is also used for the mini-door in Henry's cell in Escaping the Prison.
  • The sound effect when Charles attempts to hack the door in "Valiant Hero" is the same sound effect when failing to do the Card Swipe task in Among Us. This same sound effect is heard in ‘Rapidly Promoted Executive’ in Infiltrating the Airship when Reginald Copperbottom attempts to swipe his keycard to open the door to the cockpit for the airship.
  • The sound effect for when the player is killed by an Impostor is heard twice when Henry hijacks the S.S. Annie in Fleeing the Complex (remastered only).
  • The emergency meeting sound effect is played in Fleeing the Complex in the IRO route when you choose which guard near the helipad to defeat.
  • Polus Petrovich's bio mentions that he got to name a planet after himself. This is a reference to w:c:among-us:Polus (map) Among Us.
  • Derbert Daniels' bio mentions that he's hooked onto the new mobile game, "Between Us 2". A possible reference to Among Us and the canceled sequel, Among Us 2.

Animal Crossing

  • A Gyroid can be seen in the airship vault. 
  • The Leafmöde option from the "Cleaned 'em Out" route in Completing the Mission references how every item of furniture in the Animal Crossing series is represented by a leaf. In addition, a fossil can be seen on the right in the ending screen. 

Apex Legends

Assassin's Creed


  • In Stealing The Diamond remastered version, when clicking on a painting, the sound and the appearing score (at down right) have similarity to this game.
  • In Retro Room, A gold jigsaw puzzle piece (known as Jiggy in the games) can be seen inside.
  • In Infiltrating the Airship, The Clawpack looks like Kazooie and the fail screen mistakes it for a bird.

BattleBlock Theatre

The Binding of Isaac


  • A bomb just like the ones in Bomberman is seen in the grapple option in Infiltrating the Airship. In the fail, Henry drops the bomb in the door to make it explode, but walks to the left, where it is an dead end, instead of right, where there is part where Henry could have protected himself from the explosion, (since the bombs from that games explodes in an plus (+) pattern, [Altough in the airship, the bomb seemed to had exploded in an normal bomb's range.]) which leads to Henry accidentally kill himself.
  • The fail message "Should've used remote bombs" refers to the Remote Bomb Powerup that appears in some games, an item that makes the player be able to control where the bomb explode.
  • Ironically, once a bomb is set, it becomes a solid until its explosion, which meant that Henry would've died anyways due to him being stuck.

Call of Duty series

  • One of the fails in Stealing the Diamond involves a Tactical Nuke, a rather infamous killstreak in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that requires 25 kills, in most situations gained by lucky camping, hence the fail description.
  • In Fleeing the Complex, if you choose the crossbow for Ellie and the sniper rifle for Henry, he spins multiple times in the air before taking the shot. This is a reference to trickshooting/quickscoping from said series of the shooter games, which involves sniping people in such a stylish fashion, often called "360 no-scope."
  • In Completing the Mission, a hit marker appears after Henry uses a hammer to reflect a sniper round back to sender during the "Stickmin Space Resort" route. On a fail screen during the "Cleaned 'em Out" route, the "Press F to Pay Respects" meme is referenced.

Castle Crashers

  • In the remastered version of Stealing the Diamond during "Intruder on the Scooter" route, there's a helmet of Red, Blue, Orange and Green Knight during the Medieval Section QTE.
  • The Sandwich which powers Henry in FtC is an item from the game.

Chrono Trigger

  • The Dual Tech choice in Toppat King route is the referenced from said game where it utilizes Dual Tech mechanic.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

  • The N64 Cartridge of Conker's Bad Fur Day can be seen in Cleaned 'em Out's ending screen.

Counter-Strike series

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, flashbang is an option, and "Fire in the hole!" is an audio file directly extracted from the game.
    • This is no longer the case in the remastered version released with The Henry Stickmin Collection, as it has been replaced with Charles saying "Fire in the hole!".
    • In Fleeing the Complex, International Rescue Operative, Charles will help Henry to snipe the guard in the way, in which it uses the AWP sound from CS:GO. But ends up shooting Henry instead.
  • Again, no longer the case in the remastered version, as it used another sniper sound.
    • In Completing the Mission, the line "Bomb has been planted" can be found during the "Toppat King" route. In a fail scenario during the "Toppat 4 Life" route, Henry will equip and unequip the knife in a spoof to common CS:GO gameplay. The sniper equipped with the AWP shoots Henry in the head, triggering a kill-feed message directly inspired by CS: Source.
  • Dying shows the message, "Everyone knows you run faster with a knife."

Crossing the Pit

  • In Completing the Mission, the gravity pit scenario in the "Jewel Baron" route references this game, with the same 8 options from it. Also, when the teleporter glitches, Henry is briefly sent to the pit from this game.

Crysis series

  • Henry puts on a Nanosuit during the "Free Man" route.

Dad and Me

  • One of the multiple references on the board seen whilst Henry is walking around after taking the NrG drink is Dad.


  • In Completing the Mission, when the Teleporter glitches, Henry briefly ends up in the world of this game. The main theme of the game can be heard in the Dance-Off choice. also, in the opacitator fail, a digger is briefly seen.

Donkey Kong series

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, the Golden Banana that appears in the Banana Bomb fail screen is a reference to Donkey Kong 64. Also, when you click on the "OOH, BANANA" text, a banana that has the Nintendo 64 logo on it.  
  • It was replaced with the Toppat Clan logo in the remastered version.
  • In Completing the Mission, Henry and Ellie are launched from a series of barrels during the "Triple Threat" route. In the same route, a Toppat member can be seen doing a dance routine Donkey Kong performs in DK64. The "Swap" option also references Donkey Kong Country. 

Dungeons and Dragons

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, in the "Wizard Magic" fail, it says rolled a 1, which is a reference to the fact that in Dungeons and Dragons if you roll a 1, it's a guaranteed fail.


  • During Henry fights with the Right Hand Man when choosing the Yo-Yo, the battle is actually based on Earthbound (also known as Mother) game. The original music played was Sanctuary Guardian, but was changed in the Remastered Version.
    • When "Goods" is selected, Henry will fire the Multi-Bottle Rockets, a reference to one of the weapons in the game.
    • When "PSI" is selected, Henry will use PSI Flash Beta, which is one of the PSI spells that will cause an opponent to be crying.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, a guard quote can be seen on a fail screen.
  • In FtC, Ghost Inmate, Henry has the option to pickpocket Isaac, the menu, Skyrim-styled, will be shown. Henry will surprisingly steal everything without the guard noticing, after Henry took everything, there's a note which tells him he's unable to stand due to the heaviness.
  • In Completing the Mission, the sneak stat is shown to be raised during the "Master Bounty Hunter" route. In "Jewel Baron", the "Yell" he used is based on the game's Shout. Henry also shouts "RA-DO-FOOS!!" Which is 'FUS-RO-DAH" spelled differently.
  • In Completing the Mission, Toppat member Lenk's bio has the line "He used to be a hero but then he took an arrow to the chest". A reference to the quote "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee."

Fallout series

  • When Henry escapes from falling airship in Infiltrating the Airship, he uses the power armor from Fallout games.
  • Henry attempts to use the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (VATS) in Completing the Mission to shoot a military pilot in the head, with a described hit rate of 95%. He, of course, completely misses every shot.

Far Cry Blood Dragon

  • Both Henry and The Right Hand Man's cyber form is likely referenced from the protagonist Rex Power Colt and the antagonist Ike Sloan.
  • Dr. Vinschpinsilstien from "Revenged" route intro also likely referenced from Prof. Elizabeth Veronica Darling, due how formerly she works with The Toppat Clan but then she deceived.

Final Fantasy series

  • When Henry battles the Right Hand Man in Infiltrating the Airship and chooses Dirk, the same interface and Sound effects as the Final Fantasy VI NES/SNES is shown. While battling the Right Hand Man, a remix of the boss theme "The Decisive Battle" plays.
  • If Henry uses Blitz against him, Henry will automatically execute Sabin's (a.k.a Mash) Blitz move "Suplex" (also known as Meteor Smash), but will be killed with a machine gun.
  • If Henry attempts the Magic command, the Right Hand Man will cast Reflect (Wall in the SNES version) and Henry will accidentally kill himself with the spell Fire.
  • If Henry uses Tools, he will use Edgar's Chainsaw attack and wins the encounter as a brief section of the victory theme plays.
    • In Fleeing the Complex, when using the Shadozer, it plays a short remix of Shadow's theme from FFVI.
    • Cloud Strife's buster sword from Final Fantasy VII can be found during the "Free Man" route in Completing the Mission. When Henry uses the Buster Sword on an enemy, the enemy flashes red and disappears, similar to the game.

Fire Emblem

  • During the "Presumed Dead" route it Fleeing the Complex, the third selection screen is similar to the original series.
  • When Henry battles Karlov in FtC, the same interface and music from Fire Emblem are used as the reference.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • In Fleeing the Complex, there is a scene in which Henry runs towards a building with Freddy Fazbear in it and his iconic music box playing. Freddy's small jumpscare pops up on the screen just like in the game. In THSC, the music box music is replaced to avoid copyright.


  • During the "Triple Threat" route in Completing the Mission, Ellie says "Where we droppin' boys?" The phrase is commonly attributed to the battle royale game.
  • In the same route, when choosing to fly into the communication tower, Henry and Ellie are seen dropping down from the helicopter by using modernized, technological umbrellas, bearing a big resemblance to the default victory umbrella glider from the game. Upon landing, a Toppat member contacts another sniper that can be seen building vertically before taking down Henry and Ellie.
  • In the "Master Bounty Hunter" route, the "Dance Off" option appears in every choice scenario, which involves Henry attempting to perform the default dance in front of the enemy. Every time, Henry is shot down with only the first few notes of the Default Dance music being heard.
  • In "Special BROvert Ops", when picking the Remote Toppat, it'll briefly do the "Hype" Dance from the game.
  • During the "Triple Treat" Diversion scene, there's a member of Toppat doing "Orange Justice" dance from the game, his name on the bio even mentioning that as well, "Orange Hat Kid".
  • Also during the Diversion scene, someone can be seen doing the "Worm" dance.

Grand Theft Auto series

  • When the police chase Henry in Stealing the Diamond, you can find stars just like in GTA.
  • In Fleeing the Complex, Henry will be knocked out by a stone and the word "wasted" can be seen in the earthbend option, along with sound effects. This is based on wasted scenes from GTA V.
  • The Abandoned Tank scene in Toppat King route is likely referenced from in GTA series (Mostly from GTA III to GTA San Andreas) where the player could increase the Rhino speed by aiming and shooting the cannon backwards.
  • Big Smoke (parodied) famous quote from "Wrong Side of the Tracks" can be seen in Completing the Mission when you choose 'Join the Caravan' in the Little Nest Egg route. (MSG: "All you had to do was follow the dang train, Henry!")

Half-Life series

  • In Stealing the Diamond, a crowbar appears that spawns headcrabs afterward. The machine ambience for the Center for Chaos Containment is taken from Half-Life.
  • In Infiltrating the Airship, using a smudged CD in one of the endings loads G.A.B.E.N. (which is the nickname of Gabe Newell, founder of the Valve corporation that made Half-Life series) and then HL3 fails to load. Half-Life 3 is actually one of the most infamous vaporware, hence the fail. A Gravity Gun is one of the choices in the Grapple path of Infiltrating the Airship. Moreover, many sounds (door closing sound when the Toppat Leader closes the doors, using the card to open the door after Bone Melt choice) come from Half-Life.
  • In Fleeing the Complex, a man with a briefcase can be found in multiple scenes. This is a reference to G-man, a mysterious character from Half-Life. This was added because Half-Life takes place in a complex Black Mesa.
  • In Completing the Mission, during the Little Nest Egg path, a bunch of Toppat members are trapped in a passenger cart, one member with a gas mask and red beret-like top hat says “We. Cant. Get. In.” Taking long pauses between each word. This is a reference to the HECU grunts from Half-Life, because the grunt voice lines were individual words put together to form a sentence, and the gas mask and beret is a combination between 2 grunt models from Half-Life.

Halo series

A Hat in Time

  • In Completing the Mission, a Toppat member resembling Hat Kid can be seen doing the loading screen dance (also known as the Smug Dance) during the "Triple Threat" route and mutinying against Henry during the "Toppat Civil Warfare" route.


  • Talk between Heath and Isaac in FtC is about Hearthstone gameplay although the name isn't mentioned.
  • When he mentions that his opponent played "The Gates are Open", he might be referencing Lord of the Arena, a minion that says that when played.
    • The former's full name, Heath Stone, is a reference to the game's title.
    • The character Oger Krip makes reference to several Hearthstone memes.
  • The text on his bio card references Boulderfist Ogre's "good stats for the cost" meme, as well as the "Volcanosaur is pretty good with can't be targeted adapt" meme.
  • The former meme is also referenced in his name, Oger, with the last name Krip being a reference to Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian.


  • "Allan please add details" is a message seen in one of the fails in the original version of Infiltrating the Airship. It's a reference to Hitman: Blood Money, where a developer working on the game wanted someone called Allan to add a description to an item, but he did not, and that line later remained in the completed product.
  • This fail message however replaced in remastered version.
    • In the remastered version of Fleeing the Complex during "Convict Allies" route, the Pass By option now has the detection alert at one of the guards similar to Hitman: Absolution; both Henry and Ellie also look away from the guards same as Agent 47 looks away when he's disguised.

Ice Climber

  • In CtM, Toppat 4 Life intro cutscene, a character named Nacy Popo enters the bar. The character's name, appearance and bio is a reference to Nintendo's Ice Climber.

Just Cause

  • In Fleeing the Complex, when Henry chooses Bail when being chased by armed guards, the fail screen stated: "You should've followed up with a tether from your wrist strapped grapple hook." Which is a reference to the Grappling Hook used in Just Cause.
  • In Completing the Mission's "Toppat King" route, the Wrist Strapped Grapple Hook becomes one of the options.


  • In Fleeing the Complex, Presumed Dead, at the final part, a Warp Star is presented as an option.

Kerbal Space Program

  • The rocket in the docks and how Henry crashes it in attempt to blast off is a reference to this simulation game.

L.A Noire 

  • When Henry and Ellie try to blend in as guards in Fleeing the Complex, one of the guards calls out their disguise while "Doubt" pops up in the upper left on the screen complete with sound effects, just like in L.A. Noire.
  • He was also named "Colby Phelps" which is reference from the main character, Cole Phelps.

Left 4 Dead 2 

  • In Fleeing the Complex, Convict Allies, the part where Henry has to rescue Ellie from a warden. The adrenaline, which appears in Left 4 Dead 2, is presented as an option. Also, the part where Ellie smacks a warden on Henry with a stop sign, the Left 4 Dead 2's frying pan can be heard, the M16 Assault Rifle sound from L4D2 can be heard when a guard fires his M16, in Presumed Dead ending.
    • The name T.R.N.K. and his physical appearance is a reference from special infected Tank and Charger prespectively.
    • In Flash version of Fleeing the Complex, specifically Ghost Inmate route, The song "Vassalation" From Left 4 Dead 2 has played twice when Henry hijacks the S.S. Annie, However the song was deleted for copyright reasons.

The Legend of Zelda series

  • Henry holds up a shovel in Breaking the Bank (remastered) the same way Link holds up The Master Sword.
  • In Stealing the Diamond during Intruder on the Scooter scene, the picture of King Hyrule can be seen on the background.
  • In Stealing the Diamond's remaster within the Just Plain Epic pathway, three musical instruments from the Zelda saga are on display, specifically in the Retro Room. Amongst these instruments, there is Ocarina of Time from Ocarina of Time, the Wind Waker from The Wind Waker, and finally, the Spirit Flute from Spirit Tracks.
  • The Biggoron Sword (renamed as "Biggol Sword" in THSC) appears as secret medal in Infiltrating the Airship.
  • In Fleeing the Complex, in Ghost Inmate, Henry can choose the Longshot, which is what Link uses to get to higher spots, and he can choose the command melody, which references Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The fail screen for command melody references Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Completing the Mission's "Master Bounty Hunter" route involves using an ocarina to contact Charles Calvin for air assistance. The moon from Majora's Mask is also sent to Earth during the "Toppat 4 Life" route.
  • Also in Completing the Mission, Toppat 4 Life, when choosing the Climb option, Henry will have a circle on him to indicate his stamina, along with the menu and the inventory. This is a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

LEGO Racers

  • There is a warp option in Infiltrating the Airship that is the same as the game. It also shows a LEGO brick in the option screen.

League of Legends

  • During the International Rescue Operative route in Fleeing the Complex, the option for "flash" appears while you're in the cafeteria. Not only does it make the sound when you use flash in the game it also has the art and it lets you teleport through walls just like in the MOBA game.


  • In Fleeing the Complex, if you try to escape through a hole in the wire fence, fail description says "You could use one of those", followed by an image of what very closely resembles the Blocker lemming special ability.
    • The guy who leads everyone to said hole is called Sean S.E. Lemming and has green hair, just like Lemmings.

Lethal League

  • In Stickmin Space Resort in CtM, the right hammer could be a reference to this game, where the players use their weapons to deflect a ball towards others to defeat them.

Mario series

  • Super mushroom appears in Stealing the Diamond. It makes Henry bigger like in the games. There is also Luigi's portrait, Goomba posters and a shell in the same room.
  • In the portrait where Luigi appears, he's making a reference to Hotel Mario's intro.
    • Green shell is an option in Infiltrating the Airship.
    • A Tanooki Suit (from SMB3 onwards) and a Boo from an item block (from the Mario Kart series) are also used in Fleeing the Complex. Also in FtC, in the Ghost Inmate scenario, Super Jump is presented as an option, this enables him to jump higher. This ability was introduced Super Mario Bros. 2.
    • In Completing the Mission, numerous Mario references are made:
  • Henry jumps on a note block to cross a gap.
  • Ellie spins and throws Henry in a similar fashion to the final Bowser fight in Super Mario 64. The fail quote is a reference to what Mario says when throwing Bowser, which is "So long, kinga Bowser!"
  • Henry equips a metal cap to break out of a jail cell, with a parody of the Metal Mario theme from Super Mario 64 playing.
  • Henry jumps into a painting to another world, and as he is being teleported, it says the iconic quote "Letsa go." When Henry gets shot by the Toppat, the evil laugh and the Toppat icon bring the screen to black, like when bowser defeats you in his final battle. (also a Super Mario 64 reference)
  • Henry and the Right Hand Man perform Stylish Moves (as seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
  • A spiny shell targets Henry after he jumps off a ramp (reference to the Mario Kart series)
  • Lakitu's cloud is used in a fail scenario (functioning like its appearances in 2D Mario games)
  • Henry and Ellie perform a Shell Bounce attack against the Right Hand Man. (referencing the recurring special attack in the Mario & Luigi RPGs)
  • Henry is briefly transported to the Dr. Mario play area when the teleporter glitches out.
  • Henry is briefly transported to a castle level with a Thwomp in the background when the teleporter glitches out.
  • Henry throws Toppy at a Toppat to possess him. (reference to Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey)
  • Chance Time forces the Norwegian Emerald to be transferred from Henry to the Right Hand Man (reference to the early Mario Party games).
  • A Star Man is stored in the Toppat Orbital Station's vault room alongside the Norwegian Emerald
  • Mario and Luigi can be seen as Toppats in multiple routes, such as dancing during the "Triple Threat" dance sequence.
  • A Gold Bone from the Luigi's Mansion series can be seen in Cleaned 'em Out's ending screen.
  • The symbol on the money cart is a coin from any Super Mario game.
  • The sound the Rock Paper Scissors option plays where the mouse is over it is similar to the sound of the Item. Boxes in Mario Kart.
  • The Duplicatorange is a reference to the Duplication Cherry in Super Mario 3D World.

Mass Effect

  • In Infiltrating the Airship, Earpiece Option, the part where Charles said that he hacked into the power grid, and asked what he should do, the interface of choices is identical to that of Mass Effect.

Metal Gear series

  • The call sound effect can be heard in the first option screen of Infiltrating the Airship.
  • The iconic cardboard box used for stealth sequences in the series is also one of the options in Fleeing the Complex. The Alert sound can be heard when the box is presented.
  • Multiple references are included in Completing the Mission's "Master Bounty Hunter" route; Frog says "You kept us waiting, huh", a codec conversation is shown as part of the opening cutscene, John Pilskin (codename: "Frog") is directly patterned off of Solid Snake, and one fail scenario is a direct reference to MGS's game over screens.
  • The title of the initial cutscene of this route is a reference to the subtitle "A Hideo Kojima Game" that was present in every title this famous director worked in.
  • The beginning cutscene is a reference to the opening cutscene of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
  • The opening credits is a reference to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
    • In the CorrupTick fail screen, "Fission Mailed" is a reference from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
    • The Fulton choice in Capital Gains is the exact same one from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.


  • In Stealing the Diamond, Henry attempts to command a Metroid to attack Tim and Joe, guards at the museum, but instead, it attaches itself to Henry's head and eats it.


  • In the remastered edition of Breaking the Bank, the fail screen for the 'Shovel' choice states "Never dig straight down," a reference to some very common advice given to Minecraft players.
  • In Stealing the Diamond as Henry uses a pickaxe in similar fashion to the characters in the game, the exploding mob, the Creeper comes up to Henry. The wall breaks in many cubes, another reference to how everything in Minecraft is made of cubes.
  • In Completing the Mission, there are Minecraft references there.
    • In Triple Threat, Henry attempts to build a bridge using dirt blocks, but later runs out of them and falls to his death in a manner similar to Minecraft, his "Ogh!" sound is also heard. Also, when the rocket is hijacked and launches early, if you skip the quick time event the fail message is "Return to Sender", a possible reference to a Minecraft advancement.
    • In Stickmin Space Resort, the left hammer scenario features Henry attempting to "mine" glass in a similar manner to Minecraft, but he is shot down.
    • In Cleaned 'em Out, the ending screen features a diamond helmet, and a block of diamond can be seen in the background of the "Leafmöde" choice.
    • In Jewel Baron an Iron Ingot and a Gold Ingot in appears in the Toppat Orbital Station Vault.

Moonbase Alpha

  • In Ghost Inmate route in FtC, the fail message for Plunger Boots is "aeiou". When clicked multiple times, it will play text-to-speech of the word "aeiou" from NASA's video game, Moonbase Alpha.

Mortal Kombat

  • In Completing the Mission's "Master Bounty Hunter" route, an option called "Finish Him" is presented. In Free Man, when the Earth is chosen, the fail message will say "Toasty!" as a reference to the quote that appears in MKII.

Mr. Driller

  • In Escaping the Prison, when selecting the Drill option at the beginning of the game, Henry holds the drill in the exact same pose the characters' sprites in-game are depicted in. However, he ends up drilling through the floor and falls into an empty bathroom, similar to reaching the goal after drilling a certain number of meters.

The Neverhood

  • When Henry uses the Opacitator in Escaping the Prison, the song Dum Da Dum Doi Doi, part of the game's soundtrack is heard. During the Shadozer fail, an excerpt from Pulling of the Pin is heard as background music.
  • The Liquidificator fail in Stealing the Diamond involves Henry holding a piece of paper without moving at all, just like Klaymen used to read letters in nursery's basement. It even uses the same musical tone, Pulling of the Pin.

Nintendo Zapper

  • In the "Free Man" route, the "Pew Pew Gun" is based on the NES peripheral, the Zapper. Even the blaster sound can be heard and the screen flashes.


  • Using the Revolver during the "Toppat King" route in Completing the Mission references McCree's Ultimate, Deadeye. In the "Revenged" route, the Right Hand Man's Play of the Game can be viewed after a fail scenario, complete with the in-game UI.

Papers, Please

  • One of the ending slides for the Presumed Dead ending in Fleeing the Complex shows Henry handing his passport to an immigration inspector.

PilotWings 64

  • One of the fails in Stealing the Diamond are Jumble Hoppers, which are named after the character Jumble Hopper who jumps just like Henry with those boots. In the legacy version, it also uses the music from the game.
  • In Infiltrating the Airship, when you choose "Hang-Glider," one of the jingles can be heard.
  • In Completing the Mission, the option Wings on Triple Threat is taken from the Birdman bonus.

Plants vs. Zombies

  • The Bios page in The Henry Stickmin Collection references the zombie almanac in the first game.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

  • In Completing the Mission, In Triple Threat, Henry and Ellie will drop into the parking lot by parachute, in a similar fashion to the game. But Ellie got shot then knocked out while Henry only getting ammo and a scope is also based on something that always happens to players in the game, it means that it's always you that gets unlucky loot, but your enemies always seemingly get better loot.


  • Goodball appears in Stealing the Diamond. When the player chooses it, a Pokémon inspired battle scene begins. The Pokémon Missing.no is a glitch Pokémon found on early releases of Pokemon Red/Blue that just appears as lines of code, even though the glitch is actually called MissingNo.
  • In Completing the Mission, Revenged, features Henry using a Y-Type Attack against the Right Hand Man, a reference to the Z-Move. In Free Man, Henry has the option to use Harden, the same move from the games. The fail message will also say "It's not very effective...". In Little Nest Egg, Henry will use Agility to dodge the bullets fired at him.


  • In Stealing the Diamond, Henry uses a Portal Gun and fires it to diamond and on the ceiling, which then crashes on his bridge and leads to fail.
  • For the remastered version, it's changed to a Wormhole Gun.

Power Glove

  • A peripheral that allowed motion control for the NES that Henry tries to use to raise a door.


  • In Fleeing the Complex, Presumed Dead, Henry can choose to fight the big guy with boxing gloves. The scene will play out as if it's Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. The boxer also resembles Soda Popinski, The Russian boxer from the game.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Resident Evil

Roller Coaster Tycoon

  • When using the Pinchers during the "Cleaned 'em Out" route in Completing the Mission, the UI from RCT will appear to notify that Henry had drowned in the river.

RPG Maker

  • The folder from the Computer scene in Infiltrating the Airship during Pure Blooded Thief route which named "RPG Maker 1998" which is a direct reference to that program.
    • The magical ship mentioned on Don Miguel's bio is a reference to a flying ship that appears on the RPG Maker game Don's adventure.

Scribblenauts series

Sid Meier's Civilization V

  •  During the PBT ending in Infiltrating the Airship, if you choose the computer option, Henry will find a game called Civ_V and plays it for several hours until he gets caught by a Toppat member. The fail quote is a reference to the just one more turn meme.

The Sims

  • The Mind Crystal that Henry use during "Toppat Civil Warfare" route allows him to control the mind of another Toppat member like controlling Sims and uses the unique simlish language in fail text.

Sonic the Hedgehog series

  • In Stealing the Diamond, a Sonic water bubble shield is used to reflect bullets.
  • In remastered version, a Sonic's ring can be seen during Mushroom choice scene.
    • In Infiltrating the Airship, In the Government Supported Private Investigator route, a Tails robot is used to cross a gap. In the Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive route, the Cannon Ball stays in place before rolling, similar to the spin dash (in the original, the sound effect was used).
  • The robot being a metal version of a character that have the same/more habilities is very similar to Metal Sonic.
    • In Fleeing the Complex, Presumed Dead, Henry can choose Speed Shoes as an option, which is what Sonic wears, and the red spring appears in Ghost Inmate, complete with sound effects.
    • In Completing the Mission, during the "Jewel Baron" route, Henry has the option to turn into a super state, but fails due to having one emerald instead of seven. The setting of this fail scenario is also a reference to Sonic Adventure 2's true final boss. In the same route, when the teleporter begins activating after Henry smashes it into pieces, he is briefly taken to Green Hill Zone.

Starcraft 2

  • In Henry's Cell, he will have the option to use the Teleporter. When he does this, it will warp him Protoss-style to a planet where Protoss are fighting other Protoss. Henry will appear among some Zealots, who are preparing to attack an enemy Colossus, and are vaporized. Then a player, Bassen, will tell the other team to leave.
  • Choosing the Phantom option in the "Toppat 4 Lyfe" path in Completing the Mission will show a Terran Ghost, who says "They'll never see it coming..." before calling down a nuke.

Star Fox series

  • The call sound effect can be heard in Infiltrating the Airship.
  • During the "Jewel Baron" route in Completing the Mission, Henry has the option to evade the Toppat's defense lasers with "barrel rolls" (actually aileron rolls, as pointed out in the fail quote). Throughout the scene, the way dialogue is presented is similar to Star Fox SNES. Eventually, a Big Bomb was deployed to eliminate Henry and force a fail screen.

Street Fighter

  • Ken can be seen using a Shoryuken against Ryu during the desert battle in Infiltrating the Airship during Pure Blooded Thief.
  • In Fleeing the Complex, after using The KNEE on both Ellie and Grigori, Henry gets a "YOU WIN.... PERFECT." message taken straight out of Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
  • The Cheap Combo option in "Master Bounty Hunter" in Completing the Mission is also used in the same game with the knock out voice.

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Smash Bros. series

  • The fact that Henry trips when left is selected in Escaping the Prison during one of the quick-time events where he evades two guards is a reference to how characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl may randomly trip when attempting to run left or right; this mechanic is regarded by many as annoying and infamous and easily disrupts competitive play.
  • The fighter, Captain Falcon, can perform moves Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick which also can be done by Henry in Infiltrating the Airship, Stealing the Diamond, Fleeing the Complex, and Completing the Mission.
  • The Dark Energy Bomb in the Infiltrating the Airship remake may sometimes reference the Subspace Bomb from Super Smash Bros Brawl, preferably Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary.
  • In Fleeing the Complex, Henry has the option to use "The Knee" in one of the paths, which involves him doing a "dashdance" (unnecessary "technique" used in competitive play) and then using Captain Falcon's forward aerial attack (the knee). This knocks both Ellie Rose and Grigori Olyat off the screen, resulting in a fail.
  • In Completing the Mission, the "Wombo Combo" is used against the Right Hand Man during the "Capital Gains" route, a reference to the viral Smash Bros. Melee highlight of the same name.
  • In the "Free Man" route, Henry attempts to use Fox's reflector to protect himself, but is K.O.'d in a fashion similar to what is seen in Smash Bros. Ultimate. When the Teleporter glitches out after Henry breaks it, he is briefly taken to Melee's Final Destination stage.
  • In Completing the Mission, the Baseball Bat is a reference to Ness’ bat.

Team Fortress 2 

  • "Samuel Mundy", a sniper patterned off the TF2 Sniper, appears allied with police to take down Henry. When he lands the shot, one of Sniper's lines from TF2 is referenced (In the original version, the quote is directly ripped from TF2. In THSC, PuffballsUnited voices Mundy instead). The fail message for that scenario, "Boom, headshot", is a reference to Meet the Sniper.
  • In remastered version of Stealing the Diamond, a picture of Heavy Pootis can be seen during "Intruder on a Scooter" route.
  • In Infiltrating the Airship numerous TF2 references are made:
    • In remastered version, a picture of Derp Scout can be seen in the Airship vault during Pure Blooded Thief route. A red hat can also be found near the picture similar to the Stout Shako in TF2.
      • In Rapidly Promoted Executive ending, A TF2.exe icon appears on desktop and a Scout appears when it's clicked.
      • Reginald Copperbottom's stacked hats may have referenced the Noble Amassment of Hats, a cosmetic item in TF2.
      • Soldier's rocket launcher is used to rocket jump in Rapidly Promoted Executive/Relentless Bounty Hunter route. 
      • Several Team Fortress 2 in-game sound effects can be found throughout the game, such as a critical hit (with the corresponding visual) when using a missile against the helicopter. The crit sound effect is only heard in the original version.
  • During the Pure Blooded Thief route, In the cutscene preluding an appearance from the CCC, the BLU Spy can be seen backstabbing the RED Sniper. In his bio it says "A sneaky devil. Tries to disguise himself as members of the enemy ranks, though his top hat never disappears". This also has another example of TF2 sounds: The "revenge" sound effect plays when the backstab occurs in the original version, which is caused by killing another player who is "dominating" you, a state that can be achieved by one person killing you four times in a row without you killing them.
  • One of the medals is called "Kredit 2 Team", with its icon being red/blue, just like the teams in the game. The name and description of the medal is a reference to Heavy's voice lines in TF2: "Engineer is credit to team!" and "Sandvich make me strong!".
  • Using the "Adrenaline" action in a scene will cause Henry to rush forward and grab an enemy. The sound effect for Henry rushing forward is identical to the sound the Soldier's weapon "Disciplinary Action" makes when swung.
  • In the Presumed Dead route, a guard name Karl Pinkerton ask his co-worker if they want to trade their hats, a possible reference to TF2's trade system and the fact that hat is the most common form of cosmetic in TF2.
  • "Misha Sashavo" is most likely a reference to the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, as they both have similar facial features, both share the name Misha, and it is mentioned in his bio that Misha was in a group of "crazy mercenaries."
  • His last name is most likely a reference to Sasha, The Heavy’s main weapon: a minigun that was named as seen in Meet The Heavy video.
  • On the "Special BROvert Ops" route, Henry attempts to destroy the Toppat rocket's engine by whacking it with a Wrench , but he upgrades it instead, just like the Engineer does to his turret. The fail message mentions also mentions that the engine was just at Level 2, implying it can be upgraded further to Level 3.
  • In one bio, there is a character named Jose Gonzales. The description is as quote: "He's been a gamer since 2008, but only plays free to play games. You can catch him wearing the default hat."
    • This is a reference to numerous TF2 jokes. The main one is from a video called "TF2 Weapon Stereotypes" by YouTuber Soundsmith. The series was mainly for laughs, but in it he goes over a weapon which he considers only people using a meme strategy or noobs use it, mainly the latter. He also states that they have some weird username, such as "JoseGonzales2008".
  • This is also a reference to the fact TF2 is Free to Play.
  • During the "Triple Threat" dance sequence, four Toppat members can be seen doing a Conga line in a fashion similar to what is seen in TF2.
  • In the "Pardoned Pals"/"Toppat Recruits", Henry attempts to disguise as a Government soldier using Spy's Disguise Kit, but instead of transmuting into the soldier, he appears as wearing a mask featuring the face.
  • "Travis DeGroot" is a reference to the Demoman. He appears during the "Toppat 4 Life" route, toasting a barmate while saying one of the Demoman's more well-known quotes.
  • Travis' bio additionally states that he retired as a mercenary after "the updates stopped coming". This is a reference to TF2's notoriously long update gap, with the last major content addition happening in 2017. The bio also states that he also loses his eye after the explosion. This is also a reference to Demoman's TF2 bio where he lose his eye after reading the Bombinomicon.
  • In the Jewel Baron route, when the teleporter glitches out, Henry is briefly teleported to the bridge from 2Fort which is a map from the game.
  • In the Cleaned 'em Out route, Henry can disguise as a bush prop, and one of the Toppat members uses fire to "test" it. This is a reference to the community-made gamemode Prop Hunt, where one team disguises as props and tries to blend in with the environment, while the other team, usually consisting of Pyros wielding flamethrowers (which is what the Toppat member using fire and the fail quote are referencing), tries to find them by attacking "out of place" props with their weapons, as players disguised as props will still take damage.
  • The ending splash screen for "Cleaned 'em Out" features a Golden Frying Pan, one of the most valued items in TF2 behind Unusual cosmetics.

Telltale Games

  • Leaving Ellie behind in Fleeing the Complex will give the player a notification displaying "Ellie will remember that".
  • Conversely, a fail message in Completing the Mission will remind the player that "Henry will remember that."


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

  • Scores that are shown when Henry uses acrobatics in Fleeing the Complex are the same as in this series.


  • In Escaping the Prison, Henry says "What the– *BOOM*" which is a reference when a grenade is about to detonate at a nearby enemy worm and they says the same phrase as Henry.
  • In Infiltrating the Airship, Charles can fire the banana bomb, which is one of the weapons from the series. There are also some sound effects from these games.
  • In Completing the Mission, Henry attempts to use a rope to scale the cliff a la Worms, but fails in the process.
  • The Self Destruct also used to blow himself up and drop the tombstone similar to the said game where they decided to surrender and blow themselves up in the process. The fail text "_____ bites the dust" is one of the narration phrases used in the game when a character dies.


  • In the "Little Nest Egg" route for Completing the Mission, the fight with Mr. Macbeth is based on the fight style of Undertale, and his theme (Tickets please) shares heavy similarities with Mettaton's theme "Metal Crusher". During the "Jewel Baron" route, the smashed teleporter briefly takes Henry to a room with Sans the Skeleton.


  • The armor that Major Hershell Panzer used is likely reassemble from Space Marine's Armor.

World of Warcraft

  • In Completing the Mission, during the "Toppat King" route, the Charge fail and its fail quote make a reference to the infamous meme "LEEROY JENKINS".


1000 Degree Knife

  • The Hot Knife option is a direct reference to that odd video.


  • In Completing the Mission, in "Triple Threat", after using the "Diversion" option, Earrings can be seen dabbing.

Dat Boi

  • Seen on a painting in the remastered edition of Stealing the Diamond. It shows the 2016 meme called Dat Boi. It is a green frog on a unicycle.


  • A bag of snacks called Dorters can be seen in the MLG scene (sniper and crossbow fail). Doritos are often part of MLG parodies.

haha ____ go brrr

  • In Completing the Mission, in Stickmin Space Resort, after picking the "Drill" fail, the fail message will say: " hehehe drill go brrrrrrr." Which is based on the meme itself.

Leeroy Jenkins

  • In Completing the Mission, Toppat King, the "Charge" option will cause Henry to rush the left while screaming "Henryyyyyyyyy!!!". It's the same way Leeroy Jenkins did it when charging into a room full of enemies. This option is right available after Right Hand Man says "Time's up. Let's do this." which Leeroy says before his famous line. Even the fail quote referenced what one of his friends said, which is: "Oh my god, he just ran in."

I Can Break These Cuffs

  • In Completing the Mission, in "Free Man", the "Inner Strength" option and fail message are a reference to the meme originating from an episode of COPS, where an arrested midget declares this.


  • An art picture of a laughing pear was posted on internet and a lot of people begun photoshopping it. Later it was known as "LOLWUT Pear". It appeared on picture in the museum in Stealing the Diamond. This was changed to LOLWUT Apple in the the remaster.

MLG Compilation Parodies

  • A fail screen easter egg in Fleeing the Complex pays homage to MLG compilation parodies that became popular around 2015.

Mountain Dew

  • A bottled soda called Don Dew can be seen in the MLG scene (sniper and crossbow fail). Mountain Dew are often part of MLG parodies.

Rockefeller Street

  • A dance performed during the "Triple Threat" dance sequence in Completing the Mission is a reference to a viral dance involving a Nightcore remix of the song.

Shoop da Whoop

An internet meme popular on YouTube has a prominent role in the Henry Stickmin series. It has numerous appearances:

Appears as the sun when clicked on during the credits of the Sneaky Escapist route.

Appears as the satellite used by the Center for Chaos Containment in the Just Plain Epic route.

Appears as the sun when clicked on during the credits of the Relentless Bounty Hunter route.

Appears three times in the game:

Appears as the moon when clicked on during the Shadozer fail.

Appears twice; once during the Item choice, and once during the credits.

Appears three times in the game:

Appears for a split second during the Teleporter malfunctioning sequence.

Appears as the sun when clicked on during the credits.

Appears during the Summon fail.


1001 Nights

  • “Open Sesame” is a magical phrase from “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, one of one thousand and one Middle Eastern folk tales.

Aesop's Fables

  • "Look before you leap" is the fail line for the window option of the file in Escaping the Prison.


  • Butterfingers are real chocolate bar snacks from real life. Few of them appear when you click on the word- butterfingers in Infiltrating the Airship.


Donald Trump

  • During the "Pardoned Pals"/"Toppat Recruits" route in Completing the Mission, after Henry and Ellie combine a Controller with Wings, a fail message references Trump's tweet "Thank you Kanye, very cool!".

The Far Side

  • Some comic strips are stuck on Burt Curtis' office wall, one of which parodies the Far Side comics.

Froot Loops

Frosty the Snowman

  • When Henry uses the disguise while the Presumed Dead ending in Fleeing the Complex, one of the guards calls his disguise (a snowman) "Frosty". Frosty is the name of the snowman that comes to life in "Frosty the Snowman".

Gabe Newell


  • Some comic strips are stuck on Burt Curtis' office wall, one of which parodies the Garfield comics.

Isaac Newton

Linkin Park

  • The song that Charles sings in Valiant Hero is a reference to the song "Crawling".
  • The fail message for the file in EtP is the line to the song "Sharp Edges"

Lucky Charms

  • The Leprechaun is possibly based off of Lucky the Leprechaun, a mascot from a cereal named, Lucky Charms.


  • The tank which Henry drives in Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission is the symbol of Newgrounds company. This is ironic since PuffballsUnited is a member, and the old Flash versions of all games except Completing the Mission were posted on Newgrounds. Also, in Escaping the Prison when Henry takes the NrG drink, he passes a notice board with Wanted posters of Brian, the Newgrounds Mascot, as well as Dad, the main character of the popular flash game "Dad 'n Me" created by Tom Fulp, the founder of Newgrounds.


  • Cool Joe's name is a reverse of Joe Cool, one of Snoopy's alter-egos.
  • Curly Brown's name is similar to Charlie Brown.

Pearls Before Swine

  • Some comic strips are stuck on Burt Curtis' office wall, one of which parodies the Pearls Before Swine comics.

Problem Sleuth

  • The character Pablo Sleuth at the end of one of the Completing the Mission endings strongly resembles the character Problem Sleuth from the webcomic of the same name, created by Andrew Hussie.


Snoop Dogg

  • The "Triple Threat" dance sequence in Completing the Mission contains a reference to a dance move prominently shown in the music video for the song "Drop It Like It's Hot".

Source Engine

  • In Presumed Dead, in Fleeing the Complex, Henry can choose Tool Gun as an option, he will input sv_cheats 1, and noclip. The cheats are from Source Engine. Henry will also noclip to escape, in which he promptly got kicked.
  • The purple and black checkerboard texture seen when using the Corruptick in the "Arrival" route in Completing the Mission (Launch Tower Hallway) is a reference to the same texture the Source engine uses as a placeholder if a specified texture in a map cannot be located or is unaccessible. 


  • John Pilksin resembles the StickPage Ninja from the legacy versions of Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond.

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff 

  • The "BUNP" medal in Stealing the Diamond (as well as the medal description and fail text) is a reference to the first installment of the ironic webcomic Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. It also features Hella Jeff's iconic expression from the comic as the badge icon.


  • In the chaotic ending of Infiltrating the Airship, discs that Wilson can use to solve the chaos have TDK logo on them, same as the logo of the real life Japanese electronics corporation.



  • Karl Pinkerton's last name is a reference to the 1996 Weezer album "Pinkerton". Lead singer and songwriter Rivers Cuomo named the album after the character Lieutenant Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton from the opera Madama Butterfly.

Where's Waldo?/Where's Wally?


  • In StD, during the error in the Pokemon battle, it shows errors in Windows 95 style, and the Windows XP Critical Stop sound can be heard in the BSOD. Also, this caused the fail screen to be glitchy. The fail screen had some buttons animated without your cursor on them and the FAIL text tilted. The "Back to Menu" button was glitched. Also in the remastered version, three pictures of Windows screensavers (3D Maze, 3D Pipes and Starfield) can be seen during the "Unseen Burglar" route.


  • Completing the Mission spoofs on a few YouTube trends and tropes. The 1,000-degree knife is included during the "Valiant Hero" route, while in the "Toppat 4 Life" route, Henry sits through a boring and meaningless walkthrough on how to get through Completing the Mission with the Walkthrough option selected. The scene loops indefinitely, but can be canceled anytime. The brand is also spoofed as "NewTube" in-game.


  • In Stealing the Diamond, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, a 1971 song by The Who, is briefly heard in the CCC Central Branch. This was removed in the remastered version to avoid copyright, and replaced with a stock sound effect of a laugh track.
  • In the remastered version of Fleeing the Complex, “The Thieving Magpie”, a composition by Gioacchino Rossini is heard in the Elevator, this was in lieu of the previously used track, Jazz Tune in 3/4, as Marcus Bromander was unable to gain permission from the original author to use it in the remastered version.

YouTube Personalities

  • videogamedunkey's line "Not even close, baby" is a fail line if Henry fails to pick a choice during the truck chase sequence in Fleeing the Complex.
  • Markiplier and Jacksepticeye (both made very popular commentary videos about the Henry Stickmin series) make cameo appearances as prisoners in FtC.
  • A Toppat named "Byeah #503" is a reference to Jerma985, who is known for creating a variety of characters with unusual names.
  • Weaksauce's name references to the YouTuber and streamer, Vinesauce.
  • In Completing the Mission, Amelia Esteban is introduced as a demolitions expert with the code-name Turtle. This may be an obscure reference to Mine Turtle of the Asdfmovie series by Thomas Ridgewell, aka TomSka.


Breaking the Bank

Escaping the Prison

Stealing the Diamond

Fleeing the Complex