A group of unnamed characters in Completing the Mission.

This is a List of inconsequential or unnamed characters who exist in the Henry Stickmin universe. Note that this list constitutes of characters that do play some kind of role in the story but are lesser in their appearance, as well as background characters with no dialogue or role in the story.

Characters that have a Bio or a confirmed name (e.g. Ralph) will not be listed.

Breaking the Bank

Construction Worker

The Unnamed BtB Construction Worker is a minor character. He is a construction worker seen during the ending credits of the original Breaking the Bank, alongside Dave Panpa. He is seen looking at the crane destroyed by the wrecking ball Henry used in an attempt to breach the Bank's outer wall. He wears a yellow helmet and has a shaved beard.

He, along with the credits sequence he appeared in, was cut from the remastered version of Breaking the Bank.

Unnamed Security Guards

Two unnamed security guards are heard telling Henry to freeze after he was seen in the bank.

They could be Chad Hansen and Philly Colin.



"Don't Move!"

"Put your hands in the air!" (Legacy only)

Escaping The Prison

Unnamed Police Officer

An Unnamed Police Officer takes the place of Tom Hardly during the start of Badass Bust Out in the Legacy Version of the game but is replaced by Tom later in the level. However he was fully replaced by Tom in the remastered version.

Stealing the Diamond

Unseen CCC Employee

The employee is implied to normally do his job, and is heard end-route Just Plain Epic. Bill Bullet, who was recently informed by Clyde about chaos from the National Museum of History and Culture is forced to handle the employee, who is watching TV and shortly thereafter is scolded and told to go back to work.


"Woah! Sorry chief! I'm going back to work."

Unseen Security Guards

The Unknown StD Security Guards are characters that cannot be seen but can only be heard in Stealing the Diamond in the Intruder on a Scooter pathway.

They are firstly heard when Zach Knut warns his co-workers about a breach headed towards the medieval section. He is answered about the other guards engaging over.

After bypassing the guards and crashing into the Tunisian Exhibition, Henry needs to find a way to carry the Tunisian Diamond out. If he takes too long, three guards comes and warns Henry to put his hands up.


"Uh, roger that, we're prepared to engage. Over."


"Put you hands up, boy!"

"Don't move a muscle."

Infiltrating the Airship

Unknown ItA Captain.png


The captain is a minor character appearing in the title screen of the flash version of Infiltrating the Airship.

His full name is never revealed, and exclusively appear in the loading screen. Along with a nameless soldier and Ralph, he is tasked with capturing Henry Stickmin for Captain Galeforce. The three men are sneaking up on Henry's House.

Government Soldier

This Soldier appears only in the loading screen of the flash version of Infiltrating the Airship.

Along with this captain and Ralph, he is tasked with capturing Henry Stickmin for General Hubert Galeforce. The three men were sneaking up on Henry's House, while Henry doesn't notice a thing. His full name was never revealed and he exclusively appears in the title screen.

CCC Prototype Suit Soldiers

They are called into action when Wilson Stone uses the Prototype to reduce the chaos that the Government and Toppats are making. Then, six Prototype Suit soldiers are called: Mert Steel, Kert Steel, Mortdecai Booker and three more people which are far away appear, and start countering both the Government and the Toppats. One of the soldiers then get out to a break, but his suit gets stolen by Henry Stickmin, which then he uses to flee away with the Romanian Ruby, leading to the Pure Blooded Thief ending. Because of their suits,they likely survive the battle.


The Unknown ItA Pilot is an unseen character featured in Infiltrating the Airship during the Pure Blooded Thief pathway.

This character is piloting the Government helicopter during Pure Blooded Thief pathway after the battle between the Government and the Toppats broke out. When the CCC was involved and they sent Prototype combat suits to stop the chaos by attacking both sides, Kert Steel destroyed the pilot's helicopter by ripping the tail of the helicopter, presumably killing them.

Since the windows of the helicopter are blacked out, nothing is known about this pilot, including gender and appearance.

Unknown Toppats

Nineteen different unnamed Toppats appear on the title screen of the flash version, after the Glider option and during the Pure Blooded Thief ending of Infiltrating the Airship.

Their full names are never revealed and they only appear in the title screen.

The Unnamed Singer


An Unnamed Singer appears in Infiltrating the Airship in the legacy version of Government Supported Private Investigator, making a brief appearance during the credits. Not much is known about this character.

Fleeing the Complex

Blue-shoed Wall employee

The Blue-shoed Wall employee is a minor nameless character, who briefly appears in Fleeing the Complex before the Phone a Friend option and after the Laser Plane option.

The character is crushed under a piece of concrete when Henry Stickmin uses a Laser Plane to cut a hole in the floor of his cell, and falls into the room below. Henry then picks up his phone to call either the Toppat Clan or the Government to help him escape.

Phone Guy

After Henry Stickmin escapes from his cell and goes in an elevator, Phone Guy contacts Dmitri Johannes Petrov, stating that he has a message for him. Dmitri asks him to tell him the message. He states that Henry Stickmin has escaped, angering Dmitri, who alerts all the other Wall guards about the situation.


"Uhh, sir I got a message."

"Yeah, it looks like uhh.... Henry..... Stickman? Stick-Stickmin."

"Yeah, uh, Henry Stickmin has escaped."

"Still There?"

Sick Inmates

The Unknown Sick Inmates are 3 prisoners at The Wall without bios or known names.

They are seen inside the quarantine cell along with Ray Rudolpho and Henry Stickmin after Henry uses Fake Illness to try and escape. We only get to see the back of their heads. One has a sickly, green skin color, one has his head covered in bandages, and one is heavily sweating.

Unknown Inmates

The Unnamed Inmates are inmates at The Wall, appearing in Fleeing the Complex. They can be seen during the Escape Incident in the "Convict Allies" pathway. They cannot be clicked and have no Bios.

After Henry and Ellie make their way to the yard of The Wall, these prisoners can be seen causing chaos at the Escape Incident. One of these prisoners is a lime shoe color person with a gun (most likely stolen off the guard) pointing the gun at a unknown guard along with a another similar looking unknown prisoner. Then they all get crushed over by a Humvee being driven by another escaping unknown prisoner.

Some inmates also appear after Henry and Ellie make their way out of a hole in the fence, while Sean gestures the inmates to escape through. Eventually, they fall down a cliff, along with a few other unknown inmates. When Ellie was about to jump into the ravine along with Henry, she stops and looks down the ravine, but then gets knocked into the ravine by another unknown inmate.

Unknown Toppat

An Unknown FtC Toppat can be seen in the icon of Hole in the Fence in the Convict Allies pathway in Fleeing the Complex.

Wall Guards

Unknown Wall Guards are guards that work at The Wall, whose names are never revealed and do not have any bios. They only appear in the Convict Allies pathway.

The Wall Humvee Driver

The Wall Humvee Driver is an unseen character featured in Fleeing the Complex during the "Presumed Dead" route. This character is driving the Humvee from which Danil Dolche attempts to shoot the fleeing Henry Stickmin. Henry however uses the truck to push the Humvee into a ravine, killing both Danil and the unknown driver. Since the windows of the Humvee are blacked out, nothing is known about this driver, including gender and appearance.

Completing the Mission


If the Flute option is chosen, this bird will help Henry get past three soldiers, Norm Hexter, Frankie Pizza and Howard Lipton, that are about to cripple the Toppat Orbital Station with an EMP. The bird will fly Henry to the bombs and allows Henry to snatch the detonator way.


The Unknown CtM Broadcaster is an unseen person who is heard broadcasting a message in Completing the Mission, in the Cleaned 'em Out pathway. They are heard broadcasting a message on Henry's government comms device. They are never seen, only their voice is heard.


"Message to all recent players: I'm hosting a 10th presti-"

CCC Higher Up

After Henry Stickmin makes Big Boy start destroying the Government Military Base, inside the CCC Mobile Unit A113, Ellias Bahtchin notices the chaos readings in there. Ellias then turns on his earpiece and asks to a higher up for permission to contain the chaos, who allows Ellias to do so.


"We read you loud and clear. Go for it!"

Toppat Caravan Drivers

Toppat Caravan Drivers are unseen characters featured in Completing the Mission during the "Capital Gains" and "Little Nest Egg" pathway. Since the windows of the caravan are blacked out, nothing is known about this driver, including gender and appearance.

Unknown Toppats

Members of the Toppat Clan who do not have bios. They appear during the Toppat Recruits, Little Nest Egg, Cleaned 'em Out, Triple Threat, Special BROvert Ops, Valiant Hero, Master Bounty Hunter, Stickmin Space Resort, Toppat King, Toppat 4 Life, Revenged and Toppat Civil Warfare pathways.


Cleaned em' Out

"Uhh, roger that we'll be heading out there in a hot sec."

Triple Threat

"I'll take care of it."

Special BROvert Ops

"Uhh, sir you might wanna get us outta here we got the government coming at our front door. Hello? At least open the lock buttons so we can get to our weapons!"

Free Man

"He's got one of our guns! He's mowing through us crazy we can't stop him- ugh!"

Little Nest Egg

"Mr. Macbeth! Passenger Cart D has been smashed by a tank! We're under attack!"

"He got away. We can't follow through the tunnel!"

Master Bounty Hunter

"Who put you in charge?!"

Toppat Civil Warfare

"The Denouncement Ceremony has been completed. Henry is no longer the leader of the Toppat Clan."

Unknown Soldiers

There are several bioless government soldiers that appear in Completing the Mission, specifically in the Special BROvert Ops, Jewel Baron, Master Bounty Hunter, Toppat King and Toppat 4 Life pathways.


Jewel Baron


"What the?!"

Toppat King


"Get down on the ground!"

"Get your hands up!"

Unseen Criminals

A pair of unknown criminals can be seen at the end of the "Master Bounty Hunter" route of Completing the Mission. They don't appear as a character and don't have bios. They only appear on a wanted poster. Their names are unknown.

Unseen Pilot

Government pilot seen in Toppat 4 Life, who is piloting a helicopter after Henry scrambles Big Boy. Midst the chaos caused by the tank, the pilot attempts to retaliate but it is in vain; the vehicle is shot down and crashes into a tent,likely killing them. The windows of the helicopter are blacked out, giving no information on the pilot’s appearance and gender.

Space Resort Guests

The Unknown Space Resort Guests are seven characters without a bio or name, who are seen as guests on board the Stickmin Space Resort during the end credits of the eponymous pathway of Completing the Mission.

Two guests are shown being welcomed on board the resort by B. Hampton. Only the back of their heads are seen.

Five guests are shown visiting the portrait gallery: A lady with long brown hair, a man with glasses, a regular-looking stick figure with no distinct features, a man with a moustache and beard and a man with unkempt, brown hair.

Toppat Rocket Announcer

The Toppat Rocket Announcer is an unnamed character in Completing the Mission. She is a female member of the Toppat Clan, who never makes a physical appearance, but her voice can be heard in the Toppat King, Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals and Stickmin Space Resort pathways, telling all the other Toppats how much time they have left until the Toppat Orbital Station launches into space.


All Pathways

"5. 4. 3. 2. 1."


"The rocket is launching in: 3 Minutes."

Toppat King Only

"The rocket is launching in: 1 Minute."

Walkthrough Narrator

The Narrator is an unnamed character who appears in the Walkthrough fail in the Toppat 4 Life pathway in Completing the Mission.

He is a NewTuber who uploads long videos in the series, and mimics Let's Players, who does videos on the Flash games.

Henry watched his video "HERNS TICK MKIN COLLECTION COMPLETING THE MISSION PART? 65 - WHOA THAT IS A BIG ONE" in the Walkthrough fail.

When he reaches the part where his option is he calls himself a "dumbo" meaning he doesn't know he is in the game.

2 Unknown Citizens

2 Unknown Citizens appear at the end of the Jewel Baron path. Both of them are seen during the credits when Alice Hamilton is explaining the destruction of the Toppat Orbital Station and the aftermath. The citizens are seen outside of the Toppat Leader's escape pod while being blocked off from going near by a Government soldier while other soldiers investigate the pod.

Not much of their appearance are shown since the two are on the bottom left of the screen and the back of their heads are only seen but they both bear the average stick figure head and are bald indicating they are both male.

Wall Catch Squad Members

Several Catch Squad Members appear in the PP/TR ending. They are guards of The Wall who are sent by Dmitri Johannes Petrov to capture Henry and Ellie.


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