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A group of unnamed characters in Completing the Mission.

This is a List of inconsequential or unnamed characters who exist in the Henry Stickmin universe. Note that this list constitutes of characters that do play some kind of role in the story but are lesser in their appearance, as well as background characters with no dialogue or role in the story.

Characters that have a Bio or a confirmed name (e.g. Ralph) will not be listed.

Breaking the Bank

Construction Worker

The Unnamed BtB Construction Worker is a minor character. He is a construction worker seen during the ending credits of the original Breaking the Bank, alongside Dave Panpa. He is seen looking at the crane destroyed by the wrecking ball Henry used in an attempt to breach the Bank's outer wall. It is implied that his crane is towed away by a truck owned by Big Bob's Tow Co. shortly after.

The Construction Worker wears a yellow helmet and has a shaved beard. He, along with the credits sequence he appeared in, was cut from the remastered version of Breaking the Bank.

Unnamed Security Guards

Two unnamed security guards are heard telling Henry to freeze after he was seen in the bank.



"Don't Move!"

"Put your hands in the air!" (Legacy only)

Escaping the Prison

Unnamed Police Officer

An Unnamed Police Officer takes the place of Tom Hardly during the start of Badass Bust Out in the Legacy Version of the game but is replaced by Tom later in the path. However he was fully replaced by Tom in the remastered version.

Stealing the Diamond

Creeper StD.PNG-removebg-preview.png


A creeper is a common hostile mob in Minecraft, who often tries to execute kamikaze attacks on the player and explodes if its target is in proximity or upon death. One appears as a minor antagonist In Stealing the Diamond, where it attempts to ambush Henry Stickmin as he mines his way through with a Pick into the National Museum of History and Culture. The Creeper detonates near the unsuspecting Henry and creates a Minecraft-themed crater, but he survives the encounter.

Unseen CCC Employee

The employee is implied to normally do his job, and is heard end-route Just Plain Epic. Bill Bullet, who was recently informed by Clyde about chaos from the National Museum of History and Culture is forced to handle the employee, who is watching TV and shortly thereafter is scolded and told to go back to work.


"Woah! Sorry chief! I'm going back to work."

Unseen Security Guards

The Unknown StD Security Guards are characters that cannot be seen but can only be heard in Stealing the Diamond in the Intruder on a Scooter pathway.

They are firstly heard when Zach Knut warns his co-workers about a breach headed towards the medieval section. He is answered about the other guards engaging over.

After bypassing the guards and crashing into the Tunisian Exhibition, Henry needs to find a way to carry the Tunisian Diamond out. If he takes too long, three guards comes and warns Henry to put his hands up.


"Uh, roger that, we're prepared to engage. Over."


"Put you hands up, boy!"

"Don't move a muscle."

Infiltrating the Airship

Unknown ItA Captain.png


The captain is a minor character appearing in the title screen of the flash version of Infiltrating the Airship.

His full name is never revealed, and exclusively appear in the loading screen. Along with a nameless soldier and Ralph, he is tasked with capturing Henry Stickmin for Captain Galeforce. The three men are sneaking up on Henry's House.

Government Soldier

This Soldier appears only in the loading screen of the flash version of Infiltrating the Airship.

Along with this captain and Ralph, he is tasked with capturing Henry Stickmin for General Hubert Galeforce. The three men were sneaking up on Henry's House, while Henry doesn't notice a thing. His full name was never revealed and he exclusively appears in the title screen.


Ducks are mentioned in Government Supported Private Investigator, along side Pure Blooded Thief.

In Pure Blooded Thief, using Leap results in Henry managing to cross the gap from Records to the Brig due to the pilot of the Airship evading a flock of ducks, as mentioned by Reginald shortly afterwards.

In Government Supported Private Investigator, failure to react quickly enough in Records results in Charles blowing your cover due to his reaction to one of the ducks hitting presumably the helicopters' propeller.


"My apologies everyone. Had to deploy some evasive maneuvers. A flock of ducks flew by."

"Oh man! That duck just flew right into the propeller. Oh, what a mess!"

CCC Prototype Suit Soldiers

They are called into action when Wilson Stone uses the Prototype to reduce the chaos that the Government and Toppats are making. Then, six Prototype Suit soldiers are called: Mert Steel, Kert Steel, Mortdecai Booker and three more people which are far away appear, and start countering both the Government and the Toppats. One of the soldiers then get out to a break, but his suit gets stolen by Henry Stickmin, which then he uses to flee away with the Romanian Ruby, leading to the Pure Blooded Thief ending. Because of their suits, they likely survive the battle.

Unknown Toppats

Nineteen different unnamed Toppats appear on the title screen of the flash version, after the Glider option and during the Pure Blooded Thief ending of Infiltrating the Airship.

Their full names are never revealed and they only appear in the title screen.

The Unnamed Singer


An Unnamed Singer appears in Infiltrating the Airship in the legacy version of Government Supported Private Investigator, making a brief appearance during the credits. Not much is known about this character except that his appearance takes inspiration from Metallica.

Fleeing the Complex


Bassen (most likely simply their username and not their real name) is an unseen character who makes a non-physical appearance through a chat message in FtC's Teleporter fail. When Henry and the Protoss Zealots are killed by the Protoss Colossus, a message from them shows up on the screen simply saying "leave noob". They are mostly likely only a reference to toxic gamers in general.

Blue-shoed Wall employee

The Blue-shoed Wall employee is a minor nameless character, who briefly appears in Fleeing the Complex before the Phone a Friend option and after the Laser Plane option.

The character is crushed under a piece of concrete when Henry Stickmin uses a Laser Plane to cut a hole in the floor of his cell, and falls into the room below. Henry then picks up his phone to call either the Toppat Clan or the Government to help him escape.

Wall caller employee

The Wall caller employee is a minor character who only makes a voice-only appearance after picking Item. He briefly appears calling Dmitri Johannes Petrov telling him that Henry has escaped.

Freddy Fazbear

Freddy Fazbear.png

Freddy Fazbear is the titular antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's survival horror media franchise, created by American retired video game designer Scott Cawthon. He also appears as a minor antagonist in the Presumed Dead route in Fleeing the Complex, imprisoned in the same cell as Frosty, and being responsible for one of Henry's fail deaths and a not-so scary jumpscare.

Henry Stickmin, who had recently been imprisoned at the Wall, can meet Freddy during the Presumed Dead ending. When he exits the main complex and reaches the yard, he tries to flee from alerted human guards to a building. He closes the door, but as he turns around he spots Freddy looking at him with his glowing eyes and mouth. Henry tries to open the door but it doesn't work, leading to a fail. It is unknown what happens afterwards, but as the option is a fail, Henry presumably gets stuffed and killed by Freddy.

If the player doesn't close the fail screen and waits for a few seconds, Freddy's face will pop up on the screen and jumpscare the player briefly (In the Legacy version, this is glitched and lasts eternally until the player leaves the fail scee). Getting jumpscared by Freddy at least once rewards the player with the Spooked achievement.

Sick Inmates

The Unknown Sick Inmates are 3 prisoners at The Wall without bios or known names.

They are seen inside the quarantine cell along with Ray Rudolpho and Henry Stickmin after Henry uses Fake Illness to try and escape. We only get to see the back of their heads. One has a sickly, green skin color, one has his head covered in bandages, and one is heavily sweating.

Unknown Inmates

The Unnamed Inmates are inmates at The Wall, appearing in Fleeing the Complex. They can be seen during the Escape Incident in the "Convict Allies" pathway. They cannot be clicked and have no Bios.

After Henry and Ellie make their way to the yard of The Wall, these prisoners can be seen causing chaos at the Escape Incident. One of these prisoners is a lime shoe color person with a gun (most likely stolen off the guard) pointing the gun at a unknown guard along with a another similar looking unknown prisoner. Then they all get crushed over by a Humvee being driven by another escaping unknown prisoner.

Some inmates also appear after Henry and Ellie make their way out of a hole in the fence, while Sean gestures the inmates to escape through. Eventually, they fall down a cliff, along with a few other unknown inmates. When Ellie was about to jump into the ravine along with Henry, she stops and looks down the ravine, but then gets knocked into the ravine by another unknown inmate.

Unknown Toppat

An Unknown FtC Toppat can be seen in the icon of Hole in the Fence in the Convict Allies pathway in Fleeing the Complex.

Wall Guards

A number of Unknown Wall Guards are employees serving The Wall. They are seen in the Convict Allies pathway, in an attempt to contain the prison riot.

The Wall Humvee Driver

The Wall Humvee Driver is an unseen character featured in Fleeing the Complex during the "Presumed Dead" route, controlling the Humvee from which Danil Dolche attempts to shoot the fleeing Henry Stickmin. Henry rams the vehicle into a ravine, killing both Danil and the driver. Since the windows are obscured, nothing is known of this individual.

Completing the Mission


If the Flute option is chosen, this bird will help Henry get past three soldiers, Norm Hexter, Frankie Pizza and Howard Lipton, that are about to cripple the Toppat Orbital Station with an EMP. The bird will fly Henry to the bombs and allows Henry to snatch the detonator way, although it is killed soon afterwards.



Sans is a character from Undertale. When Henry uses the Teleporter in Jewel Baron, Sans can be briefly seen in one of the many scenes Henry travels through.


The Unknown CtM Broadcaster is an unseen person who is heard broadcasting a message in Completing the Mission, in the Cleaned 'em Out pathway. They are heard broadcasting a message on Henry's government comms device. They are never seen, only their voice is heard.


"Message to all recent players: I'm hosting a 10th presti-"

CCC Higher Up

After Henry Stickmin makes Big Boy start destroying the Government Military Base, inside the CCC Mobile Unit A113, Ellias Bahtchin notices the chaos readings in there. Ellias then turns on his earpiece and requests authorization from a CCC Higher-Up, and the latter allows him to proceed.


"We read you loud and clear. Go for it!"

Toppat Caravan Drivers

Toppat Caravan Drivers are unseen characters featured in Completing the Mission during the "Capital Gains" and "Little Nest Egg" pathway. Due to complications with distance and obscured windows, nothing is known about these drivers. An unspecified amount of them are killed during both routes they appear in.

Unknown Toppats

Members of the Toppat Clan who do not have bios. They appear during the Toppat Recruits, Little Nest Egg, Cleaned 'em Out, Triple Threat, Special BROvert Ops, Valiant Hero, Master Bounty Hunter, Stickmin Space Resort, Toppat King, Toppat 4 Life, Revenged and Toppat Civil Warfare pathways.


Cleaned em' Out

"Uhh, roger that we'll be heading out there in a hot sec."

Triple Threat

"I'll take care of it."

Special BROvert Ops

"Uhh, sir you might wanna get us outta here we got the government coming at our front door. Hello? At least open the lock buttons so we can get to our weapons!"

Free Man

"He's got one of our guns! He's mowing through us crazy we can't stop him- ugh!"

Little Nest Egg

"Mr. Macbeth! Passenger Cart D has been smashed by a tank! We're under attack!"

"He got away. We can't follow through the tunnel!"

Master Bounty Hunter

"Who put you in charge?!"

Toppat Civil Warfare

"The Denouncement Ceremony has been completed. Henry is no longer the leader of the Toppat Clan."

Unknown Soldiers

There are several bio-less government soldiers that appear in Completing the Mission, specifically in the Special BROvert Ops, Jewel Baron, Master Bounty Hunter, Toppat King and Toppat 4 Life pathways.


Jewel Baron


"What the?!"

Toppat King


"Get down on the ground!"

"Get your hands up!"

Unseen Criminals

A pair of unknown criminals can be seen at the end of the "Master Bounty Hunter" route of Completing the Mission. They don't appear as a character and don't have bios. They only appear on a wanted poster. Their names are unknown.

Space Resort Guests

The Unknown Space Resort Guests are seven characters without a bio or name, who are seen as guests on board the Stickmin Space Resort during the end credits of the eponymous pathway of Completing the Mission.

Two guests are shown being welcomed on board the resort by B. Hampton. Only the back of their heads are seen.

Five guests are shown visiting the portrait gallery: A lady with long brown hair, a man with glasses, a regular-looking stick figure with no distinct features, a man with a moustache and beard and a man with unkempt, brown hair.

Toppat Rocket Announcer

The Toppat Rocket Announcer is an unnamed character in Completing the Mission. She is a female member of the Toppat Clan, who never makes a physical appearance, but her voice can be heard in the Toppat King, Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals and Stickmin Space Resort pathways, telling all the other Toppats how much time they have left until the Toppat Orbital Station launches into space.


All Pathways

"5. 4. 3. 2. 1."


"The rocket is launching in: 3 Minutes."

Toppat King Only

"The rocket is launching in: 1 Minute."

Walkthrough Narrator

The Narrator is an unnamed character who appears in the Walkthrough fail in the Toppat 4 Life pathway in Completing the Mission.

He is a NewTuber who uploads long videos in the series, and mimics Let's Players, who does videos on the Flash games.

Henry watched his video "HERNS TICK MKIN COLLECTION COMPLETING THE MISSION PART? 65 - WHOA THAT IS A BIG ONE" in the Walkthrough fail.

When he reaches the part where his option is he calls himself a "dumbo" meaning he doesn't know he is in the game.

2 Unknown Citizens

2 Unknown Citizens appear at the end of the Jewel Baron path. Both of them are seen during the credits when Alice Hamilton is explaining the destruction of the Toppat Orbital Station and the aftermath. The citizens are seen outside of the Toppat Leader's escape pod while being blocked off from going near by a Government soldier while other soldiers investigate the pod.

Not much of their appearance are shown since the two are on the bottom left of the screen and the back of their heads are only seen but they both bear the average stick figure head and are bald indicating they are both male.

Wall Catch Squad Members

Several Catch Squad Members appear in the PP/TR ending. They are guards of The Wall who are sent by Dmitri Johannes Petrov to capture Henry and Ellie.

Characters mentioned in achievements

Characters who only appear in Achievement icons. They don't have any other role on the series. Some of them only appear in the legacy version of the games.

Hella Jeff

Medals - BUNP.png

Hella Jeff is a Homestuck character that appears in the MS Paint Adventures webcomics. He has brown hair.

He appears in the BUNP achievement on Stealing the Diamond. Even though he appears in both versions of the game, his legacy version didn't look like him, and had a more generic stick figure face.



The Starmen are robots that appears as enemies on Mother and Earthbound. They are alien robots with humanoid shapes, wearing a visor and a symbol, although in Infiltrating the Airship the Starman lacks the symbol.

One of them appears in the legacy version of Infiltrating the Airship, on the Bound to the Earth achievement. In the remastered version, the Starman is replaced with Right Hand Man.

The Musician

The Musician.png

The Musician is a man wearing a toupee, with a stick to command his people playing their instruments.

He appears on the achievement Music Enthusiast in the legacy version of Infiltrating the Airship, although the achievement is absent in the remastered version.

It is possible that he is a reference to the real life composer Beethoven.


Medals - kredit 2 team.png

Heavy is a mercenary from the game Team Fortress 2, being bald and having a shaved beard.

He appears in the Kredit 2 Team achievement in legacy version of Fleeing the Complex. Since the achievement is absent in the remastered version, the character also doesn't appear, although he still makes a cameo in Stealing the Diamond as a painting on the lobby, and also in the Disguise Kit option in Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits.

The achievement's description "Watching credit make me STRONG!" is a reference to his line "Sandvich makes me STRONG!". The achievement name "Kredit 2 Team" is also a reference to one of Heavy's lines, as well as it is one of the bot practice usernames.

NASA Astronaut

Medals - aeiou.png

The NASA Astronaut is a character from Moonbase Alpha. They work for NASA and wear a space suit, which hides their appearance and gender.

This character appears on the aeiou achievement on both versions of Fleeing the Complex, though in the legacy vision they looked more like a human. In the remastered, they have the appearance of a stick figure.

Unknown Achievement Toppat

Medals - Allies & Enemies.png

The Unknown Toppat is a member of the Toppat Clan which wears a black medium/long tophat. He looks similar to Mr. Thicc and various unknown Toppats from Infiltrating the Airship, though it's not confirmed if he is any of them in specific.

He appears in the Allies & Enemies achievement along with Victoria Grit.

Characters mentioned in bios

The following list of characters are only mentioned in Bios and never make any appearance or mention outside of those said bios.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln.png

Abraham Lincoln is an unseen character that is mentioned in Completing the Mission, in the bio for Mr. Lincoln. He was the 16th President of the United States and one of the great American leaders. His presidency was dominated by the American Civil War.

Lincoln is one of two known Presidents in the Henry Stickmin series, the other being Jefferson Smithsonian.

Alan Chipz

Alan Chipz is the father of Thomas Chipz, being mentioned in his son's bio in Completing the Mission. He is the co-founder of the Eletronics Entertainment Expo. It's unknown if he is a Toppat or not.

Bill Cook's Roommates

Bill Cook's Roommates are characters mentioned in Bill Cook's bio. It is unknown how many different roommates he lived with.

Brock's Family

Brock's Family are Brock Hollowitz's relatives, wich are mentioned in Brock's bio. Their genders, appearance and what members there are in the family are unknown. As his bio says, Brock got to stay with their family after The Toppat Raid, though he got killed in Toppat 4 Life and possibly during the other endings.

Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley is an unseen character that is mentioned in Completing the Mission. While he doesn't make a physical appearance in the series, he is mentioned throughout Jonathan Bravo's bio, who, according to the bio, sounds exactly like Jonathan Bravo. He was a popular American singer widely known as the "King of Rock and Roll”" and one of rock music’s dominant performers from the mid-1950s until his death.

In the "Triple Threat" route, Henry and Ellie get in the rocket's cafeteria but soon find themselves facing a massive contingent of Toppat Clan members. One of these members is Jonathan Bravo, who, according to his bio, "sounds a lot like Elvis Presley". The character Jonathan Bravo is a reference to both Elvis Presley and Johnny Bravo, another character inspired by Presley.

German Biker Gang

In Punkhauser's Bio, it is revealed he is in a German Biker Gang. Punkhauser is the only shown member, but the rest remain unseen and anonymous.

James Lancelot's Family

In James Lancelot's bio, His family is mentioned, along with the fact that James believes they were nobles way back then. Whether this is true or not is unknown.

Lucas Broomhandle's Older Siblings

Lucas Broomhandle has Four Older Siblings as mentioned in his bio, Lucas is the youngest child of the 5. Their appearances are unknown, though their little brother bears blonde hair so as least one of them likely has also blonde hair.

Mrs. Guardsmith

Mrs. Guardsmith (first name unknown) is Matteus Guardsmith's mother. She is mentioned throughout his bio in Fleeing the Complex. She is the one who brought Matteus' earmuffs which Matteus is embarrassed as he tries to hide it.

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith (first name unknown) is Gordon Smith's wife and is mentioned in Infiltrating the Airship during the Disguise fail. During the events of the game, she is giving birth to Gordon's child.

In Fleeing the Complex, her child is already born, according to her husband's bio in that game, and the child is giving Smith some work, which makes him too tired when going to work.

Mrs. Tater

Mrs. Tater (first name unknown) is an unseen minor character and Todd Tater's fiancé, being mentioned in Todd's bio in Completing the Mission. She has the surname Tater, and when marrying with him, made Todd get her surname, changing from Todd Spudson to Todd Tater. She is mentioned in Todd's bio.

Not much is known about her other than her last name, as she is never seen and is barely mentioned.

Mr. and Mrs. Gex

Mr. and Mrs. Gex are Waxwell Gex's unseen father and mother mentioned in his bio. They both raised Waxwell and had meant to name him either after a lizard or a gecko (presumably Gex the Gecko from the Gex series).

Their appearances are unknown but seeing how their son has black hair, it is likely one of them has black hair.

Mr. Halberd

Mr. Halberd (first name unknown) is a character mentioned in Fleeing the Complex through the bio of Ryan Halberd. He is one of the higher ups working at The Wall, and because of that his son Ryan gets special treatment.

Mr. Pants

Mr. Pants (first name unknown) is Bob Pants' father. He is mentioned throughout his bio in Completing the Mission. He was a pants salesman, like in his family tradition, although his son broke the tradition entering the military.

He is probably deceased, since Bob's bio refers to him as "was" instead of "is."

Mr. Wellington

Mr. Wellington (first name unknown) is an unknown character that hasn't been seen but mentioned in Chuck Wellington's bio in Completing the Mission. He is Chuck's great grandfather as mentioned in his bio. He is also allegedly the inventor of beef.

Mystery Incorporated

The Mystery Incorporated is a crime-solving group of teens. They are composed of Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers and their dog, Scooby-Doo. They have uncovered Peter Waylands' plans, leading to his arrest at The Wall.

Other City Judges

Other Unnamed Judges are mentioned in Hubert Brown's bio. They also resemble him, as mentioned in his bio.

Previous Scar

The previous Scar was a member of the Toppat Clan, who had Scar as their name. After their defeat, another Toppat dibsed their name. Their gender, hat and appearence is unknown, although it's likely that the previous Scar also had a scar. It's unknown if the previous Scar was defeated by the newer Scar, or if they were defeated by someone else.

Tattlemuffin Family

The Tattlemuffin Family is mentioned in Quincy Tattlemuffin's bio. According to the bio, his family was already into the clan for generations but never really got famous. It is unknown how the other Tattlemuffin looked like, including gender, appearence and top hat.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn is an unseen character mentioned throughout Paul Penn's bio in Completing the Mission. He could be related to Paul as they have the same surname. He is an actor and celebrity. Paul claims they are related but this is not confirmed.

He directly is based off of American actor Sean Penn.

Smith's Kid

The Child of Gordon and Mrs. Smith is an unseen character and one of the only known children in the Henry Stickmin Series. They are a newborn child who was given birth to around the events of Airship. They are mentioned in Airship by the Toppat, Slice, when he mistakenly confuses Henry Stickmin for their father stating that their mom has gone into labor and is giving birth to them.

Stoneheel Family

The Stoneheel Family are Gnewt Stoneheel's relatives. Their full appearances are unknown, though it's known that they have dense feet, a genetic trait that has been passed though generation, and that Gnewt got.

The Mafia

The Mafia is mentioned in Tony Franz's, Two-Ton Tony's and Sal Malone's bios. It is unknown if they are all at the same mafia.

Unknown West Mesa Inmates

Two Unknown Inmates from the West Mesa Penitentiary are referenced in John Grits' bio. Their appearances are unknown, including gender. Although it is likely that neither of them are Blade McGee, since he was in his cell and doesn't seems to be hurt from the battle like John is.

Unknown Janitor

An Unknown Janitor once threw away Captain Geoffrey Custard's lunch 30 years prior to Escaping the Prison.

Town Citizens

The citizens of the town are mentioned Gene Fredrickson's bio for stealing the diamond. He is popular among them because of his love of arts.

Characters mentioned in fail messages

The following article is a list of Fail Messages-Only Characters, characters only mentioned in Fail Messages.

Mrs. Stickmin

Mrs. Stickmin is apparently the mother of Henry Stickmin that is only mentioned in the fail message of The Wall Truck (option).

"Didn't your mother tell you not to get in to vans with strangers? I guess this is a truck."


Brant is a character only mentioned in the Fail Message of TV Broadcast. "What? It's a good show, Brant."


Allan is a game developer only mentioned in the legacy version of the Fail Message of Joy Buzzer. "[Allan please add details]." It is a reference to the meme of the same name, which originates from Hitman: Blood Money.


Along with Gandalf, Harry is mentioned in the Fail Message of Metal Bend. "You're a bender, Harry - Gandalf." It is a reference to Harry Potter, protagonist of the saga of books and films of the same name.


Along with Harry, Gandalf is mentioned in the Fail Message of Metal Bend

"You're a bender, Harry - Gandalf." It is a reference to Gandalf the Grey (later Gandalf the White) from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings saga

Hank Hill

Hank Hill is a character mentioned in the Fail Message of Propane Tank "Hank Hill Quote. ...tell ya what."

He is a reference to Hank Hill, the protagonist of the series King of the Hill.

Museum's Janitors

The Museum's janitors are workers for the National Museum of History and Culture, and their job is to make the museum clean for the visitors. They have cleaned the museum's floors sometime before the events of Stealing the Diamond.

"Good thing the janitors just got done buffing the floors. Could you imagine all the germs you'd be rolling in right now if they hadn't?"


Isaac Newton, famous because of his studies on mathematics, physics and astronomy was referenced twice in the series, both in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex. His laws of motion are mentioned in both the Laser and GraviToR v2.0 fails.

"Newton's third law: one force is actually two forces, and they, uh, are the same but they're also different. Yeahh... something like that."

"Newton's 6th Law. Use the gravity knob to reset gravity to the default setting."


Tim is a person mentioned in the fail Plead, to whom the Narrator says the following:

"I don't think so, Tim".

Characters mentioned throughout the series

Characters that are mentioned at some point throughout the Henry Stickmin Series.

CCC Desert Headquarters employees

During Pure Blooded Thief, Wilson Stone tells Larry Gordon to "evacuate everyone", referring to the other employees. Larry flees from the headquarters alongside other CCC employees off-screen.


Also during Pure Blooded Thief, during the Biggol Sword achievement, a flash drive comes into the hands of Wilson. The flash drive reads,

"Karl, this code is important, but I'm not sure what it's for. 1-2-1-4"

Phone Calling Toppat

Icepick makes a call to an unknown toppat, who tells him about the Toppat Orbital Station.

Ellie's Contacts

Ellie Rose has some Contacts mentioned by her in Capital Gains ("Great! I'll get in touch with my contacts and find out where they're at."), giving her information about the location of the Toppat train. It is unknown how they met Ellie, or made a deal to giving her information.

Heath Stone's Opponent

Heath Stone's opponent is mentioned by Heath Stone in Convict Allies and Ghost Inmate. "And he played the gates are open."

Jim Pulp's Friend

Jim Pulp's Friend is mentioned in Jim's of his quotes: "Uh, excuse me, uhh-I was saving that seat for my friend? Hello? Hello!? Oh hey, there you are! Yeah, no, this guy took your seat. I dunno". The character has a reserved seat.

Derbert Daniels' Friend

Derbert Daniels' Friend is an unnamed Toppat Clan member mentioned in the ''Disguise'' fail of Government Supported Private Investigator. They can be seen texting with Derbert Daniels.

Henry's Lawyers

Henry’s lawyers are unseen minor characters mentioned when choosing the Cellphone on the "Lawyered Up" route. It is likely that most, if not all of these lawyers are signed up at Attorney.com.

A. Justice

A. Justice, also known as Apollo Justice is a defense attorney who is a direct reference to the titular videogame character from the Ace Attorney series.

F. Reede

F. Reede is an attorney at law, being a reference to the fast-talking protagonist Fletcher Reede originating from the movie Liar Liar. He became a successful lawyer for lying.

F. White

F. White is a defense attorney, who defended Henry in court. And he's also a direct reference to Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series. Obviously, it was changed to Felix White for copyright reasons.

Kevin Lomax

Kevin Lomax is an attorney shown in the legacy version of Lawyered Up, a reference to the titular protagonist of the horror film The Devil's Advocate. He was a young yet greedy attorney at law who never lost a case.

Johnnie Cochran

Johnnie Cochran is an attorney mentioned in the legacy version as well, being a direct reference to the eponymous lawyer and civil activist.

J. Kelly

J. Kelly is a defense attorney referencing Jack Kelly from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, who is commonly shown working in his profession or performing other activities.

J. Pianta

J. Pianta, is a judge referencing Judge Pianta from Super Mario Sunshine, who held trial for the namesake character.

M. Hyperchicken

M. Hyperchicken, known as Hyper-chicken in the legacy version is a defense attorney as well as a prosecutor, referencing the character of the same name from Futurama.

S. Goodman

S. Goodman, full name Saul Goodman is a defense attorney being a reference to the titular character from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Characters featured in paintings

Throughout "Stealing the Diamond", several paintings with characters are shown. These paintings are clickable and collecting all of them will reward the player with an achievement.

Angry Hitler.png

Angry Hitler

Adolf Hitler, known in-game as Angry Hitler, became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and Führer in 1934, positions both of which he held until his suicide in 1945. He led the National Socialist German Workers Party (more commonly known as the Nazi Party) and created the Third Reich. The painting is based on late actor Bruno Ganz' portrayal of Hitler in the 2004 movie Downfall.

As a warmonger, Hitler was most well-known for starting, causing and waging World War II, and being responsible for causing the Holocaust, which is widely considered to be the worst genocide and war crime in world history. He committed suicide in 1945 when the Allies and Soviets besieged Berlin.

His painting hangs, appropriately enough, in the World War II section of the National Museum of History and Culture, and is seen in the "Just Plain Epic" pathway.

Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels was a member of the the Nazi Party who was one of Hitler's closest and most devoted associates. He appears in the legacy version of of Angry Hitler's painting, although he is absent in the remaster.

He committed suicide in 1945, a day after Hitler's death.



Two Goombas appear in a painting in the museum. These goombas are a reference to the Tiny Huge Island painting in Super Mario 64.

StD King Painting.JPG

King Harkinian

King Harkinian (referred to as Mah Boi on his portrait) was a king of Hyrule in 541 A.D. His portrait appears in the National Museum of History and Culture in Stealing the Diamond. His portrait hangs in the medieval section of the museum.

This character is based on King Harkinian, a character from the Zelda CDi games and the Zelda cartoon series. He is the king of Hyrule and the father of Zelda. In the late 2000s, footage and memorable lines of King Harkinian from the CDi games were used online in YouTube Poops. Two of his most popular lines used in YouTube Poops were "Mah boi" and "I wonder what's for dinner?".

Leonidas IV

Leonidas Legacy.png

Leonidas IV was the fourth king of Sparta in 672 A.D. His portrait appears in the National Museum of History and Culture in Stealing the Diamond. His portrait is seen hanging in the medieval section of the museum.

Leonidas IV is based on King Leonidas I, the famous king of Sparta who was killed in 480 B.C. in a battle between the Persian Army and 300 Spartans. His story became popular after the release of the movie "300" in 2007.

He is based on Leonidas I in the movie "300". King Leonidas and "300" is referenced later in Completing the Mission. The Master Bounty Hunter pathway features the character Antonidas Sparta, who is another reference to both King Leonidas and the "This is Sparta!" internet meme.


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Luigi is a character seen on a painting in the National Museum of History and Culture in Stealing the Diamond. His painting hangs in the retro room of the museum, and can be found during the "Just Plain Epic" pathway.

He is Mario's slightly younger, taller fraternal twin brother and the deuteragonist of the Mario franchise. Throughout his life, he has lived in Mario's shadow, developing both cowardly and heroic tendencies. Despite this, Luigi has helped and fought alongside his brother on many occasions.

The Luigi painting references the first cutscene in Hotel Mario, where Luigi looks at the camera and says "And YOU gotta help us!". In the original flash version of the game, the caption below read 'No U' - Luigi, a direct reference to the meme revolved around the cutscene.

In Completing the Mission, there is a Toppat Clan member named Louie G, another reference to Luigi.

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Painty the Pirate

Painty the Pirate is a painting of a pirate with a parrot which appears in the medieval section of the museum in Stealing the Diamond. It is based on the painting from SpongeBob SquarePants which appears at the beginning of all the episodes, and sings the show's theme song.



Zeus was the god of the sky, lightning and the thunder in Ancient Greek religion and legends, who ruled as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. His portrait is shown in the museum in the legacy version of Stealing the Diamond.

In his portrait, he is showed being portrayed holding a blue lightning bolt with a long grey beard and long grey hair.

The painting of Zeus was done by Antenese.

Zeus is one of 8 characters that never appear or get mentioned in The Henry Stickmin Collection and only appear in the flash versions. The others are Ralph alongside a nameless soldier, a captain, the Construction Worker, two nameless toppats and a faint Toppat Prisoner.

He is absent from the remastered version in The Henry Stickmin Collection, being replaced by a portrait of Painty the Pirate from the SpongeBob SquarePants' opening theme song.