Little Nest Egg is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission. It is set after the "Relentless Bounty Hunter" and the "Presumed Dead" endings.

After overhearing two Toppats' conversation while disguised in the Tavern, Henry sets out to steal the Toppats' money cart, and by extension, all of their money and valuables.


In a tavern located on a snowy tundra, Icepick and Snowcap discuss their assets being transported to the rocket at the launch site. The two mention one particular train cart that is loaded with all of the clan's money. Overhearing this conversation, Henry intentionally bumps into the two Toppats and steals their plans.

Brandishing the tank he stole from the Toppats when hunting down Reginald Copperbottom, Henry makes his way to the transport train, which is being protected by an armed caravan. Viewing it from a distance, Henry can:

  • Fire (fail): Henry fires the main gun on the tank. The shot goes far above the train and hits a plateau far away. Henry facepalms afterward. Message: That cannon is angled up SO FAR.
  • Join the Caravan (fail): Henry joins up with the caravan behind Clement Warrantine's truck (a technical vehicle) mounted by Icepick (who Henry cheerfully waves at). Without a word, Icepick shoots Henry. Message: All you had to do was follow the dang train, Henry!
  • Plow: Henry plows his tank right into the train, climbs up to the roof, and makes his way to the money cart.

Henry runs on the train roof. A Toppat member named Blast Connors, who is sitting behind a mounted gatling turret, moves to intercept him.

  • Timeout (fail): If no option is chosen in time, the Toppat on the turret shoots Henry. Message: This gives a new definition to Bullet Time.
  • Inside (fail): Henry dives into an open window into the cart, only to be found by five armed Toppat members after unwittingly knocking a sixth one out. Message: ...Maybe they didn't notice.
  • Commandeer (fail): Henry leaps to the pickup truck, grabbing onto the lip of the cargo bed. Icepick riding on the truck's back gets disgusted and kicks Henry off. Message: No free rides.
  • Agility: Henry zips around using super-speed in order to avoid the bullets and takes out Blast Connors by stomping on him.

Henry makes his way to the money cart and breaks the lock of the adjacent cart, preventing the rest of the clan from getting out. Mr. Macbeth, the train operator, stops the train, equips a blaster, and comes to intercept Henry in the money cart. The next scene opens up an Undertale-style screen. Henry is at LV 18 and has 50 health. From here, Henry can:

  • Fight (Fight) (fail): Henry lashes out at Mr. Macbeth and does 1 damage. Mr. Macbeth retaliates with several rounds of bullets that kill Henry. Message: Seeing the conductor riddle you with bullets... It fills you with determination.
  • Act (Bribe) (fail): Henry attempts to bribe Mr. Macbeth with a share of the Toppat's money. Mr. Macbeth responds that the money isn't even his to begin with, then shoots a sniper shot right to Henry's SOUL, killing him. (The marksmanship is perfect, no matter how erratically the player moves the SOUL.) Message: Henry really bribes? No dignity.
  • Mercy (Spare) (fail): Mr. Macbeth claims that Henry isn't taking him seriously, and unleashes a laser blast on Henry, killing him. Message: Oh mercy me.
  • Item (Mirror): Henry equips the mirror. Mr. Macbeth shoots a large blast of energy, which the mirror reflects onto Mr. Macbeth, reducing him to ashes.

Henry climbs out of the money cart and the rest of the Toppats in the jammed cart are still trying to get through the door, until Snowcap simply and logically suggests to just go out the back door to which Mr. Teal follows up on. To escape from them, specifically Mr. Teal and Mischevious Martin with the money cart, Henry can:

  • By Land (Fail): Henry commandeers the train, and continues to move it forward at a fast pace. He then detaches the passenger carts from the money cart and the rest of the train. The train continues towards the Toppat Launch Site, but because no one was driving the train, it zooms past the launch site and smashes into the cliffside. Message: Watching you make choices is such a trainwreck.
  • By Air (Fail): Henry attaches a springpad under the train as Mr. Teal comes to apprehend Henry. Henry grabs onto the cart and the springpad launches, but he falls off the cart as soon as the springpad activates, and the money cart is launched into the middle distance. Message: There. Now nobody gets to have it.
  • By Sea: Henry activates an inflatable raft in front of the money cart, launching him and the cart into the river. The cart drifts away as Mr. Teal and Mischevious Martin watch Henry with even Mr. Teal stating that their current situation is pretty bad.

The Clan conducts a search to find the stolen cart but to no avail. Eventually, the Right Hand Man orders Don Miguel, Chip Crumm, and the Clan to call off the search, as he deems the satellite launch is more important. Henry is last seen hiding on the shore next to the camouflaged money cart, taking some of the loot inside with him. The Government raid presumably happened after, but the outcome of it is unknown, though it is likely that The Government won, due to the fact that multiple members were smashed and killed during the events of Little Nest Egg.


Note: Italics indicate they only appear in this ending, Underlined indicate they only appear in fails in this ending.


  • The truck with the machine gun on the back is driven by Clement Warrantine, with Icepick on the back. However, in Capital Gains, this truck is instead being driven by Stoneface, with Wallace Dagwood on the back with the machine gun.
  • The Join the Caravan fail message is from the game GTA: San Andreas when Big Smoke tells the protagonist, Carl Johnson, "All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ!" When he fails to follow the train during the mission Wrong side of the Tracks, considered by some as the hardest mission in-game.
  • In Undertale, you have 88 health if you reach 18 LOVE. However, Henry somehow has only 50 health at the same level.
  • Additionally, Henry has such a high LOVE because of all the people he has either deliberately or inadvertently killed across the games.
  • This is the only pathway involving the Right Hand Man in his cyborg form that does not feature him, although his voice is heard during the credits. It is because in this pathway, Henry is presumed dead, so he thinks Henry is gone.
    • Furthermore, this is the only pathway involving the Right Hand Man having been defeated in Infiltrating the Airship that Henry does not interact with the Right Hand Man in his cyborg form.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Caravan Duty"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme.
🎧 "A Feeling of Tread"
Zanzlanz Played during the "Join the Caravan" fail
🎧 "Elysium"
Elation Plays during Henry's ambush on the top of the Toppat train.
🎧 "Tickets Please!"
PuffballsUnited Mr. Macbeth's battle theme.
🎧 "Little Nest Egg"
Ockeroid Ending theme.


Part 1

The correct one for this is Plow.

Part 2

The correct one is Agility.

Part 3

The correct one is Item (Mirror).

Part 4

The correct one is By Sea, then the route concludes.


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