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Not to be confused with Relentless Bounty Hunter, an ending in Infiltrating the Airship.

Master Bounty Hunter is one of sixteen endings in Completing the Mission,

With a group of fellow bounty hunters and support from the Government, Henry sets out to capture or eliminate the Right Hand Man, the new leader of the Toppat Clan.

Set after the "Relentless Bounty Hunter" and "International Rescue Operative" endings.


In a military helicopter piloted by Charles Calvin, Henry arrives on the outskirts of the Toppat Launch Site. He is greeted by a squad of experienced bounty hunters, which include John Pilksin (codename: "Frog"), Gordon Banks (codename: "Eel") and Amelia Esteban (codename: "Turtle").

In a codec conversation with General Hubert Galeforce, Henry and Frog are caught up with the details of their mission-- the Right Hand Man is now the leader of the remainder of the Toppat Clan, which plans to launch a space station into orbit. The Right Hand Man has also received cybernetic augmentations following his defeat to Henry. The squad has to either capture or eliminate him.

Approaching the base, the squad finds a guard named Kayn West at the entrance, armed with an assault rifle and on lookout. Henry can:

  • [X] Close-Quarters Combat - Henry ambushes Kayn, but he is overpowered and knocked to the ground. (MSG: Henry! Are you alright? Answer me! HENNNRRYYYYYYYY!!!)
  • [X] Stealth - Henry crawls underneath Kayn's line of sight, which causes his sneak stat to increase. But Kayn notices the stealth meter, causing him to find Henry and hold him at gunpoint. (MSG: This never would've happened at 100.)
  • [X] Dance-Off - Henry attempts to initiate a Dance-Off with Kayn. He starts to perform the default dance, but he is immediately shot down. (MSG: Do not.)
  • Convert - Using an enemy conversion trick, Henry Converts Kayn West to their allegiance.

With Kayn now on their side, the squad infiltrate the base. Frog places their newest member on guard outside of the base on their behalf. Tapping into their security feed, Eel locates the Right Hand Man in the warehouse and they begin to form a strategy to take him down.

At the warehouse, the Right Hand Man and his adversaries are locked in a battle with Government soldiers already at the scene. They prepare an ambush:[1]

  • [X] Cluster Charge Using a device provided by Turtle, Henry launches a bomb through the door, aimed at the Right Hand Man. However, it ricochets off various objects in the warehouse and ends up sliding back under the door, killing the squad (except Eel). (MSG: Nice triple kill.)
  • [X] Dogpile - Henry, Frog, Eel and Turtle throw themselves on to the Right Hand Man, with even the Toppat adversaries joining in on the dogpile. However, RHM's enhanced strength allows him to bust out. (MSG: Everyone! Pile on!)
  • [X] Dance-Off Once again, Henry attempts to initiate a Dance-Off, performing the default dance in front of the Right Hand Man. Like before, he is shot down immediately. (MSG: Cease.)
  • Suppressing Fire - Henry branches off to the left in an effort to flank RHM, while Frog, Eel, and Turtle provide Henry with a distraction.

The Right Hand Man notices Henry, but before confronting him, he fires a blast at Frog, Eel, and Turtle, killing them. Claiming that he was going hunt Henry down after getting set up, RHM gives Henry a chance to defend himself.

  • [X] Rock Paper Scissors - Henry challenges RHM to an RPS game. While Henry plays Scissors, the Right Hand Man plays a laser blaster, which he uses to kill Henry. (MSG: Laser blaster beats scissors.)
  • [X] Self-Destruct - Henry self-destructs, but instead of an explosion, he turns to dust and a tombstone is summoned in his place. (MSG: Henry bit the dust.)
  • [X] Dance-Off - Henry challenges RHM to a Dance-Off, but this time, he immediately punches Henry in the face, sending him to the ground. (MSG: No.)
  • Cheap Fighting Combo - Henry uses a low-effort combo to juggle the Right Hand Man repeatedly, eventually causing him to be knocked out.

The damage to the RHM's cybernetics causes him to faint and his cybernetics to shut down. Fellow Toppats on the bridge notice Henry with their leader, causing them to panic.

  • [X] Finish Him - Henry tosses the Right Hand Man off the bridge, killing him. In an act of revenge, one of the Toppats, Antonidas Sparta, kicks Henry off the bridge to his death as well. (MSG: This! Is! Toppats!)
  • [X] Rewire - Henry modifies the cybernetics in the RHM, causing him to switch allegiances. The two breach into the rocket's cockpit, proceeding to threaten pilot Sven Svensson. Svensson however questions the Right Hand Man about his allegiance to the man who arrested the former leader, causing him to remember his true allegiance. The RHM proceeds to knock Henry off the launching rocket. (MSG: Deep down he's always gonna be a Toppat. There's no rewiring that.)
  • [X] Dance-Off - Henry this time challenges Antonidas, Ali, and The Leprechaun to a Dance-Off but before Henry can do anything, a government tank squashes him from above. (MSG: STOP IT!!!!!!)
  • Ocarina - Henry plays the ocarina and summons Charles, who arrives with his helicopter. Henry throws the Right Hand Man onto the chopper and leaves with Charles.

On the P.A., a soldier, Steven Willis, informs the remaining Toppats that their leader has been captured and urges them to surrender immediately. Without a leader, the Clan folds into turmoil, with many members claiming leadership. Sven Svensson, the pilot of the rocket, attempts to initiate an emergency launch, but is shut down by a fellow Toppat member who did not believe he had the authority to do so.

The power struggle buys the Government enough time to apprehend a wide majority of the Clan. A few Toppats managed to escape as small groups, who pose no real danger to the Government. Charles comments that bounty Hunting may suit Henry, who decides to take the advice.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • Henry's squad gets killed off quite early in the route, and PuffballsUnited stated he needed to get rid of them for the scene but had no idea how, so he just killed them. He admits to feeling bad about this and felt it was a mistake, and even one of his friends got mad at him for it.
  • The Dance-Off option is a reference to the Fortnite Default Dance. The fail screen messages that accompany it is also a reference to how performing Fortnite dances in real life is genuinely frowned upon and are seen negatively.
  • The Suppression fire option is a reference to 1943 Deadly Desert.
  • The Self-Destruct option is likely a reference to the flash game Bomber Friends, where if you blow up you turn into a tombstone, as well as Killer Queen, Kira Yoshikage's stand from JoJo's Bizarre adventure.
  • This is the only path where the same option always appears.
  • The music when selecting this option is taken from Dig2China, another game by Innersloth.
  • The Convert option is a reference to the Age of Empires where it was Monk's ability to convert the enemy to become their ally. It also includes Monk's iconic "Wololo" conversion voice.
  • The Stealth option is a reference from Skyrim with the skill level up sound effect.
  • The Cluster Charge option is a reference to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, where one of the characters' (Fuze) special tool has a nearly identical appearance and function. It is also notorious for causing several accidental kills via friendly fire, something that is referenced in the fail.
    • The Cluster Charge can also be seen having "Заложник" written on it, which means "hostage" in Russian. This is a reference to the fact that said device is ill-suited for the game's hostage mode. (It is only available for the 'attacking' team, whose objective is to extract the hostage alive. Using the device will very likely kill the latter.)
  • Choosing the "Finish Him" option will net a unique "Mission Failed?" splash screen. The fail, in particular, is questionable since Henry did technically defeat the Toppat's new leader, which will lead to a power struggle long enough for the government to capture the clan, but Henry died in the process.
    • Additionally, the fail message: "This! Is! Toppats!" is a reference to the popular phrase "THIS! IS! SPARTA!" from the movie 300.
    • The name of the option and it revolving around Henry killing Right Hand Man is a reference to the Mortal Kombat series, where it is presented as a message before the player can perform a Fatality on the opponent.
  • There are several "Metal Gear Solid" franchise references found during this path:
    • The intro itself is a huge Metal Gear Solid reference, as it resembles the opening sequence of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, where Naked Snake has to jump out of the plane to perform the HALO Jump (stands for "High Altitude, Low Opening Jump") and then commence the "Virtuous Mission, Virtuous Mission".
    • Frog says "You kept us waiting, huh", alluding to when Snake says "Kept ya waiting, huh?"
    • Another reference is the Fail quote from the Close-Quarters Combat option which is based on Metal Gear Solid's iconic Game Over scene. (MSG: Henry! Are you alright? Answer me! HENNNRRYYYYYYYY!!!)
    • The codec call from General Hubert Galeforce is another direct reference to Metal Gear Solid (the game).
    • John Pilksin is also a Metal Gear Solid reference, which is evident from his bandana and his deep and raspy-like voice, resembling the legendary mercenary and Metal Gear Solid protagonist, Solid Snake.
      • Even his real name "John Pilksin" can count as two separate references to Metal Gear Solid protagonists: "John" shares the same name as Naked Snake's real name from Metal Gear Solid 3; "Pilksin" may be a reference to Iroquois Pliskin (Who is also Solid Snake) from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
  • Two of the "fails" at the very end of the path technically result in a success where the Right Hand Man is defeated, even though it kills Henry. One is officially recognized, the Finish Him fail, and the other is Dance-Off, since the government tank squashes both the RHM and Henry.
  • In the credits, there is a cutscene in which "Rock Cool" Steve Dallas and Wayne "The Stone" Jensen in which they argue over who will be the new leader, their names are references to popular professional wrestlers "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, in which both wrestlers had a high amount of popularity amongst fans from the late 1990s to the early 2000s.
  • All correct options except Cheap Fighting Combo are at the bottom left corner.
  • This route is the least completed ending (after Multiverse Correction) with only 57.0% of the players getting the medal on Steam.
  • This is the only Relentless Bounty Hunter path to not include a Quick Time Event.
  • This is the path where General Galeforce's first name "Hubert" is revealed and mentioned.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Tactical Espionage Infiltration"
Ockeroid Opening theme.
🎧 "Codec Moments"
Ockeroid Played during the introductory codec conversation.
🎧 "Dig It!"
PuffballsUnited Dance-off? No. Stop.
🎧 "Toppat Turmoil"
Ockeroid Ending theme.


Front Gate.png

The correct one for this is Convert.


The correct one is Suppressing Fire.

Face to Face.png

The correct one is Cheap Fighting Combo.

Bounty's Fate.png

The correct one is Ocarina, after which the route concludes.



  • During Gordon Banks' line "We should be able to get close without getting detected." is shown as "We should be able to get close with getting detected." in subtitles.

Subtitle error.png


  1. A red crewmate can be found beside a cardboard box, which will link to Assemble the Crew achievement.
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