Ellie and henry with motorcycle

Ellie helps Henry onto the motorcycle

The Motorcycle is a vehicle that appears in the game Fleeing the Complex. It appears in the final choice screen for the Convict Allies Ending as one of three options for Henry and Ellie to choose from, and of those three it is the choice that leads to a successful ending.

In the choice screen, the motorcycle is lying on the ground of the Yard, to the right of the Truck. It is unknown who left it there. When chosen, Henry gets on the motorcycle and signals Ellie to follow him, but he is tackled to the ground by Dmitri Petrov. While Dmitri keeps Henry pinned to the ground, Ellie manages to get on the motorcycle and speeds away, but soon returns with a stop sign. She knocks Petrov out cold and helps Henry onto the motorcycle. The final screen shows the two of them jumping over the prison wall and riding off.