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Mrs. Smith, first name unknown, is a character mentioned in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex.

She is the wife of Gordon Smith and the mother of an Unknown Child and never actually makes an appearance through out any of the games.

Infiltrating the Airship

As mentioned she doesn't make an appearance but is mentioned in the Disguise fail of the "Government Supported Private Investigator".

As Henry tries to take the identity of her husband, it is revealed by a Toppat, Slice, that she is currently in labor during the events of the game which also explains the absence of Gordon Smith who is presumably either at the hospital or on his way there to aid her.

Fleeing the Complex

In FtC, she is only mentioned once again. During the end of "Ghost Inmate" when Henry steals a Dinghy to escape The Wall and get back home, it is here where she is mentioned when guards Matteus Guardsmith and Nicholai Dytrim are having a conversation about who just escaped. They confuse Henry for her husband Gordon (who is still currently working his shift at The Wall) and think that Gordon (actually Henry) is off to visit her and their unknown child.