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Multiverse Correction is an achievement, dubbed by the community as the "Secret ending" to Completing the Mission. In which the player can obtain in the game, requiring every unique fail and every other ending. It may be considered as an Auxiliary ending to Toppat 4 Life.


During the Toppat 4 Life route, in the final choice screen, agent Ellias Bahtchin of the Center for Chaos Containment will begin to notice the "Multiverse Imbalance" gauge at max capacity. The meter is usually under a pile of post-it notes urging the agent not to peel them aside.

A "Fix" button is presented once the player has obtained all fails and endings, and with the push of that button, the screen cuts to black and the multiverse begins a defragmentation process. During the process, an anomaly is detected and corrected.

Cutting to one year before the events of Completing the Mission, a package addressed to Henry appears out of thin air inside the West Mesa Penitentiary. Dave Panpa discovers the package and has it delivered to Henry, thus kickstarting the events of Escaping the Prison, and, effectively, the entire Henry Stickmin series.

The screen then fades to black to feature a "Thank You" message from the developer, PuffballsUnited, thanking the players for their years-long support of the Henry Stickmin series (outside of the prologue). The player is then returned to the menu, after obtaining the secret Multiverse Correction.



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The Story Begins

Escaping the Prison

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Stealing the Diamond

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Infiltrating the Airship

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Fleeing the Complex

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Completing the Mission

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Secret: Multiverse Correction