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Ocarina is an option in Completing the Mission during the "Master Bounty Hunter" pathway.

After capturing the Right Hand Man, Henry can use the Ocarina to play a song to summon Charles Calvin and his Transport Helicopter, allowing him to secure the Right Hand Man on behalf of the Government. This leads to success, ending the route.


  • The ocarina is a reference to the various Ocarinas seen in The Legend of Zelda, mostly being the one in The Ocarina of Time.
  • The ocarina is a reference to the Command Melody from Fleeing the Complex, a fail. The Fail Message stated it was too bad Henry didn't know how to play an Ocarina, despite doing it in this option.
  • During the Developer Commentary, Puff states, "Let's see if the game crashes." before selecting this option. That's because, Ocarina sometimes crashes the game for unknown reasons.