The Opacitator appears in Escaping the Prison during the Badass path. After using the drill to escape from his cell, Henry ends up in a bathroom where he can choose between either the Opacitator or a crowbar for his next move. 


The Opacitator allows anyone who uses it to become intangible, allowing them to move through solid objects, such as walls. Despite this, the name is actually incorrect as "opacity" means inability to see through something, not the opposite, which Gadget Gabe doesn't mention in his review and decides to tell everybody that "opaque" means see.through. While this sounds like something perfect for Henry's escape, it backfires as the device doesn't have a button to undo the effect.


Opac desc

Gadget Gabe's review

When Henry drills the prison floor, he ends up in a murky bathroom, with the Opacitator on the floor. When he reads the description and activates the device, he immediatley goes through the floor. He keeps falling all the way to the prison's ground floor, but once there, he doesn't stop and keeps falling into the ground, straight into the Earth's core, incinerating himself. 

Easter Eggs

Press the Bagel on the shelf and it will say BAGEL!

Press The Donut box on the right as Henry is going down and it will say DONUT. This is part of the Dount Want medal.

Gadget Gabe's review

You'll Walk Through Walls - Gadget Gabe (2009)

Just move the blue slider to the right and you'll become as opaque (That means 'see through' for all you uneducated folks) as you want! Not only that, but the more opaque you get, the easier it will be for you to pass through solid objects!!


Fail Screen Transcript

You'd think something like that would come up in the beta testing.


  • This is the first Gadget Gabe device that appears in the series.
  • The review is wrong. "Opaque" actually means that you cannot see through it.
  • It's also called "Opacinator."


  • While Henry is reading the review, song from Neverhood titled Dum Da Dum Doi Doi plays.